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June 13 2004 By virtueonline WASHINGTON DC: Chane's Same-Sex Ceremony Prompts Protests, Prayer

The blessing reportedly followed a new liturgy under development in the diocese, but one which has not yet been formally adopted at diocesan convention.

Bishop Chane sent copies of the proposed new liturgy to priests in his diocese earlier this week, asking for comments.

Crosses Draped in Black

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June 08 2004 By virtueonline UGANDA: Martyrs Day 2004 - by Stephen Noll

The site of the Martyrs' celebration is Namugongo, the traditional royal
killing ground. The Anglicans possess the actual site and have erected two little structures there: one a replica of the Executioner's hut, the other a replica of the pyre on which the martyrs were roasted. Before the service, people queue up for hours waiting to visit these shrines.

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June 07 2004 By virtueonline Where is the candlestick? - by Dr. Edith M. Humphrey

Resolution A-134 was bad enough:
it settled for a three-year extension to a discussion that has gone about as far as possible, ending in theological impasse between irreconcilable positions.

it implied that the issue of blessing homoerotic relationships may well not be a matter of doctrine—that is to be decided.

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May 23 2004 By virtueonline Open letter to all Canadian Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada

My plea for each of you is that you will immerse yourself in fervent prayer and contemplative meditation on your role as shepherd. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will lift the scales from all encrusted eyes so that the Truth will reign.

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May 23 2004 By virtueonline A Crisis In Koinonia: Biblical Perspectives For Anglicans - by David Short

If those in power choose the first course of action, biblically orthodox Anglicans will be forced to choose between the gospel and Anglican structures. Either way the Anglican communion as we know it will cease to exist. And all this in a denomination supposedly known for its tolerance of diversity, its generosity of spirit, its comprehensiveness.

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May 17 2004 By virtueonline Wandering Shepherds -- Anglicans have had non-Christian bishops for decades

At the meeting, as reported by the Catholic Family & Human Rights
Institute, Paula Ettelbrick, executive director of the IGLHRC, called for
a "showdown with religion." One panel member, Princeton University
professor Anthony Appiah, called for limiting religious freedom whenever
it poses a "challenge" to the homosexual agenda. This would involve
criminalizing as "hate speech" religious teachings and Bible readings

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May 16 2004 By virtueonline On Bishop Otis Charles' "Marriage" - by Dr. Bill Atwood

It is easy to imagine how a relationship could be so intoxicating that objectivity about it is lost, but there is clear medical evidence that men who engage in same-sex intimacies shorten their lives dramatically. While there may be individual exceptions, that data is shocking. For the church to advocate and bless that which robs three decades from many people’s lives is reprehensible. People are far too precious to be cast aside like that.

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May 16 2004 By virtueonline Heretical Bishops, We Don't Need Them - by George A. Burns

Now, in 2004, we Anglicans in North America are faced with a crisis of leadership not unlike that of the Church of the colonies. Our parishes today do not have an absence of Episcopal leadership. We have a proliferation of Episcopal leadership, but it is by a group of heretical Bishops. Many of these apostate Bishops actually admit that they have departed from the historic faith.

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May 02 2004 By virtueonline A personal observation on the appointment of Jeffrey John - by David Phillips

The normal protocol for the appointment of Deans means that Richard was not consulted by the Diocesan Bishop but only learnt about the appointment a few days beforehand.

Bishop Richard was thus presented with a fait accompli and appears to have acquiesced to it. In his statement on the appointment he said:

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April 29 2004 By virtueonline Sorrow From the Sidelines: Reflections after the March for Women’s Lives

The event was a media feeding frenzy. Cameras and reporters were everywhere. One TV network reporter walked up to me and said, “Are you here as a part of the anti-abortion group?” “No,” I said, “I am here as a part of the pro-life group.” She paused for quite a long time and then finally figured out what I was saying.

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