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The Cosmopolitan Club Dossier

The Cosmopolitan Club Dossier

Authored by David Horsman

COSMOPOLITAN CLUB DOSSIER is a trifecta: SAGA of the Elliotts of Elliott's Island, on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, Chances and changes in this salt water saturated life, from colonial times to the present.

LOVE STORY of a boy and a book-James Elliott was not raised as an Episcopalian. But, as a young lad, browsing in his late grandfather's library, he discovered the Episcopal Book of Common prayer, a classic of English language and worship-- a life changing discovery.

SPY STORY-- An elite, hell-sent cabal, the Cosmopolitan Club Council, infiltrates American cultural institutions, and highest levels of the Episcopal Church, intent upon destroying the old Prayer Book, and replacing it with a book more consonant with a "modern" world view, thus to make the Church an agent of destruction, not only of the way of life nurtured by the old book, but of Western Civilization, itself.

This cabal works with another group, the Frankfurt school, a dozen Marxist scholars from Frankfurt University in Germany, who escaped to Columbia University during World War II and moved out to teach and make disciples for their particular marriage of Freud and Marx, at universities all over the country.

Their ideology is imbibed today, almost unconsciously, as "political correctness," non-objective "truth," moral equivalence, and oppressor/victim class consciousness, in educational institutions from pre-school to graduate school. Whence it holds sway in all our cultural institutions: church, media, museums, art galleries, cinema and concert halls Set in the context of shifting cultural currents and political history of five decades, from 1933, when James Elliott was baptized and the Frankfurt scholars arrived at Columbia to 1979, when the Episcopal Church adopted their new prayer book, Cosmopolitan Club Dossier is a story of intrigue, infiltration, sleeper cells, subterfuge, duplicity, agents of influence, sabotage and murder.

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