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ECUSA: A History of Sexual Abuse by Clergy


MINNEAPOLIS, MN-An organization calling itself SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) will file a lawsuit against an Episcopal priest who abused a California youngster years ago, and still serves in a parish today. David Clohessy, 46, a national director of SNAP told VIRTUOSITY that he could not name the priest pending the suit, but would release the name shortly. Clohessy did express one serious concern. "I fear that some 400 ex-Roman Catholic priests will surface in other denominations including the Episcopal Church." (Aug. 2, 2003)

South Australia, AUS. A South Australian police task force into child sex abuse within the Anglican Church had identified 217 victims and 48 possible offenders, police said today. However the number of victims could rise to more than 400 as investigations continued, Police Commissioner Mal Hyde said. Mr Hyde today likened the scale of police investigations into child sex abuse to those for the infamous Snowtown bodies-in-the-barrels murders in 1999. (The Age, July 16 2003)

Major sex abuse uncovered in Anglican Church
Vicar Rev Robin Everett of Castle Donnington, Leics, is convicted of indecently assaulting two young girls. (UK Telegraph, June 7, 2003)

Vicar faces prison for sex assaults
Queensland, AUS. In the small town of Seymour, townspeople are shocked to learn that the late Anglican Fr. Sapsford molested dozens of alter boys while he was married with children, and after his serial molestation at another church was revealed in 1996. There are allegations by the parents of the victim boys that the Archbishop covered up the original allegations. The church is not compensating victims while they consult with legal counsel. Anglican Father Walliker says he is not shocked as he has seen this before in the Anglican Church. (ABC online, May 8, 2003)

Cover-up left paedophile to prey on Vic altar boys
PROVINCETOWN, RI. The pastor of an Episcopal church in Provincetown has resigned and left town after admitting he sexually molested a teenage boy more than 25 years ago while assigned to a Maryland parish, church officials said. On Thursday, a 48-year-old man told the Baltimore diocese that he was molested by Barasda, who was a priest in the victim's parish. The abuse allegedly started in 1966, when the victim was 14 years old, and continued for two years, Arnold said. (The Boston Globe, 12/25/2002)

Episcopal pastor admits molestation
DENVER -- A former Denver school teacher and Episcopal priest accused of sexually assaulting at least two boys in his Denver home was sentenced Thursday morning to 24 years in prison. Donald Shissler, 68, pleaded guilty to the charges in August as part of a plea bargain. He was originally charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child, two counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, one count of sexual assault on a child -- pattern of abuse, and one count of sexual exploitation of children. Based upon evidence found in his home earlier this summer, there may be as many as 20 additional victims, detectives said. Police said they seized hundreds of pornographic pictures and videos from Shissler's house when he was arrested. Rappaport concluded in her sentencing remarks that Shissler is a sexual predator who clearly committed crimes against young boys for almost 18 years, including sexually assaulting a boy he adopted. Prosecutor Kerri Lombari called Shissler's case "the most disturbing case I have ever worked as a prosecutor." (October 17, 2002)

CROWLEY Michael James, 58 Hobart psychologist and former head of Anglican Church's independent inquiry into child sex abuse. Appears in Hobart Magistrates Court charged with maintaining sexual relationship with minor between January 1973 and February 1976. Offences allegedly occurred at Fern Tree, Pontville and Hobart when victim aged 13 to 16. Court hears Crowley, of Howden, appointed by Anglican Church in 1997 to examine allegations of child sex abuse levelled against some clergy members and church officials. Court told Crowley co-authored report Not The Way of Christ in 1998 which contained 31 recommendations on how sex abuse allegations could be handled by church. (Tasmania, Australia, 2002).

McAULEY Canon Ross Leslie Stewart Brisbane senior Anglican priest, St John's Cathedral precentor, choirmaster and Church Sexual Abuse Committee member. AUS Governor-General and former Brisbane Anglican archbishop Peter HOLLINGWORTH comes under fire after appointing McAuley to Church Sexual Abuse Committee while Brisbane archbishop despite being aware of allegations that McAuley sexually abused 2 males. One victim, choirboy aged 15, was allegedly assaulted in 1975 at Brookfield, Brisbane. In 1995, Hollingworth appoints McAuley to Sexual Abuse Committee despite protests from first victim. In 1997, Sexual Abuse Committee warns Hollingworth that McAuley should not be left in charge of young members of choir. In 1999, McAuley leaves Anglican Church 18 months after making inappropriate sexual advance to male victim, aged 24, with whom he had "tangled relationship". Anglican sources describe McAuley as sexual predator. (Queensland, Australia, 2002).

BRAZIER Reverend Peter William, 56 Kingston-Robe Anglican priest. Receives 2 year and 6 month jail sentence in Mt Gambier District Court after pleading guilty to 7 sex charges, including 6 counts of indecent assault and 1 of unlawful sexual intercourse, against boy, aged 15, in 2001 while priest at Kingston-Robe parish, southeast of Adelaide. Court hears Brazier, of Parafield Gardens, in Adelaide's north, abused position by giving boy alcohol, cash and showing him blue movie. In 1994, Brazier received 2 year suspended jail term after pleading guilty to 3 charges of indecently assaulting boy, aged 16, while priest at Tailem Bend-Meningie parish, southeast of Adelaide. Church in 2002 criticised for shifting priest with child sex conviction to another parish and recommendation made that in future all priests and lay workers in SA undergo police checks before being employed by church. (SA, Australia, 2002).

ELLIOTT Reverend John Litton, 69 Brisbane Anglican priest, rector and former Church of England Boys Society (CEBS) chief commissioner. Receives maximum 7 year and 6 month jail sentence in Brisbane District Court after pleading guilty to 28 sex charges, including 10 counts of sodomy and 18 of indecent dealing, involving 5 boys, aged 10 to 13, in early 1970s at Wide Bay, QLD. Court hears Elliott, who set up Wide Bay Anglican youth group, encouraged "corrupting" behaviour including skinny-dipping and playing strip poker and that offences occurred at local church and in priest's own bed. Investigations reveal Elliott ordained in 1986, after offences occurred, and ministered at Bundaberg, Nanango and Dalby parishes. AUS Governor-General and former Brisbane Anglican archbishop Peter HOLLINGWORTH comes under fire after reports reveal he appointed Elliott rector of Nanango in 1990 and Dalby in 1991 while archbishop between 1989 and 1991. (Queensland, Australia, 2002).

ELLMORE Reverend Robert, 64 Hunter Valley Anglican priest and Justice of Peace. Receives 11 year jail sentence in Sydney District Court after being convicted on 6 charges of indecently assaulting 3 girls, aged 8 to 12, between 1981 and 1984 at Cumnock and West Wyalong, in central eastern NSW, and again in 2001 in Sydney's south. In 1999, Ellmore received 12 month jail sentence in Liverpool District Court after pleading guilty to indecently assaulting 2 sisters, aged 6 and 8, and another girl, aged 7, in 1976 while training for priesthood at Newcastle college, northeastern NSW. Court hears Ellmore, who was ordained in 1978, assaulted sisters in Hunter Valley and molested 7 year old in vestry of All Saints Anglican Cathedral, Bathurst. In 1998, Ellmore accused of abusing twin girls, aged 7, at Regents Park, in Sydney's south-west. Charges later dropped. In 1991, Ellmore received 5 year good behaviour bond and $5000 fine for molesting own granddaughter, aged 5, on weekend trip to Mudgee, central eas tern NSW. In 1984, Ellmore accused of sexually abusing girl, aged 8, after confirmation class in central NSW parish residence. In 1967 Ellmore received fine for indecent exposure in park at Blues Point, Sydney. In 1957, Ellmore received 1 month jail sentence for aggravated assault of girl, aged 10, at Toowoomba, QLD. 2002 reports reveal Ellmore still wore dog collar at time of arrest for 2001 offence and that he was first Anglican priest to be defrocked and stripped of holy office in living memory. (New South Wales, Australia, 2002).

KITCHINGHAM Reverend Allan, 69 Hunter Valley Anglican priest. Receives 2 year and 9 month jail sentence after pleading guilty in Newcastle District Court to 5 counts of indecent assault against boy, aged 13, in 1975 at North Coast Children's Home, Lismore. Victim, who described ruling as "joke", claims priest assaulted him "several times a week for a year" and that church officials put him on bus to Kings Cross after complaints made. (New South Wales, Australia, 2002).
HAWKINS Reverend Garth Anglican priest and former Church of England Boys Society (CEBS) chief commissioner. Found guilty by Anglican Church tribunal of child sex offences. (Tasmania, Australia, 2002).

HAZELDINE Phillip, 55 Gippsland former Anglican school teacher. Receives 18 month jail sentence in Melbourne Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting 5 school students between 1977 and 1981 while teacher at Gippsland Grammar, Sale. Court hears Hazeldine, of Buninyong, west of Melbourne, often touch young boys when he was alone in their company and that victims were students in grades 3 to 6. (Victoria, Australia, 2002).

HOLLINGWORTH Dr Peter John, 67 AUS Governor-General (2001+), former Brisbane Anglican archbishop (1989-2001), 1992 Australian of Year, Kids First Foundation member and patron of Plan Australia, Barnardo's, Open Plan and National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, aka Father Hollywood. Sacked from aforementioned child group committees, banned by Australian teacher's union from visiting public schools, and pressured publicly and politically to resign as GG, "Australia's highest office", over his handling of at least 6 separate sex abuse cases while archbishop of Brisbane Anglican Church. Allegations include Hollingworth, of Yarralumla, Canberra: 1: appointed convicted QLD pedophile priest Reverend John ELLIOTT as rector of 2 Brisbane parishes; 2: failed to act on child sex abuse allegations against Toowoomba Anglican preparatory school boarding master, Kevin GUY; 3: authorised secret cash settlements to hush up sex abuse evidence against Brisbane Anglican school counsellor, Kevi n LYNCH; 4: appointed Brisbane senior priest Canon Ross McAULEY, himself the subject of abuse allegations, to QLD Church Sexual Abuse Committee; 5: failed to act on child sex abuse allegations against former Rockhampton Anglican bishop, Donald SHEARMAN; 6: failed to act on child sex abuse allegations against Churchie East Brisbane Anglican Grammar school gymnastics coach, William WHITELOCK. (For other accused or convicted Churchie offenders, see and Reverend Robert SHARWOOD.) Hollingworth, who earns $310,000 pa as GG, criticised for being "unlike Jesus ... on side of lawyers and insurers instead of on side of victims". Hollingworth also slammed for implying on national television that schoolgirl victim, aged 14, seduced priest and not other way around. Report notes one of Hollingworth's most openly supportive senior Anglican figures, Bishop George BROWNING, was embroiled in controversy over sexual misconduct with parishioner. (Queensland, Australia, 2002).

NAME SUPPRESSED, age 75 Brisbane Anglican school teacher and class master. Appears in Brisbane Magistrates Court on 5 charges of indecent treatment involving 3 boys, aged 11 to 13, between 1951 and 1963 while teacher at Churchie Anglican Grammar school, East Brisbane. Accused allegedly "taught" several students how to masturbate in early 1950s while he was their class master. (Queensland, Australia, 2002).
NAME SUPPRESSED, age 39 Reverend TAS Anglican priest. Police charge anglican priest with pedophilia. (Queensland, Australia, 2002).
NAME SUPPRESSED, age 78 Brisbane Anglican school teacher. Appears in Brisbane Magistrates Court charged with 31 child sex offences, including 24 counts of indecent treatment, 2 of sodomy, 2 of attempted sodomy, 2 of allowing sodomy to be performed on him and 1 of indecent assault, involving 9 boys, aged under 14, in 1940s and 1950s. (Queensland, Australia, 2002).

SAPSFORD Reverend Alan, 66 Wangaratta Anglican priest and archdeacon. Ordered to appear in Seymour Magistrates Court charged with gross indecency and indecent assault against altar boy, aged 13 to 16, over 3 year period "several decades ago". Report reveals Reverend Sapsford, of Avenel, who ceased holding Anglican church license in 1996, spent 30 years in Wangaratta church diocese and was archdeacon (one rung below bishop) from 1979 to 1996. (Victoria, Australia, 2002).

SHARWOOD Reverend Robert Francis Brisbane Anglican priest and school chaplain. Is sacked as chaplain of exclusive Churchie Anglican Grammar school, East Brisbane, in February 2002 after allegations surface that he repeatedly molested young male between 1974 and 1976 while serving at Brisbane Anglican Church. Police contacted in January 2002 after victim learns Sharwood still working with children. (Queensland, Australia, 2002).

SHEARMAN Bishop Donald, 76 Rockhampton Anglican bishop and OBE recipient. AUS Governor-General and former Brisbane Anglican archbishop Peter HOLLINGWORTH comes under fire after allowing Shearman to serve in church while Brisbane archbishop despite being aware of allegations that Shearman sexually abused at least 2 victims. Reports allege Shearman, of Brisbane, assaulted one girl, aged 14, repeatedly over 2 year period in mid-1950s at St John's Church of England Hostel, Forbes, central NSW. In 1993, another victim allegedly went to Hollingworth with abuse claims against bishop but apparently was discouraged from going to police. (Queensland, Australia, 2002).
GUY Kevin George, 39 Toowoomba Anglican preparatory school senior boarding master. Toowoomba Supreme Court orders QLD Anglican Church pay record $834,800 compensation to sex abuse victim after jury finds Brisbane diocese failed in its duty of care to girl, aged 12, in 1990 at Toowoomba Anglican Preparatory school. Court hears Guy, 39, formerly of Toowoomba, was charged with up to 30 sex counts against victim but committed suicide in December 1990 on day of court appearance. Victim support groups accuse AUS Governor-General and former Brisbane Anglican archbishop Peter HOLLINGWORTH of failing to act on allegations, of hiding behind lawyers, and of covering up sexual abuse of 20 girls at school which was then under his control. (Queensland, Australia, 2001).

ST GEORGE'S Rockhampton Anglican children's home. Seven former residents file actions in QLD Supreme Court alleging they were subjected to atrocities in 1970s described as among worst committed against children in QLD. Litigants claim Anglican priest attached live electrical wires to children's genitals and inserted wire implements in their rectums. Priest also allegedly beat children using cricket bats and flushed their heads in faeces-filled toilets. (Queensland, Australia, 2001).

PHILADELPHIA - After two days of testimony, a county judge took less than a minute to decide to deny a request to grant a new trial to Fr. Robert K. Orr, 55, an Episcopal priest convicted of possessing child pornography and distributing it on the Internet.
The defense attorney has 30 days to appeal to State Superior Court. For now,the former pastor from Wyncote still faces an 11- to 23-month prison sentence, handed down by the judge April 27. Defense had argued that crucial evidence, including phone records and witness testimony, were not adequately addressed by Orr's former defense attorney during the March trial.
He tried to show that much of the evidence used against Orr was part of a larger conspiracy that included one of Orr's former parishioners, John Ralston, whom Orr claims downloaded the pictures and framed him. Additionally, he raised questions about a message allegedly left by a school principal saying he had the photographs Orr requested. The recording was later determined to be a hoax.
The assistant district attorney agreed that the message was a setup, but said that it could not be used to prove that the entire case against Orr was part of an elaborate scheme to get him. Instead, she said much of Grimes' questioning amounted to a "smear campaign," to target Ralston.
Police acting on a tip found about 20 pictures of children engaging in sex acts on the new computer in Orr's church office at in May 1998. Shortly after his arrest, Orr was relieved of his priestly duties by the Episcopal Diocese of Philadelphia. He was later inhibited, meaning he cannot perform in a religious capacity, pending a church investigation. Inquirer 6/7/99, 3/11/99

DANIELS Reverend Louis Victor, 51 Burnie Anglican archdeacon and former Church of England Boys Society (CEBS) leader. Receives 9 month jail sentence in Hobart Supreme Court after pleading guilty to 6 child sex charges, including 4 counts of indecent assault and 2 of committing oral sexual intercourse, against boy, aged 14, in 1992 while rector at St George's Anglican church, Burnie. Court hears Daniels, who was extradited from Canberra, assaulted boy on TAS northwest coast and that charges were laid following church inquiry into sexual misconduct of priests. (Tasmania, Australia, 1999).

NAME SUPPRESSED, age 23 Canberra Anglican deacon. Receives 5 year jail sentence after being convicted in ACT Supreme Court on incest-related charges, including indecent assault, against daughter, aged 13, over 4 year period. Name SUPPRESSED BY COURT ORDER to protect daughter. Court hears character reference from Canberra Bishop George BROWNING who in 1999 was found guilty by church inquiry of adultery with female parishioner. For other accused or convicted Canberra Anglican offenders, see Reverend John AITCHISON, Bishop Owen DOWLING and Reverend Eric GRIFFITH. (ACT, 1999).

BROWN Stephen John, 49 Sydney Anglican Boys Society camp caretaker and youth group leader. Found hanged in cell at Silverwater Remand Centre 2 days before facing Sydney Local Court over 170 child sex offences, including committing unlawful sexual intercourse and aggravated indecent assault, against 27 boys, aged 11 to 17, between 1979 and 1998 at 18 locations across NSW. Court hears Brown, of Blackheath, committed many offences while caretaker with Church of England Boys' Society at Loftus, south of Sydney, and while leading skiing, canoeing, camping and shooting trips across country NSW. Police claim Brown's victims highest ever attributed to single alleged sex offender in NSW. (New South Wales, Australia, 1999).

DANBURY, CT. - A former priest has been defrocked by the Episcopal Church for allegedly offering oral sex to a 13-year-old boy as a "confirmation gift." Fr. Bruce Jacques was removed as a priest from the Diocese of Connecticut after he unsuccessfully appealed a similar decision made by a lower church court, the diocese announced. The embattled pastor, who denied the boy's accusations, resigned from his parish in Feb. 1995, after the boy's family went public.
Jacques had been pastor for more than 10 years in 1984, when church officials reviewed the accusation and ruled that he could remain at the church if he received counseling. But the boy's family objected. He sued the family in 1995, and the boy's parents filed a countersuit. Both suits were withdrawn after a settlement in 1997. No criminal charges were filed against Jacques.
In Sept. 1997, the diocese ecclesiastical court found Jacques in violation of his ordination vows and "conduct unbecoming a member of the clergy." He unsuccessfully appealed that decision. AP, 11/10/98

ST. PETERSBURG, FL. - A family is suing the Episcopalian Diocese of Southwest Florida and the Church of the Good Shepherd in Punta Gorda, charging a deceased assistant priest molested their son.
According to a civil suit, Fr. Greydon Copeland "exploited the power of his position ... to perform lewd and lascivious, homosexual acts" on the boy, now an adult, while he went to the church there from 1985 to 1989. The boy was a minor at the time.
The suit alleges Copeland told the boy that if he told anyone about the molestations, his family would be humiliated and harmed, and the community would ostracize him. The boy's father was studying to become a Episcopal priest at the time. The boy apparently made the allegations after Copeland was investigated by the church on charges he molested another minor while serving at another parish.
The suit claims Copeland did not deny the allegations when confronted by church officials in May 1994 and that he committed suicide immediately afterwards.
Bp. Rogers Harris and Rector Vincent Scotto of the parish are also named as defendants in the suit. Scotto said he remembered that Copeland was questioned by Harris and another bishop about the incident, and that Copeland committed suicide, but did not know the details of the alleged molestations.
Copeland did perform some services but did not perform children's Sunday School services or have contact with the church's youth other than the families with whom he was directly involved, he said.
The family seeks a jury trial and monetary damages against the defendants on 13 charges, including negligent hiring and supervision, fraud and negligent infliction of emotional distress on all of the family members. The unidentified family contends the son is "severely and permanently injured" by the charged molestations. He continues to incur expenses for medical, psychiatric and psychological treatment, therapy and counseling. Sun-Herald, 2/17/99

VINELAND - A lawsuit filed by a teen-age girl who was an altar server, choir member and Sunday school aide accuses an Episcopal priest of sexually assaulting her. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the family of the unidentified girl, now 18 and living in another county. A second lawsuit filed there the same day alleges the priest also fondled a 40-year-old parishioner.
The lawyer representing the two unidentified women said they came forward after speaking with six or seven other parishioners who made similar claims against Fr. Thomas Berlenbach. Berlenbach and his lawyer denied the allegations. The diocese removed Berlenbach from his post at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Feb. 1997. He faces a trial in the diocese's ecclesiastical court.
The county prosecutor would not comment on whether Berlenbach was ever investigated on criminal charges, but said no investigation is pending. The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages, medical and legal expenses, and payment for the clients' lost capacity to earn money in the future.
In the summer of 1994, the girl, then 14, was "violently raped" in a basement meeting room during a coffee hour after a Sunday service, according to the lawsuit, and 3 years later, the girl was sexually assaulted in Berlenbach's office.
The second lawsuit claims a woman, now 40, was abused by "inappropriate touching of the plaintiff's lower torso" on Feb. 22, 1997. The lawsuits also name Bps. Mellick Bellshaw and Joe Morris Doss as defendants, alleging they knew about Berlenbach's "deviant sexual conduct" before the women were abused, but failed to investigate. AP, 1/30/99

WILLIAMSBURG, VA. - Plaintiffs in a sexual molestationlawsuit against Bruton Parish Church are alleging that a former priest abused children and had a sexual relationship with a male teen-age baby sitter.
The lawsuit stems from charges first filed against baby sitter Richard Wescott Weaverling,who was later convicted of multiple sex crimes and sentenced to 73 years in prison. Weaverling molested children in their homes and at the 300-year-old Episcopal church, where he baby-sat with his mother from Jan. 1993 until Sept. 1994. The plaintiffs allege that John A. Grubb,a church member, and Fr. Michael W. Jones, the associate rector, also took part in the abuse. The amended suit raises to more than $250 million the amount of damages sought by the 35 plaintiffs, who include more than a dozen children.
Jones, now rector in Chesapeake, denied the allegations. Grubb has an unlisted phone number and could not be reached. No criminal charges have been lodged against Jones or Grubb, but prosecutors said they are continuing to investigate the case. AP, 10/14/98_

DENVER - An Episcopal priest will be leaving her parish and moving to another after acknowledging that she had "relationships" with two women in her congregation. The admission by the Rev. Sandra Wilson, 45, a black female pastor was cited in a confidential memo from Colorado Episcopal Bishop Jerry Winterrowd.
The memo's recipients are not identified, but sources said it was written to two women who accused Wilson in late March of "sexual and ethical misconduct," prompting Wilson's suspension from the pulpit. A third woman also filed a complaint but the nature of it has not been made public. Although a diocesan "response team" found the women's complaints "credible," Winterrowd reinstated Wilson saying the case was closed.
Wilson denies any "exploitation of those parties or abuse of her role" as a priest, the bishop's memo says. But official guidelines of the Episcopal Church forbid a priest from having a sexual relationship with a member of his or her congregation.
Wilson declined comment on the memo because of a confidential agreement between Wilson and her bishop. (9/7/98 Denver Post)

CHARLESTON, WV. - The state Supreme Court refused to reinstate a man lawsuit that claims he was sexually molested by an Episcopal priest when he was a boy but repressed memories of it until years later. The man claimed the memories resurfaced while under hypnosis, but in an unanimous opinion the court said the lawsuit was filed too late.
In 1996, the man filed a suit against Fr. H. Willard White, and the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia, claiming the diocese knew White had a "proclivity for deviant sexual behavior" and did nothing about it. White and the church immediately sought to have the case dismissed because of the statute of limitations. The county circuit judge agreed and the high court upheld his ruling. White's attorney said the molestation never occurred and White was surprised by the allegations.
White is still a minister and lives somewhere in Tennessee. He has never been charged with a crime and no one has ever made a similar allegation against him, his lawyer said. (6/23/98 Associated Press)

NEW YORK CITY - A Manhattan judge has declined to hold the Episcopal Diocese or Trintity Church Retreat civilly liable to a man who was allegedly sexually assaulted by one of the retreat's priests. Judge John Koeltl found no merit to claims that the church should be held responsible for Fr. Masud Syedullah's alleged sexual assaults on a former parishioner of his from Oklahoma. The judge did allow the plaintiff to proceed against Syedullah on the claims of assault and battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. (2/27/98)

DALLAS - A youth minister of the Church of Christ has been arrested after allegedly sending nude pictures of himself to a 14-year-old girl over the Internet. Matthew Washington, 23, was charged with distribution of harmful material to a minor. Police said Washington sent her four photos of him seated nude on an exercise bike at the church after talking to her in an Internet chat room. The girl showed them to her mother who alerted the police. Washington was released on bail but faces up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. (12/22/98)

PORTAGE, WI. - Episcopal Church officials here and in Ft. Worth, Texas, allowed a now-imprisoned man to become a priest despite accusations of sexual misconduct during his seminary training, police records show. Defrocked priest Eugene Maxey, 43, now serving 20 years in Wisconsin, admitted to police that he abused four boys at Nashotah House, a Wisconsin seminary, in the late 1980s, some of them dozens of times. He denied sexually molesting a young man there whom he had driven up with from Texas and gotten drunk, saying it was consensual. No charges were filed in that incident nor in regards to his confession to police of abusing boys in Albany, New York, after ordination. Maxey served there until the early 1990s and then worked at parish in Chester, England, until his arrest.
Signs of trouble first surfaced by early 1986, when a fellow seminarian told the dean that she suspected Maxey of trying to seduce her 12-year-old son. Police records show that men who lived in the dormitory with Maxey backed up her claims, saying boys often visited him behind closed doors.
The dean at the time, Fr. Jack Knight, said it was only "innuendo" and Maxey denied wrongdoing. Knight is himself now suspended from the priesthood for sexual misconduct with a Colorado woman.
After more allegations were made, Maxey was allowed to transfer his allegiance to the Albany diocese. Fr. Rex Perry, who worked at the seminary and served as mediator, resigned last year as a pastor in Dallas after pleading no contest to fondling a Dallas police officer in a public restroom. Since completing a probationary sentence, he is now an assistant pastor in Baton Rouge.
Several people interviewed by police at Nashotah House, one of the most conservative Episcopal seminaries in the country, said that at the time consensual adult misconduct was common there, describing heterosexual adultery, homosexual promiscuity and faculty-student liaisons.
Five prosecutions resulted from the investigation. Along with Maxey, Fr. Russell Martin, 39, also sponsored by the Ft. Worth diocese and now suspended, was convicted for three incidents of child-abuse, and is serving a four-year term which he is appealing.
Along with another seminarian, courts found they abused a young teenage boy whose stepfather was studying for the priesthood at the seminary at that time. The victim came forward in early 1994 with allegations of everything from fondling to rape, sometimes accompanied by pornography and drug use. This led to the identification of other victims of Maxey, most of whom were also sons of fellow seminarians. (10/5/97)

WYNCOTE, PA. - A suburban Philadelphia Episcopalian priest is facing child pornography charges. Fr. Robert Orr, 54, was arrested after images of young boys engaging in sex acts was found on a computer at his church in Wyncote, where Orr is the rector. He was being held on $50,000 bail at the pending a hearing scheduled for mid-May. (1998))

TRENTON - The state Supreme Court said that the trusting relationship a person has with a religious leader has legal weight and a clergy member can be sued for sexual misdeeds that abuse that trust. However, the court stopped short of opening doors for lawsuits against clergy specifically for malpractice, like doctors and therapists. It concluded that a mal- practice rule for clergy would violate the First Amendment.
The case involved Episcopal priest Fr. Alex MacDonell, who had counseled a female parishioner who claimed that in 1992-3, MacDonell, who was married, engaged her in sexually intimate behavior, but not intercourse, when she visited. She alleges the distress led to a suicide attempt and required psychiatric hospitalization.
After MacDonnell left the church, she confided in his successor, Fr. Fletcher Harper, about their affair. She said Harper violated her confidence, telling the congregation about the affair during a sermon and in a church newsletter.
After a dismissal of the suit and a reversal on appeal, the Supreme Court struck a middle ground, permitting the lawsuit on breach-of-trust points only. Lawyers on both sides claimed victory. (7/23/97)

NEW YORK CITY -- An Episcopal Church investigation confirmed allegations, raised in Penthouse magazine, that Episcopal priests in Brooklyn held sex orgies with youths, including young men brought from Brazil. (The Living Church magazine, 6/29/97)
LYNCH Kevin John, 64 Brisbane Anglican school student counsellor. Found dead in car just hours after being charged with 7 counts of indecent assault against boy, aged 14, between 1992 and 1993 while counsellor at St Paul's Anglican College, Bald Hills, in Brisbane's north. Described by victim support group as one of QLD's most audacious child molesters. Lynch allegedly abused countless number of boys, aged 10 to 16, while at St Paul's Anglican College, Bald Hills (1989-1997), and St Joseph's Christian Brothers College, Gregory Terrace, Brisbane (c1979-1989). Also taught at Brisbane Grammar. Law firm Shine Roche McGowan estimates at least 23 potential litigants from St Paul's alone. In 2002, allegations surface AUS Governor-General and former Brisbane Anglican archbishop Peter HOLLINGWORTH authorised secret cash settlements to hush up evidence of sexual abuse against Lynch. (Queensland, Australia, 1997).

BAZELY Reverend Frank Dennis Martin Perth Anglican priest. Receives maximum 5 year jail sentence in Perth court after pleading guilty to 12 child sex charges, including 9 counts of indecent assault and 3 of carnal knowledge, against 3 children, aged 6 to 16, between 1969 and 1975. Court hears Bazely, of Belhus, Perth, indecently assaulted 2 boys as well as their sister. (Western Australia, Australia, 1997).

FISHER Mark Geoffrey, 55 Sydney Anglican church choirmaster and scoutmaster. Receives 18 month jail sentence in Parramatta District Court after pleading guilty to 11 child sex charges against 8 boys, aged 11 to 15, between 1969 and 1988 while Anglican church choirmaster and 1st Hunter's Hill scoutmaster in Sydney. Fisher, of Hunter's Hill, originally charged with 35 child sex offences. (New South Wales, Australia, 1997).

UNDERWOOD Frederick Charles, 58 Bunbury Anglican youth group leader and scoutmaster. Receives 12 year jail sentence in Bunbury District Court after pleading guilty to 92 child sex charges, including 79 counts of indecent dealing, 10 of gross indecency, 1 of inciting indecent dealing and 1 of attempting carnal knowledge, against 17 boys, aged 8 to 16, between 1971 and 1991 in WA. Originally charged with 500 sex offences against 25 boys. Some victims reportedly committed suicide or molested children themselves after assaults occurred. Church allegedly knew of offences in 1984 but permitted Underwood, of Bunbury, south of Perth, to continue preying on victims for 7 more years. (Western Australia, Australia, 1997).

BLENCOWE Peter Scott, 39 Melbourne Christian school teacher. Pleads guilty in Melbourne County Court to 6 counts of committing indecent act on 5 girls, aged under 16, between 1991 and 1993 while teacher at Westbourne and Williamstown Grammar school, in Melbourne's west. Court hears Blencowe, of Newport, encouraged girls to touch him through his pants. Judge describes offences as "bizarre and ludicrous". In 1980, Blencowe placed on 3 year probation after being convicted on 5 counts of indecent assault against 3 young girls at Dandenong primary school where he taught. In 1993, Blencowe accepted position as head of junior campus of Firbank Anglican Girls School, Brighton, where he worked until charges laid in 1995. (Victoria, Australia, 1996).

AITCHISON Reverend John Phillip, 45 Canberra Anglican priest. Receives maximum 3 year jail sentence in Queanbeyan District Court after being convicted on 2 counts of performing indecent act on boy, aged 10 and 13, in 1987 and 1989. Court hears Aitchison, of Canberra, committed first offence while deacon at Ainslie All Saints Anglican church, Canberra, and second offence while minister at Bombala Anglican Rectory, southeast NSW. Court told Aitchison rubbed talcum on boy's genitals, performed oral sex on him, then clothed him in nappies. Records show Aitchison ordained in 1988 despite being convicted in Wangaratta Magistrates Court in 1973 on 2 counts of indecently assaulting girl, aged 7, and her brother, aged 8, between 1970 and 1971. (ACT, 1996).

NAME SUPPRESSED, Reverend Sydney Anglican priest and rector, aka AC1. Appears before Justice James Wood's NSW Royal Commission into Pedophilia accused of sexually abusing girl, aged 14, in 1980 at his North Sydney parish. Commission hears AC1, who forced victim to perform oral sex on him and other acts, commenced 3 year affair with girl soon after she began attending Bible and confirmation lessons. Priest described before commission as "disgrace". (SM 960508; 960509) For other accused or convicted church offenders exposed during Wood Commission, see Robert "Dolly" DUNN, Brother Michael EVANS, Brother Brian GORDON, Brother John LITTLER, Brother NAME SUPPRESSED, age 15 and Brother Francis RILEY. (New South Wales, Australia, 1996).
Anglican Pastor John Phillip Aitchison, Canberra 1996, 18 to 36 months for indecency on a boy (plus various other court appearances);
Utah. Episcopal bishop Steven Plummer was reinstated as the bishop of the Navajo Indians on June 1. Plummer, who admitted he had a 2 year sexual relationship with a teenage boy, took leave of absence last year after acknowledging the allegations. He was granted absolution and was given counseling. The young man he abused also received counceling. Episcopalians are divided on Plummer's return. (The Milwaukee Journal, 4/21/95)
Anglican Pastor Robert Winston Duffield, of Victoria and NSW, 6 months suspended jail term (Melbourne, 1995) for gross indecency against a boy;

SOUTH CAROLINA. Episcopal Priest on Church Trial. Rev. Antoine Campbell of Charleston was relieved of his duties during a second church trial on charges of misconduct. He was cleared of charges of sexual misconduct in a previous church trial. Source: _San Antonio Express- News_ 3/30/94.

EPISCOPAL TEACHER CHARGED WITH MOLESTATIONS. A Sunday school teacher and church elder at St. Cuthbert's Episcopal Church in Harris County has been charged with the sexual molestation of 2 male teens. A third boy, 15, may be a victim also. Assaults began in May 1992 and ended this February after a boy, 16, told his mother that Richard Dick Gray, 59, had molested him. Gray admitted having sex with another boy, 14. Gray was released on $20,000 bond. The 16-year-old is under psychiatric care and cannot testify. One mother invited Gray into her home to be an adult male role-model for her son. While she was away, Gray molested the youth. Gray was also accused of molesting a family member 20 years ago, for which his relatives have severed ties with him. Gray was also arrested 10 months ago for exposing himself to an undercover officer in an adult book store. Source: _Houston Chronicle_ 4/27/94.

Palmdale, CA. An Episcopal priest of Palmdale, Robert. L. Ducker, 63, received the maximum sentence of 12 years in prison for repeatedly molesting 2 parishioner boys. (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, 6/26/94)

KING Reverend Gordon Virgo, 70 Cairns Anglican priest. Receives 4 year jail sentence in Townsville District Court after being convicted on child sex charges, including committing unlawful sexual intercourse and indecent dealing, against boys, aged under 16, in 1994 at Anglican youth drop-in centre, Cairns, QLD. In 1993, received 12 month jail sentence after being convicted on charge of gross indecency against young man between 1962 and 1963. Also, in 1956, received 12 month jail sentence after being convicted in Perth court on 4 charges of indecent dealing with boy, aged 14, in WA. (Queensland, Australia, 1994).

PAINTER Reverend Michael Roderick, 54 Perth Anglican priest. Receives 3 year probation and 240 hour community-based order in Perth District Court after pleading guilty to 2 charges of indecently assaulting boy, aged 17, at Mt Hawthorne Anglican rectory, Perth. Court hears boy awoke to find Painter, of Middle Swan, Perth, performing oral sex on him. Priest found dead in car south of Perth after sentencing. (Western Australia, Australia, 1994).

EPISCOPAL PRIEST CHARGED WITH SEXUAL BATTERY. An Episcopal priest, Douglas Hodges, 57, was charged with sexual battery, a 3rd-degree felony, in a 1991 incident involving a parishioner in counseling. A Fostoria woman and her husband, who said Hodges had sexual intercourse with her during counseling, had previously filed a civil suit against Hodges, Bishop James Moodey of the Episcopal diocese of Ohio, Trinity Episcopal Church, Fostoria, and the owner of the counseling center. An episcopal official says Hodges is no longer a priest, but declined further comment. Source: _Toledo Blade_ 2/11/93.

PARISH SUPPORTS PORTLAND PREYING PASTOR. Prominent pastor Rev. Willie B. Smith, 64, former president of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, is accused of sexually abusing 3 teenage girls at First African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. He was charged with 11 counts of 1st degree sexual abuse, a felony, and 1 count of 3rd degree sexual abuse, a misdemeanor. Pastors in the community werequick to speak about his "exemplary" work. Two of the victims told police Smith had cornered them in his church office and groped them. A third said she was repeatedly abused by Smith for 16 months, beginning in September 1990. The victims were 12, 13, and 17 at the time of the incidents. Almost every parishioner lined up to hug, kiss and reassure Smith following the arrest. Source: _Oregonian_ 3/13,15/93.

EPISCOPAL PRIEST, "ABOVE REPROACH", SUED, INVESTIGATED. Six women including one filing a $4 million civil lawsuit have accused ByronBruce Newell, 60, former assistant pastor of Falls Church Episcopal Church, of sexual molestation or advances. The plaintiff alleges Newell forced her into sexual activities during counseling sessions at the church for 2 years, telling her that her sexual feelings toward him would bring her closer to God. Episcopal officials said they removed him from his pastoral role and ordered counseling after learning of complaints by women in 1988. However, they only launched a full inquiry last September. Newell, now a fundraiser for Trinity Episcopal School for the Ministry near Pittsburgh, is named in the suit, along with the church, the diocese, the bishop and church pastor John W. Yates ll. According to the suit, Yates told the woman what happened during counseling was her fault, and did not act on complaints from 5 other women that Newell had verbally or physically harassed them. The dean of the seminary insisted Newell "has more than amply repaid our trust. His behavior has been above reproach". Source: _Washington Post_ 3/20/93.

Jeffrey Black, former rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Kansas City, Missouri, knows the pain that child sexual abuse can cause a church. In May 1993 a 15-year-old parishioner came forward and indicted the church's music minister for molestation. The minister confessed, and the church terminated him after seventeen years of service. (1993)
Music minister confesses to molestation
Report in Christianity Today

Anglican Pastor Gordon Virgo King, jailed in WA in 1956 (but was kept in the Anglican ministry), jailed again in Cairns in 1993 and jailed again in Townsville in 1994 for offences (including sodomy) against boys;

Anglican Pastor Raymond Frederick Ayles, of SA (formerly Qld.), 12-months suspended jail term (SA, 1993) for attempting to procure boys to commit acts of gross indecency;

AYLES Reverend Raymond Frederick, 48 Adelaide Anglican priest and Order of AUS recipient. Receives suspended 12 month jail sentence and 18 month good behaviour bond in Adelaide District Court after being convicted on 2 charges of attempting to procure 2 boys, both aged 15, to commit acts of gross indecency at Anglican church camp in SA. Court hears Ayles, formerly of Adelaide, asked boys to masturbate in front of him while conducting sex education talk. In 1987, Ayles receives Order of AUS medal but loses it in 1998 over offences. (SA, Australia, 1993).

Mansfield, OH. Tales of Satanism Divide Mansfield; City Agonizes Over Children's Claims by Michael A. Hobbs; "Months after two baby sitters were convicted of sexually assaulting more than 60 children at First Presbyterian Church in Mansfield, rumors persist that there is much, much more to the case. Like murder, cannibalism, mutilation of corpses, forcing children to consume bodily fluids and waste and animal blood. All part of satanic rituals. Children and their parents insist at least 18 more church members should be charged. (Plain Dealer, November 29, 1992)

CHURCH SUED FOR CHOIRMASTER'S ASSAULTS. St. George's Cathedral & the Anglican church are being sued over a choirmaster's sexual assaults on choirboys. John Gallienne is serving a 6-1/2 year sentence for abusing boys. Now 17 plaintiffs are suing, claiming damages, plus interest & costs. The suit in part claims church officials were aware of Gallienne's misconduct & held at least 5 meetings over a 6- year period to discuss them, yet took no action to protect boys. Source: _Ottawa Citizen_ 11/11/92.

WOMAN SUES EPISCOPAL PRIEST. A Fostoria woman is suing Rev. Douglas Hodges, of Trinity Episcopal Church, Bishop James Moodey & the owner of a counseling center, alleging the priest forced her to have sex as "treatment". The abuse occurred at a counseling center & the church. Shelley & Daniel Lebay seek more than $700,000 in damages. Source: _Columbus Dispatch_ 10/9/92.

ANGLICAN PRIEST SUSPENDED WITH PAY. Owen Sound minister Jim Francom was suspended With pay from St. George's Anglican Church after being charged in July with rape & assault of a girl under 14. The assaults were alleged to have occurred in London, Ontario between 1975-1984 Source: _Ottawa Citizen_ 8/18/92.

PROMINENT EPISCOPALIAN REMOVED. Nationally known Rev. W. Graham Pulkingham, now living in Virginia, was suspended temporarily from the Episcopalian priesthood after admitting he initiated a sexual relationship with a man he was counseling, destroying the man's marriage. Church officials asked everybody to pray. Source: _Denver Post_ 8/92.

EPISCOPAL PRIEST SETTLES. Episcopal Rev. Paul Robinson agreed to pay $575,000 in damages to Mary Tenantry, mother of 5, for luring her into an extramarital affair while counseling her. Source: _Reuters/Boston Globe_ 8/92.

ANGLICAN BISHOP CHARGED FOR SOLICITATION. Anglican Bishop Owen Dowling, 57, of Canberra and Goulburn, was recently charged with soliciting a male off-duty cop for prostitution. Source: _Christian Century_ 5/13/92.
RAPIST-MINISTER GETS 12 YEARS FOR INCEST. Suspended associate rector of a Tucson Episcopal church, Stephen P. Apthorp, 56, pleaded guilty in Massachusetts to repeatedly raping his stepdaughter between her 10th and 16th birthday, an estimated 830 incidents of abuse. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Charges included indecent assault and battery, rape and distribution of pornographic materials to a minor. The assaults began in 1980 when a Lincoln, Mass. congregation asked him to leave because he was abusing alcohol, ignoring their problems, and "using the women of the parish like they were some kind of fringe benefit", Apthorp said. He was suspended from the Tucson church. His contract as a counselor for Tucson General Hospital's Westcenter was not renewed. He gave nationwide worships and lectures based on a book of advice for clergy with alcohol and drug addictions. The 21-year-old victim, who publicly identified herself as Mimi Coleman, noted the betrayal made her suicidal, gave her eating disorders and nightmares, shameful feelings over sex, continuing gynecological problems, feelings of someone always watching her, feelings of panic whenever she sees a man in a clerical collar, and feelings that she is a freak. "Never have I seen him practice what he preached, and I heard him preach a lot." Source: _Arizona Daily Star_ 3/13/92; _Boston Herald_ 5/7/92; _Lincoln Journal_ 5/14/92.

SEXTON GETS 35 YEARS. A sexton at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Whitehall Township was sentenced to 35-70 years in jail for molesting boys. Adam Tannous, 61, of Allentown, agreed to plead guilty to 7 merged charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, after originally being charged with more than 4,000 crimes. One victim said Tannous bragged of having sex with 400 boys over the past 40 years. He was removed as pastor of St. George's Episcopal Church in Hellertown in 1970 because of similar allegations. In 1972, he was arrested on a morals charge in Emmaus. He was "treated", not jailed, then expelled from the ministry. Despite this record, St. Stephen's hired him in 1976 to be custodian, saying he was rehabilitated. Many victims say Tannous caused them alcohol problems by plying them with liquor. Source: _Express-Times_ 12/17/92.

TOP EPISCOPAL PRIEST RESIGNS AMID SEX SCANDAL. The highest-ranking U.S. Episcopal priest, who ironically headed a national committee examining the church's position on sexuality, resigned in October following charges he sexually abused young men in his congregation. Rev. Wallace A. Frey, rector of St. David's Church in DeWitt, is married with 2 grown children. A church official said he had been involved in "sexual misconduct over a lengthy period with some male, young adults & a teenager under his pastoral care". The official said the number of victims appears to be "less than 10". Source: NYT News Service/_Chicago Tribune_ 10/7/92.

New South Wales Anglican priest Eric William Griffith, 50, of Gratton, was jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty to 3 counts of indecent assault & 4 counts of gross indecency against a boy, 14. Source: _Courier-Mail_ 11/15/92.

Northampton, MA. Charges of raping a 16-year-old from Poland were dropped against Rev. Julian Pagacz, 50, pastor of St. Valentine's Polish National Catholic Church in Northampton, after she refused to testify. Charges of indecently assaulting a Hampshire Co. girl, age 17, were plea-bargained down to one charge of indecent touch. Pagacz was accused of threatening to deport the Polish girl if she reported the rape. A judge ordered him to turn over the girl's passport, as well as his own. He also denies a charge by a neighbor that she and her husband caught him looking in her window late one night and that she had stopped sunbathing in the backyard because he ogled her. She wrote out a trespass notice against him and informed the church, but was told "he wouldn't do that". Angry parishioners decried the women's complaints as a "witch hunt". Follower Ellen Mierzewski called one of the alleged victims "a Communist who thought she'd get money out of it". (Springfield Union-News 2/17,18/92, 5/8/92; Sun-Republican 2/16/92; Boston Globe 5/5,8/92)

MONAGHAN Ian James, 29 Coffs Harbour Anglican church elder and former altar boy. Receives 7 year jail sentence in Coffs Harbour District Court after pleading guilty to 30 child sex offences, including committing unlawful sexual intercourse, performing indecent act and performing indecent act in aggravated circumstances, against 11 boys, aged 6 to 15, while involved in Anglican church groups in Coffs Harbour, on NSW's northern coast. Judge describes assaults by Monaghan, of Coffs Harbour, as "particularly depraved". (New South Wales, Australia, 1992).

MORLEY Reverend John Sydney, 67 SA Anglican priest and army chaplain. Receives suspended 18 month jail sentence and $1000 good behaviour bond in Adelaide District Court after pleading guilty to 2 charges of indecently assaulting 2 girls, aged 11 and 15, in 1988 and 1990 in SA. Court hears Morley had touched girls' breasts on outside of clothing. Judge says abuse stemmed from Morley's "hidden aberration". (SA, Australia, 1992).

Anglican Pastor John Sydney Morley, 18-month suspended jail term (SA, 1992) for indecently assaulting two girls;

MOUNTFORD Reverend John Adelaide Anglican priest and boys school chaplain. Returns to Britain before being interviewed by police and Family & Community Services Department officials over claims he engaged in sexual relationship with student, aged under 18, while chaplain at St Peter's Anglican College, Adelaide. Investigation reveals relationship "common knowledge" at school and that Mountford fled soon after being confronted over claims by deputy principal. (SA, Australia, 1992).

1991: Rev G Snow, 38 jailed for sexually assaulting a 10 year old boy. Police found two suitcases filled with indecent photographs of boys and men in Snow's vicarage.

WIGGINS Reverend Leslie James, 63 Rosebud Anglican priest, boarding master and associate chaplain. Receives suspended 3 month jail sentence in Dromana Magistrates Court after being convicted on 4 charges of indecently assaulting 3 boys, aged 11 and 12, between 1989 and 1990 at Rosebud, south of Melbourne. Court hears Wiggins, of Rosebud, exposed himself to one boy and asked another to "move his gear stick". Also served as boarding master and associate chaplain at Trinity Grammar Anglican College, Kew, Melbourne. (Victoria, Australia, 1991).

1990: Rev Gordon Haggarty, TV vicar and celebrity jailed for lewd and libidinous practices at Edinburgh Crown Court. He bound, blindfolded and gagged girls in his care aged from 8 to 12 years, then took photographs of them.

1989: Rev William Thompson 45, Headmaster at an Episcopal church pleaded guilty to charges of child ponrography and molesting 7 boys aged 11 to 16.

Elliot Lake, Ontario. Rev. Russel Nicolle, 50, an Anglican minister RECEIVED 8 months in jail for "repulsive, disgusting and degraded" sexual abuse of a 12 year old and 16 year old boy. Judge M.C. DiSalle said he "seriously breached" his position of trust as rector of St. Peter the Apostle Anglican Church. (Scranton Times 7/14/88)

REV. WILLIAM EDWARD THOMPSON, JR., 45, charged with 21 counts of child sexual abuse, pleaded guilty in a plea bargain. The married father of 4 sons was headmaster at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Catonsville. He was charged with child pornography and molesting 7 boys, ages 11 to 16, in his home and on church property. A social worker reported him. (The Maryland Sun, 4/8/89)

In a precedent-setting decision, the Anglican church made a secret out-of-court settlement of damages to an altar boy molested by a parish priest 4 years ago. REV. CHARLES GRIGGS, 61, former rector of St. Bede's, near Winnipeg, pleaded guilty in 1986 to charges of molesting a 13 year old. He received a 2 year suspended sentence and was ordered to receive counseling. Anglican officials offered wide and glowing support for Griggs after his confession. An uproar resulted when Archbishop Walter Jones allowed Griggs to continue as rector following his conviction, saying Griggs' confession of sin was sufficient repentance. Jones removed him from his post a month later. Griggs left the priesthood and lives in rural Manitoba. Molestings occurred after church services and at the priest's home. The family says former diocese bishop Barry Valentine had received complaints about Griggs prior to assaults on their son, but did nothing. Bishop Valentine, now in Baltimore, MD, says he received " only one " complaint, and immediately removed him as director of a diocesan summer camp. The Anglican Journal editorialized: " Similar incidents, just as serious, have received little or no publicity because ecclesiastical authorities have stepped in, quietly removed the priest from the parish, appeared with him in court and arranged for psychiatric help. But although such action protects the church's image, it gives little public warning to priests of the consequences they face for a breach of trust, and nothing to alert society that it has an alarming problem in its midst." (Anglican Journal, May 1989)

Rev. William S. Barrett, a rector of Episcopal churches in Moreau and Fort Edward, New York, pleaded guilty to providing alcohol and drugs and showing pornography to two 14 year old boys with whom he engaged in oral sex. Barrett's crimes were particularly shocking to those who knew him since he had made a 20-year volunteer career of supposedly helping troubled youths. He was a certified foster parent for eight years, and had founded Project STRIVE in the late 1960s, a program for troubled youths. Barrett was known as a very religious man, who offered prayers during class reunions. (Source: Schenectady Gazette, 1/15/88)

Rev. James Leech, an Episcopalian priest formerly at St. Paul's Church, Minneapolis, was charged with sexually molesting a 15 year old boy who came to him for religious instruction before confirmation in 1985. According to a complaint, he molested the boy at his house when his wife was away. Reports of other victims have surfaced, and a psychiatrist recommended treatment for a drinking problem. In February 1986 Episcopal church officials offered Leech a chance to sign a document saying that he would enter a program at the University of Minnesota for sexual evaluation and/or treatment, and that he would tell his wife everything. If he had signed it, they told Leech he would have been suspended rather than fired. Leech resigned and moved to Massachusetts with his wife. He was charged with criminal sexual conduct on a Minnesota warrant. The youth said that he had not reported the abuse earlier because he was "ashamed and embarrassed to talk about it." Although Minnesota law requires people who have professional relationships with suspected victims of child abuse to report it to authorities, a county attorney was apparently not pursuing the failure of Episcopal officials to report the case. (Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, 1/9/88)

1988: Church of England Vicar Michael Walter, already having served time for indecently assaulting little boys yet allowed to continue his clerical career by the church, is found guilty of further assaults on children.

1988, Winchester, England. 2 Anglican vicars, a choirmaster, a solicitor and an already convicted child molester all jailed at Winchester Crown Court on 21 specimen charges of sexual abuse of boys as young as seven which were carried out on them at church outings, at the YMCA and in churchyards. The men made the children take an oath never to breathe a word of what was going on and paid them 1.00 for each session. Sometimes the children's private parts were beaten with a fly swatter.

1988: Vicar Trevor Ward jailed for 7 years for using pornographic books to corrupt boys as young as eleven. Ward arranged sex 'threesomes'. Ward admitted offences of indecent assault, gross indecency and buggery over an 8 year period.

Priest Rev. Francis Papworth, rector of the Santa Rosa Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, was sentenced to seven years for molesting several teenagers at his Windsor home. A $120 million lawsuit was filed against the Northern California Diocese of the Episcopal Church, claiming church leaders knew of Papworth's problems but failed to take action. (Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 9/12/87)

Episcopal priest and military chaplain Rev. Thomas Evans Dobson was convicted of pushing methamphetamines in exchange for sexual acts with young boys in Seattle's street culture. His attorney defended him on the basis of his religious career, and because he is a "family man who has children." Charges of pedophilia stuck in Dobson's case--but the abuse continued undetected for so long precisely because of the perceived incongruity of someone of his status victimizing homeless boys. (Source: Seattle Times, 6/4/87)

Fred Beihl, an employee of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, raped and sexually assaulted four little girls between the ages of eight and nine, and received a 240-year sentence--despite the testimony in his favor of several religious leaders including Episcopal Bishop Gerald N. McAllister. The judge said, "We're not going to have a fifth little girl that he rapes and sodomizes." (Source: Tulsa Tribune, 8/29/86)

Episcopal priest Kenneth Behrel, was found guilty on Feb. 7 of abusing a 14-year-old boy at St. James School near Hagerstown, Md., in the 1980s, according to the Washington Post.


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