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Frank Griswold - A History Of Broken Promises



By David W. Virtue

WEST CHESTER, PA. 7/14/2004--When Frank Tracy Griswold ascended the throne to become the 25th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in July 1997 he promised to unite church members and usher in a new age of tolerance, offering enlightened progressive views that would carry the church into the new millennium. He promised then to be "a presiding bishop who belongs to all."

Now, exactly seven lean years later and Frank Griswold has united nobody and nothing, and his promise to be a presiding bishop for all is hysterically laughable, if it wasn't so damnably tragic.

The Episcopal Church in 2004 stands on the edge of being publicly reprimanded if not thrown out of the Anglican Communion for doctrinal and moral infidelity with Griswold himself now personally shunned by the vast majority of African, Asian and Southern Cone Primates.

Griswold has shown himself to be a bald faced liar to his fellow Primates, (over the Gene Robinson consecration) a moral compromiser and doctrinally fluid leader of a rapidly diminishing church that is busy bludgeoning its orthodox wing into the ground by his gang of blitzkrieg revisionist bishops.

Within the Episcopal Church itself at least three movements have sprung up to challenge the revisionist steam-roller lead by the Presiding Bishop - The American Anglican Council, The Network (NADCP) and the Anglican Communion Institute. A fourth movement Forward in Faith, the traditionalist wing of the ECUSA has been reinvigorated for the battle with two priests ready to be consecrated bishops.

Because of his actions Griswold was forced to resign as Episcopal chairman of the U.S. Episcopal-Roman Catholic Dialogue Committee (ARCIC) talks for his pro homosexual stance, was publicly rebuked by the Russian Orthodox Church, and has been told that he is not welcome on the African continent by most of the Anglican Communion's African Primates.

He was specifically uninvited to the consecration of the new Ugandan Primate Henry Orombi and he has been publicly blasted for his actions in consecrating an openly homoerotic bishop by the Primate of the largest province in the communion, Peter Akinola of Nigeria. "It's Satanic," said the CAPA leader.

He lied when he told the Nigerians he was an Anglo-Catholic when in fact he is closer to being an Affirming Catholic, though some theologians dispute even that, saying that his views are closer to "mystic paganism" and his constant mention of Sufi Rumi makes him a universalist and panentheist.

If Griswold had been the head of an American corporation he would have been forced to resign, publicly humiliated for his theological and moral positions and for his blatant disregard for the 'faith once delivered', turning his back on the very faith he swore to uphold and defend.

There has never been a leader of any branch of the Anglican Communion in modern history, so blatantly apostate and heretical that lives and works for the overthrow of the very things he said he would support and sustain.

He has put at risk whole branches of the communion for his pro-Islamic statements, and his public affirmation of pansexuality has jeopardized the lives of Anglicans in Northern Nigeria who daily face the onslaughts of Islamic fundamentalists pushing Sharia law, who laughingly mock Christianity as a 'queer' religion.

African Primates can only stand in mute silence against such public onslaughts of their faith, knowing that what happens in the American Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada affects them in their countries.

Griswold has cried unity, even as his actions bespeak disunity. He has so angered many of his fellow bishops, orthodox priests and laity that all the documents, statements and letters combined would now fill a sizeable book.

Griswold brought public humiliation on the Episcopal Church in statements he made about the United States with both the President and former President of the US following the tragic events of 911.

He blamed America and its foreign policies for the events of 911 rather than placing the blame on Islamic fundamentalists and Al Qaeda where they belong.

He has used the church's money and trust funds to manipulate Global South bishops to accepting pansexual behavior, most notably in the Province of Southern Africa.

He has sicced a sodomite "missionary" into Southern Africa to assist in the AIDS pandemic which Archbishop Ndungane has bought into, all of which is sustained by ECUSA's financial generosity.

On the national front Griswold promised to publicly condemn Pennsylvania Bishop Charles E. Bennison for the way he was treating traditionalist parish priest Fr. David L. Moyer at Good Shepherd, Rosemont, but then did nothing, revealing a spinelessness that has followed him ever since.

He has done nothing as his fellow revisionist bishops have gone after faithful parish priests to depose, inhibit, humiliate and toss them out of the church.

He has made multiple charges against a former New York bishop disappear, even as he has excoriated the actions of faithful bishops who intervened on behalf of faithful parishes in revisionist dioceses.

He has managed to keep his job because a majority of some 61 bishops in the House of Bishops believe and think as he does and share his bankrupt theological outlook.

While he claims to speak for the "diverse center", it is increasingly apparent that such a center no longer exists, and that the church is polarizing around right and wrong, truth and lies, good and evil.

He frantically crossed the ocean to schmooze the former Archbishop of Canterbury into making him think that the Anglican Mission in America was the Evil Empire in the midst of ECUSA when all they were trying to do was uphold the faith that he, Griswold, should have been doing all along.

He is hanging on for dear life to the present holder of the See of Canterbury, even as he has blown off his fellow primates saying that he does not really care what they think as long as Rowan Williams will continue to recognize him.

Two bishops, John W. Howe and William Wantland both wrote letters telling Griswold to resign for his consecration of V. Gene Robinson, and their pleas went ignored.

Howe ripped Griswold in a personal letter saying he had ignored the counsel of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Meeting of the Anglican Primates, the Anglican Communion Council, the most recent Lambeth Conference (in 1998), and the Theology Committee of the House of Bishops.

"You have ignored the clear teaching of scripture, 5,000 years of Judaeo-Christian tradition, the last seven General Conventions of the Episcopal Church (prior to this summer's 74th General Convention), the pleas of Primates and Provinces of the Anglican Communion from around the world, and those of our ecumenical partners, including the Holy Father in Rome, and the Conventions of (at least) six of our dioceses. We have ordained and consecrated, as a bishop in the Church of God, a non-celibate homosexual man, openly living in a "partnered" relationship with another man for the past thirteen years. We have thus repudiated the promise of the House of Bishops' Study Document of 1994 to ordain "only persons we believe to be a wholesome example to their people, according to the standards and norms set forth by the Church's teaching [which is] that...the standard found in the New Testament of lifelong, monogamous, heterosexual union as the setting intended by God for sexual relationships between men and women is the foundation on which the Church's traditional teaching is built."

"We have violated the commitment made in that same Study Document to "commit to ongoing consultation concerning these matters with the wider Anglican Communion and with our ecumenical partners" before proceeding with such innovations."

"We have betrayed tens of thousands loyal Episcopalians, bewildered the Christian world, and grieved the Holy Spirit."

Howe concluded his blast by saying Griswold and his fellow revisionist bishops should resign their positions in the Episcopal Church, USA.

Griswold's tenure as presiding bishop has been marked by betrayal, betrayal of trust and his actions have been called schismatic. He has zero commitment to the authority of Holy Scripture and his actions in the HOB have been called, by one bishop "manipulative and duplicitous."

His "pluriform" theology and views have only isolated the orthodox branches of his church and the consecration of Robinson as a "new thing God is doing" was in fact a contradiction of what God has actually said!

One bishop had the audacity to ask Griswold how he could hold all of these "pluriform truths" together in his mind.

The truth is he doesn't. Anything and everything is now acceptable to Griswold EXCEPT orthodoxy, for the orthodox are the only remnant left standing in his way for a complete makeover of the church even as it heads in gadarene fashion towards the moral cliff.

If there is any hope at all for the Episcopal Church now, Griswold must resign. As Bishop Wantland wrote following the Robinson consecration, "this is not only necessary for the Church, but for your own spiritual well being. You have betrayed the Christian Faith. In the words of our baptismal liturgy, you need to 'repent and return to the Lord'."
"You have rejected the Faith," wrote the traditionalist bishop, "but [I hope] that this separation might bring you back to the truth."

There now seems little likelihood of that as the Lambeth Commission approaches its moment in history. A Damaclean sword now hangs over the ECUSA and Frank Griswold. When it falls it will either sever the head (Griswold) from the rest of the body or, failing that, the vast majority of the Anglican Communion will sever itself from the Episcopal Church and its leader - Frank Griswold - and thus will begin the long but certain decline of Griswold into Hell, a Hell that Griswold has chosen for himself, and which will be his ultimate destiny.

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