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Lambeth Commission Report set for October 16


Special Report

By David W. Virtue

The Archbishop of Canterbury will send the Lambeth Commission report to the Primates and the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) and then
release it to the public on or about Saturday October 16th when the
Joint Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion is in London, a
source has told Virtuosity.

The Primates will meet on or around Feb. 21-26 2005, but the venue has not yet been decided, but the Primates meeting is scheduled for Northern Ireland the home turf of liberal Irish Primate Robin Eames.

The letter from Canon John Peterson head of the Anglican Communion
Office says that the Joint Standing Committee will meet to decide how
the report will be used in an attempt to get it out of the hands of the
Primates into what he hopes will be the more liberal ACC, said the source.

Some of the primates are communicating that they do not want the process handed over to the Joint Standing Committee, said another source. It is THEIR process, they argue, and they don't want it spun by Peterson before the Primates have read it and responded to the whole Communion.

Last October it was revealed that Peterson attempted to manipulate the
agenda of the Primates meeting by nullifying conservative outcome in the battle raging within the Anglican Communion over homosexuality.

A proposed agenda and a strategy memorandum was accidentally given to an American orthodox Dean after being distributed by the ACC at the
International Anglican Doctrinal and Theological Commission [IADTC].

The purpose was to "make sure nothing happens" at the emergency meeting called by Archbishop Rowan Williams.

The ACC, critics charge, will use financial intimidation and a
manipulative agenda to frustrate the will of the majority of the
Primates of the Anglican Communion. It was thought at the time that
Canon Peterson wrote the memo to Dr. Williams.


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