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Kinsey film lies, defames World War II Americans - by Judith Reisman

Kinsey film lies, defames World War II Americans

Editor's note: Parents are advised this column contains information that may not be appropriate for children.

By Judith Reisman


In 1948, "illegitimacy," abortion and rape rates were some hundreds of percentiles less than today, when even elementary school children are sexually "literate." Yet that year, an impotent, closeted bi-homosexual pedophilic psychopath "proved" to the world that American GI's and Rosie the Riveters were wildly randy adventurers who were also so sexually witless that they often didn't even know where children came from.

It is shameful to see how the courageous men and women who gave their lives for our freedom in World War II continue to be defamed as sexually immature Neanderthals in the artsy film flop, "Kinsey," written and directed by homosexual swami, Bill Condon.

However, largely due to the efforts of "The Kinsey Truth Coalition" - over a dozen key conservative organizations - these reprehensible lies have caused a backlash, even in Tinseltown. One film critic despaired that "Kinsey" was not only "shut out at the Golden Globes," Liam Neeson (who played Alfred Kinsey) was not even nominated for an Oscar.

Another film lush whined that "any other year, "Kinsey" could have won an Oscar, for "Condon's Kinsey had ... something to say about sexual politics and identity. Its sole major nomination, for Laura Linney [as Mrs. K.] is perhaps insufficient recognition."

The American public snubbed "Kinsey"! Despite its Ford Foundation financed media blitzkrieg, "Kinsey" did not even recoup investments. It racked up $9 million at the box office vs. Mel Gibson's "Passion" at $400 million sales.

Condon complained that the primitive public - like the New Jersey women who picketed the "Kinsey" filming last August - objected to Kinsey's "methodology" and sex life. No matter. I am told that the Kinsey Institute propaganda flick will tour our campuses - largely gratis. This will be easier pickings.

Since Fox barred me twice from its early screenings, I finally saw "Kinsey" locally. So, here are a few observations.

Kinsey's "research" for "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" (1948) took place at the height of World War II. Condon, like Kinsey, obliterated the entire war era. Women were running the nation's industries. Nearly every able-bodied father, husband and son - except Kinsey and his sexually willing boy toy team - was overseas fighting for our liberty.

Condon hides the war as well as Kinsey's snaring scarce gas and tire rations for himself and his draft-dodging young mates. Thus did their gay little band travel widely to "study" prisons, lavender bathhouses, bars and such.

Condon also hides the fact that Kinsey, a eugenicist, was intimate with several Nazis, a convicted traitor and another helpful pedophile in Frankfort, whom he cautioned to "watch out" for the authorities.

Until Kinsey "enlightened" us, Americans called sex "the marital act" and thought you should see the person you did "it" with (that is, eye-to-eye, lip-to-lip, breast-to-chest, and all the rest).

Before I discuss additional "documentary" lies, let briefly note key players in this recent attempt to reconstruct Kinsey's credibility by the Kinsey Institute, Ford Foundation, Indiana University and others:

* First: Kinsey film distributor Fox Searchlight. Fox trafficked in "youthful" frontal male nudes in "The Dreamers" and drug-using 13-year-old girls having sex with old men in "Thirteen." Fox seems prepared to promote wide-scale pubescent pornography.

* Next: "Kinsey" Executive Producer Frances Ford Coppola. Hollywood director and child pornographer Victor Salva sodomized 12-year-old boys on a Coppola-Salva film he directed. When Salva was released from prison, Coppola immediately rehired the molester for another homoerotic teen horror flick.

* Then: Homosexual propagandist Bill Condon wrote and directed "Kinsey," the "North American Man-Boy Love Association" mentor. Follow the lust and then the money.

* Finally: Lead actors Neeson and Linney. They claim theirs was a labor of love - that they want to promote Kinsey's message of sexual tolerance.

Now, the hagiodrama.

Fox-Coppola-Condon claimed that Kinsey's books "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" (1948) and "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" (1951) launched the sexual revolution. This was true - triggering worldwide sexual promiscuity.

But, so many lies. How may we count the ways? Here are a few. See my book, "Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences," for full documentation.

* The film implies that Kinsey was a flawed genius "scientist" who just "worshiped data." No. A "the ends justifies the means" Machiavellian, Kinsey cooked up phony data in his lab. Statistics in hand, he goose-stepped behind Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebbels with lies so big few could challenge them.

* The film implies that Kinsey had a population sample. No. Kinsey manufactured a "10 to 37 percent" homosexual male population in order to normalize homosexuality. He manufactured a female promiscuity myth that led to "no fault divorce," resulting in collapsed marriages and largely victimized women and children.

* The film lied that Kinsey was hounded to an untimely death by dumb, religious Americans. His untimely death was surely exacerbated by his traumatized immune system compromised by an often fatal venereal disease called "Orchitis."

* The film lied that until Kinsey, Americans were "hypocrites" who went to church on Sunday, were afraid of sex, were commonly unfaithful, had sex before marriage and regularly aborted.

* The film lied that Kinsey proved solo sex creates happy marriages. Kinsey was impotent, relying on pornography, masturbation and homosexual adultery for virility.

* The film lied that Mrs. K's physiology blocked Kinsey's consummation of their marriage. Even Condon's hagiographical expert, Gathorne-Hardy, said the gynecological problem did not prevent intercourse.

Condon puts the couple in a cozy honeymoon bed with white linen sheets and plump, inviting pillows. Kinsey hagiographer Cornelia Christenson documented the truth. Kinsey planned a dangerous, freezing hiking honeymoon to break in and control his bride - no linen sheets or fluffy comforters:

[They hiked] ... straight up ... Mount Washington in a blizzard. Clara had never seen a mountain before ... Alfred ... led the way, with his new bride lagging behind ... The evening routine was to take off their boots and belts and to put on clean socks, plus all the extra clothing available, before climbing into their blankets.

Kinsey deliberately fashioned a honeymoon to deter "the marital act" - a hiking expedition that risked his young wife's life. Why? Decades of "nudist" pornography and brutalizing self-abuse are crippling.

Kinsey later added college boys to his sadomasochistic rituals. He would always battle his impotence.

Moving right along, Condon's own homosexuality dominated "Kinsey." He has Mrs. Kinsey explain that Kinsey was huge. So, following a little nip below, Condon has the young bride grip the bedstead as Kinsey did what he knew best, homosexual sodomy.

Although we don't see the anatomical parts of the act, this was not quite champagne and roses. (Pre-"Kinsey," the scene would be illegal.)

* The film lied that Mrs. Kinsey was a spunky sexual savant. She did what Kinsey wanted just as Laura Linney did what Condon wanted. Kinsey was the ultimate control freak, dominating everyone. Wife "Mac" needed Kinsey's approval when buying groceries. She dutifully typed up the ghastly records of rape and torture of infants and children regularly sent to Kinsey by his New Mexico pedophile, Rex King. The little woman was expected to sexually perform when and with whom Kinsey wanted. He prostituted her and she obeyed, lying to the world. Likewise, Condon has Linney laugh gaily, just oh-so happy to be sodomized - a painful, debauched and disembodied homosexual act that leads to incontinence, AIDS, etc.

* The film lied that Kinsey or Pomeroy abhorred the men who raped children for Kinsey. Instead they lauded these men and urged them on.

* The film lied that Kinsey "interviewed" just one mass child rapist. Kinsey had dozens of men sexually abusing children for his "science" and he encouraged them all.

* The film lied that Kinsey hated force. Kinsey was a sadomasochist, a psychopath who had to give and receive pain. Remember, Kinsey reported that children who fought to escape the rapist "partner" and who had convulsions "enjoyed" the "experience."

* The film lied that Kinsey had only one homosexual "lover" and that the young Clyde Martin seduced Kinsey. Kinsey seduced this boy and others.

* The film lied that only "conservatives" and religious objected to Kinsey's bogus research. Many leftist scientists like Abraham Maslow, Lionel Trilling and even Margaret Mead, condemned Kinsey for betraying science by creating false data about American sexual life.

* The film lied that World War II Americans were sexually ignorant. In 1948, as Kinsey's "Male" volume hit the nation, a campaign to control the nation's two sexually transmitted diseases was launched to inform the public that chastity and fidelity would ensure sexual health. It did.

By 1957 America reached its lowest rate of 3.9 new STD cases per 100,000 adults. By 2000, 20- to 24-year-old men had a gonorrhea rate of 589.8 cases per 100,000 and females 656.6 per 100,000. In 1957, children did not show up in rates of venereal disease. Today, STDs infect 8,000 teenagers daily and one in four of sexually active youngsters.

Annually, we record 70,000 new cases of syphilis; 650,00 gonorrhea; 64,000 AIDS; 3 million Chlamydia; 5 million trichomoniasis; 1 million genital herpes; 5.5 million human papillomavirus, plus roughly 20 other STDs. Gone are the pre-Kinsey days of "only" syphilis and gonorrhea. Millions needlessly die due to Kinsey's sexual frauds glamorized in the Condon film.

Condon - like Kinsey - lied. Who is insane enough to say Kinsey was a sex scientist when his claims wrought such human destruction?

Talk about myths! If children were embarrassed about solo sex in Kinsey's era, many youth today think they'll go insane if they don't self stimulate; that having sex with friends is emotionally and physically harmless; that oral sodomy cannot cause oral venereal disease; that abortion extracts no physical or emotional penalty; that homosexual sodomy (I can't "see" you) is the same as the marital act and does not contribute to STDs - including the fatal AIDS - and that pornography is non-addictive and helpful sex education.

Condon flashed viewers close-ups of male and female sex organs wrapped in pompous "scientific" overtones. After their marital humping scene, Neeson et al. do a quick, sweaty threesome grind.

Neeson passionately kisses Martin (in one article, Neeson puzzles over why Condon demanded such a long kiss). This is Condon's "art" as it was Kinsey's "science."

Kinsey brought homosexual pornography and sodomy into the bedroom, classroom and courtroom. And just in case someone missed out, Condon showed us how.

Kinsey's son lives in Indiana. At the film opening at Indiana University he is on record as confirming the description of his parents' conduct.

Kinsey's two daughters insist mom and pop were apple-pie conservatives who never made sex films in the family attic and never did anything, well, unusual. One wonders about the life the Kinsey children really led.

Such lies: Fox, Coppola, Condon, Neeson and Linney unite to give us a romantic fade out into the forest, with Kinsey and wifey walking arm in arm into the sunset.

Anybody ready to make an honest film about this anti-American sexual psychopath should check out my website.

Dr. Judith Reisman is president of the Institute for Media Education and is the author of "Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences."

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