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HOLOCAUST coming for orthodox...homosexuality could split CofE...ACC,Crew,PA,NH

"We are cataloging the horror stories and we will, in time, make those horror stories known. I see a season ahead when the persecution will get worse. If you wait for the Holocaust to come, it will be too late. Orthodox Episcopalians must band together under the AAC for their own protection. There will be no retreat from the realignment." Canon David C. Anderson, AAC President.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Church of England is now beginning to face, in earnest, what the American Episcopal Church has been facing for some time - the possibility of a split over homosexuality.

Recently a network of English Evangelicals called Anglican Mainstream met with Prime Minister Tony Blair at Downing Street to tell them of their concerns, and then they did a double header. They called on the Primates of the Anglican Communion to challenge the Bishop of St. Albans, the Rt. Rev. Christopher Herbert over the Jeffrey John appointment as Dean of the cathedral.

The Mainstream leaders said they want a conservative bishop to minister to their parishes. Shades of the ECUSA.

“The Bishop of St Albans has shown contempt for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for calm,” they said. “It is breathtaking that the Bishop can make this appointment and simultaneously expect those who oppose it to submit to his Episcopal authority as a mark of authentic Anglicanism.”

The Council, the governing body of evangelicals in the Church of England, argued that the Bishop’s approval does not need to be sought for oversight. “This action is legitimate precisely because the abuse of power that has led to this crisis is illegitimate, and Provincial or Diocesan consent is unnecessary, and to great extent undesirable, because it serves to legitimate the abusers.”

The Mainstream stepped up the heat by calling the consecration of Gene Robinson “an abuse of power and an act of ecclesiastical tyranny”.

Virtuosity has been saying for some time now that the pansexual agenda being pushed by revisionist bishops in the Episcopal Church would spread to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and, inevitably, the Church of England itself. It is a classic struggle between East and West, or the North Versus the Global South.

This writer has been scoffed at for years for even suggesting such a possibility, but now it is all coming eerily true, and it doesn't take a "prophetic word" to realize that because the Archbishop of Canterbury is seriously compromised himself over homosexual behavior, that the Global South bishops will have little difficulty in deciding what they will do when the Lambeth Commission report illuminates us all in October. Some might say it is a no brainer. We shall see.

Dr. Louie Crew, the Episcopal Church's most articulate homosexual activist layman has some tough things to say about what might happen if ECUSA is ostracized by the world body, and I have examined his statements at length in today's digest of stories.

THERE WAS A CHANGING OF THE GUARD THIS WEEK AT THE ACC when the Archbishop of Canterbury announced the appointment of a new Anglican Communion Secretary General. The position went to a sleeper candidate, the Rev. Canon Kenneth Kearon, Director of the Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin to succeed Canon John L. Peterson who steps down in December.

A source in London told Virtuosity that they went for Dr Kenneth Kearon, an Irishman - because his thing is medical ethics and he doesn't appear to have made any pronouncements on the topic that dare not speak its name. Lambeth Palace contacted all the Standing Committee members before confirming who it was, including Nigerian Primate Peter Akinola. They went for someone neutral, said the source. Another source said Kearon was selected because he comes from the Eames School of Latter-Day Latitudinarianism.

There were a number of candidates who were in line for the job including Canon Gregory Cameron, who presently works in the ACC office, as the ecumenical officer, Canon Bill Atwood, EKKLESIA head and another American, a liberal, being pushed by Frank Griswold. In the end it went to an outsider that the Africans hope they can live with. Time will tell.

BUT THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND FACES MORE PROBLEMS. There is a proposal to divide the Church of England into two - one part with female clergy and one without - to avert an exodus of traditionalists when women become bishops. The Archbishop of York, Dr David Hope, has said he believes such a scheme, although highly controversial, is probably the only way to hold the church together if it decides to consecrate women. He has privately won support from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, who agrees the options facing the church are limited. Both are worried that more than 300 traditionalist clergy could quit in protest, potentially costing tens of millions of pounds in hardship payments to those who leave. The diehards are demanding a "third province", a church-within-a-church with its own archbishop, bishops and training colleges operating in parallel with the remainder of the church, but with no female clergy.


NORTH CAROLINA BISHOP MICHAEL CURRY recently told churches in his diocese they were authorized to bless homosexual unions. He is not the first to do this as other revisionist bishops follow similar moves in Nevada, Utah, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Vermont. American Anglican Council member Dr. Kendall Harmon, who serves as Canon Theologian for the Diocese of South Carolina, says Curry is the first southeastern bishop to okay same-sex blessings since the denomination's General Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"It's discouraging," Harmon says, "because a lot of his diocese is opposed to his vote, and now he's not simply voted for the New Hampshire election, but he's going further than that. And it's going to further divide the diocese."

The answer is for Anglican conservatives to realign themselves with the AAC and the Network. One of the things that might happen once the Lambeth report is released is that the Network might be recognized as THE legitimate voice of Anglicanism in the U.S. which will certainly be humbling moment for ECUSA and Frank Griswold.

It won't come as a surprise that the Presiding Bishop opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, his argument being that "questions of sexuality are far from settled." Really I doubt the Apostle Paul, Origen, Athanasius, Calvin, Wesley or Pope John Paul II would agree with that statement. Griswold repeats it like a mantra. And what if the Episcopal Church did settle the question and said sex only in marriage between a man and a woman or abstinence, what would the PB say then? Somehow one thinks he would send it back to a sub-committee for re-examination and Louie and Earnest and Otis and Guido should carry on with the church's blessing.

The Presiding Bishop told the Lambeth Commission recently, and he wants us all to know, that he walks a tightrope to ensure that everybody feels that they are not being left out [in the Episcopal Church]. "I am conscious of the pain; I'm conscious of the alienation; I'm also conscious of those who feel very determined and honest about their position in this whole question [of sodomy]." Really. I suppose that's why Canon David Anderson says the persecution of the orthodox will only get worse, and that there is a holocaust coming.

And in the DIOCESE OF PENNSYLVANIA things just go from bad to worse for Bishop Charles Bennison. The law firm of Drinker Biddle & Reath, home of Diocesan Chancellor William Bullitt has announced it will not represent Bennison and the Diocese in the lawsuit brought by the Diocesan insurance company to cancel the Diocesan insurance for Father Moyer's lawsuit because of Bennison's fraud. The law firm cited an unidentified "conflict". The question now remains how Bullitt and his law firm can continue to represent both the Standing Committee and Bennison in view of the growing conflict between the Standing Committee and Bennison.

And just to show how sleazy Bennison can be, Virtuosity has learned that when he “inhibited” and then “deposed” Fr. Moyer, he issued public statements about how this “pained” him and “grieved” him. But the “real” Charles Bennison was revealed on the day of Fr. Moyer’s “deposition”. The “deposition” was intended by Bennison to expel Fr. Moyer from his church and from his home – and to prevent the traditionalist priest, and the national leader of Forward in Faith NA from being a priest anywhere in the Anglican Communion. When the “deposition day” came around it should have been a solemn and sad occasion. Not for Charles Bennison. He summoned two priests to witness him signing the sentence of “deposition”. To get them in the mood, he began to tell jokes. When all three were smiling, a photographer was summoned to take a picture of the smiling Charles Bennison signing the “deposition”. You can read that story today. Bennison fell off the tightrope a long time ago.

In the DIOCESE OF CHICAGO a new parish has formed in Evanston, Illinois that will come under the AMIA. The new pastor is the Rev. Dr. Joe Murphy a personal friend, who has agonized for months about whether or not he would stay in the ECUSA. He is one of the brightest guys I know being both a priest and a theologian. His leaving is a real loss to the Episcopal Church.

And in the DIOCESE OF EASTERN MICHIGAN three orthodox rectors have resigned and one has renounced his orders. The revisionist bishop, Ed Leidel just doesn't get it. Voting for same sex blessings and for V. Gene Robinson is committing spiritual suicide. He is the first bishop of that diocese and will probably be its last. You can read that story today.

AND THE ULTIMATE ABSURDITY was revealed in Episcopal Life newspaper this month. "The church's nationwide advertising campaign advances" screams a headline. And how is it advancing? Hold your love handles. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration is issuing vanity license plates with the Episcopal insignia on them for $26 bucks a pop. Said Griswold, "it is a bold step towards reaching out to a broader audience. I affirm this initiative...it comes at the right time." No mention of Jesus or the gospel, but you can always tell your friends who ask what and where the "deeper place" is behind the license plate on your Ferrari. And if you do find out please tell me. And bring a bottle of wine.

And in the DIOCESE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE one wag noted that it will only be a matter of time before the new bishop Vickie Gene will have traded 'kyrie eleisons' for queer liaisons", or something like it.

The revised "Kyrie" for the new Vermont Rite will go like this:

V: Queer liaison
R: Quickie liaison
V: Queer liaison

The ANGLICAN CHURCH OF AUSTRALIA is in the midst of an archepiscopal election process and a clerical sexual perversion crisis, and The Australian newspaper does a story on how that some of the clergy outside of Sydney are criticizing Archbishop Peter Jensen and other Sydney clergy for what they do not wear. You gotta love it. The Aussie Church has only got a couple of serious dioceses who have a handle on the gospel - Sydney and Melbourne - and they are arguing over what they wear! Titanic is sinking. "Matilda where's my miter?"

The issue of Open Communion put up by Bishop Jerry Lamb of NORTHERN CALIFORNIA brought forth a response from retired orthodox Eau Claire Bishop William Wantland. The 1979 General Convention adopted Resolution A-43 (beginning at page B-57 of the 1979 Journal) which effectively rejects "Open Communion" he writes. It has neither been repealed nor amended. It provides five conditions for receiving Communion in ECUSA, including a requirement that persons, to receive, must be baptized and already admitted to Communion, must be in love and charity with all persons, repenting of their sins, believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, see the Eucharist as a foretaste of the heavenly banquet, and finally, reception of Communion must not violate either the persons' consciences, nor the discipline of their Church. You can read his analysis today.

FROM THE ABSURD TO THE ABSOLUTELY ABSURD COMES THIS. The 89th International Congress of New Thought Leaders Highlights Prosperity, Healing and Interfaith and you'll never guess which Episcopal Bishop was in attendance. Vickie Gene? Otis Charles? Nope. None but our very own William Swing from California. The New Age thinkers met at a Sheraton Premiere, in Vienna, Virginia, under the theme is "The Power of One: Coming Together as Love."

INTA Congress had programs on prosperity, healing and interfaith and included individuals from all New Thought movements coming together for dialogue, support and growth. Highlights include spiritual leaders Mary Tumpkin, (or is that pumpkin), Walter Starcke, and best-selling author Iyanla VanZant among many others. And they gave an award at their banquet to Bishop Swing for his work in the United Religions Initiative. INTA is an umbrella organization of New Thought metaphysical churches, including Religious Science (Science of Mind), Unity, Divine Science, Universal Foundation for Better Living, and, of course, The Episcopal Church. "We emphasize the practical implementation of the power of thought and feeling in facilitating the emergence of spiritual enlightenment, wholeness, health and prosperity in every individual," said Swing. Now the ECUSA could desperately use some enlightenment these days, Frank would love some enlightenment, perhaps it will help him to find that "deeper place" he's been looking for, or whether sodomy is good for your health or not.

And just to make you sleep better at night about how money is being spent by ECUSA's heavy hitters, try this. They are going to refurbish 815 2nd Ave, the church's national headquarters for a cool $30 million to meet Frank's "missional objectives." Most of us are still wondering what they are, but if you get an invitation to stay in the Penthouse suite you'll probably sleep in a new bed with new pillows and awake to cut flowers and Starbucks coffee even as you try to figure out what The Episcopal Church stands for. Now think what $30 million could do fighting AIDS in Africa. Archbishop Ndungane (Southern Africa) should complain mightily about how money is being spent by ECUSA...he might get a fair hearing. I have been to the headquarters of the Nigerian Church in Abuja, (they have 20 million souls versus 800,000 practicing Episcopalians) and if the whole lot is worth $300,000 I'd be surprised. The Nigerians have better things to do with their money; what they have, that is.

Last year someone had the brilliant idea that the building should be sold and the national headquarters moved down the road to buildings occupied by General Theological Seminary where they have lots of room and few students. The idea was nixed. Phoebe apparently didn't like it, too far away from Gucci's.

The NETWORK is look for partner parishes. They want non-ECUSA "independent Anglican congregations or a congregation within another tradition entirely" to become a formal part of the Network. This is being actively encouraged. To do this the Network has established a category called "Partner Parishes." This is for non-ECUSA congregations which wish to become affiliated with the Network but which, for obvious reasons, do not wish to become subject to the Constitution of ECUSA. Such Partner Parishes will have all the rights and responsibilities of Affiliated Parishes, but would retain the necessary legal distance from ECUSA. The Network itself makes no claim on the property of its affiliated parishes.

The Pope is courting Russian orthodoxy, says UPI Religious Affair Editor Uwe Siemon-Netto. Uwe wrote Virtuosity from Paris saying the Russian Orthodox Church will reclaim one of its most cherished treasures next month, once Pope John Paul II returns the icon of "Our Lady of Kazan." Vatican sources say it is seen as further evidence that despite Alexei's intransigence, John Paul has given greater urgency to unity with Orthodoxy than with Western Protestantism. And here's the kicker clause. "The latter's tendency to succumb to secular fads has become so irritating that our relations have cooled considerably," a Catholic ecumenical officer in Germany told Uwe. Clearly Anglican sodomy is not playing well in the Vatican these days. Is the Archbishop of Canterbury listening you think?

But not to be outdone there's always John Shelby Spong the former BISHOP OF NEWARK to count on. He was talking to a group of Methodists this week and said this: "Homosexuality is not a matter of choice. It's a given, and those groups who say you can cure homosexuality are frauds and should be put in jail." JAIL! Ohmygosh, whatever happened to inclusivity and diversity!

The Dutch have just made a brilliant discovery and it is this: Marriage is in decline in the Netherlands. Apparently gays can't breed. One partner doesn't have the right equipment so we are told. There's a marriage meltdown going on in Europe. A group of five scholars in the Netherlands issued a letter addressed to "parliaments of the world debating the issue of same-sex marriage." The Netherlands was the first country to adopt full-fledged same-sex marriage, and this letter is the first serious indication of Dutch concern about the consequences of that decision. So it's worth quoting the letter at some length. After citing a raft of statistics documenting the decline of Dutch marriage, here is some of what these scholars had to say:

"There are good reasons to believe the decline in Dutch marriage may be connected to the successful public campaign for the opening of marriage to same-sex couples in the Netherlands. After all, supporters of same-sex marriage argued forcefully in favor of the (legal and social) separation of marriage from parenting. In parliament, advocates and opponents alike agreed that same-sex marriage would pave the way to greater acceptance of alternative forms of cohabitation." Isn't working apparently. Funny thing is that Islam followers are not buying into this and they are having big families in Western countries. France is worried about their growth and the parallel growth of anti-Semitism that Israeli PM Ariel Sharon weighed in this week and told French Jews to come home to Israel where they might be safer.

Back in the real world an IRAQI CHRISTIAN was killed for selling food to Americans this week in Baghdad. The Christian owner of Al-Hanna restaurant in Mosul's Al-Dawasa district was murdered by the Islamic Wahhabbeen group because he had American customers. A local report states that the militants accused the shopkeeper: "You are a Christian. Why do you sell food to the Americans? Are you an agent for the Americans?" After killing Hani Matti Betti, the owner of the restaurant, the militants cut both hands off his business partner, a Muslim, and also blinded him in both eyes. They stated that this was to be understood as a sign to anyone working with the Americans. I think the Episcopal Church should send Frank Griswold to Iraq to have a talk about inclusion with the Wahhabbeen Group; perhaps he might be able to persuade them. He isn't doing much good in the U.S. with the ECUSA.

AMONG TODAY'S STORIES you can read what the brilliant Spectator writer Anthony Browne has to say in his essay, "THE TRIUMPH OF THE EAST". There’s no plot, he writes, Islam really does want to conquer the world. That’s because Muslims, unlike many Christians, actually believe they are right, and that their religion is the path to salvation for all.

Liberal Anglicans won't like this one little bit, not inclusive enough. Islam has an 'off with their heads or weenie' policy if you get caught bonking the wrong gender. They are not into the love stuff, you know. So when Rowan Williams and Tantawi (who I know) in Cairo sit down and chinwag about how can we all get along, the Muslim leader is really laughing up his sleeve. Given enough time and one day they will be using Rowan's head for a soccer ball on the grounds of Lambeth Palace, sans the beard of course. And to prove the point The Sunday Times, London, carried a report yesterday that the Archbishop of Canterbury will mark the third anniversary of the 911 attacks by praising Islam in an address from the pulpit of the mosque at the Al-Azhar University, Cairo. He will reportedly speak on the common ground between Christianity and Islam with their shared inheritance as 'children of Abraham'.

This past week your scribe turned 60. My wife Mary, who is eminently practical where I am not, said it was time I bought some Long Term Disability Insurance. The truth is I can't afford it. I consider having two part time employees vastly more important than whether I can hobble up to a computer with my left side suffering from the effects of a stroke. But she is insistent and she is a lot smarter than me.

So would some of you consider making a donation so I can buy some? Let me put it another way. Every revisionist bishop and priest you know who is causing actual spiritual harm to the gospel and damage to the church has that insurance. Your donation is tax deductible of course.

PLEASE CONSIDER A GIFT. July and August are lousy months to raise money. Frank and Phoebe are probably in Monte Carlo sipping Chateau Neuf de Pape and he forgot to tell his secretary to send me a check. Bennison is too busy.

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David W. Virtue DD

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