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March 31 2016 By dvirtue CANTERBURY, UK: Charismatic movement gains as Church of England sputters

But for every Anglican church that has closed over the past six years, more than three Pentecostal or charismatic churches have taken their place, according to an analysis by The
Times of London.

These Pentecostal and charismatic churches are drawing young, black, Asian and mixed-race people.

Pentecostalism is one of the fastest-growing movements in world Christendom, with an estimated 500 million followers.

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March 30 2016 By dvirtue British magistrate fired for opposing gay adoption: 'I believe we need to stand and say what is right'

The 69 year-old, who serves as a lay Baptist preacher in his home village of Headcorn, is willingly defending his action to the print and electronic media, even to the openly pro-homosexual ITV host Piers Morgan, because he wants to defend the jobs of other Christians, not his own.

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March 24 2016 By dvirtue The cross is not a sword, but a key, and it opens the heart

If Jesus had been at all like most other revolutionaries, he should have entered Jerusalem on a horse with armed followers. But he turned the norms upside down by lurching in on a donkey, and without any weapons.

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March 16 2016 By dvirtue UK: Former Archbishop slams church for destroying reputation of George Bell

Last October the Church of England announced it had settled the claim formally lodged in April 2014 after expert reports gave them "no reason to doubt" its veracity.

The Argus subsequently revealed Bell's victim was a five-year-old girl at the the time of the abuse in the late 1940s and 1950s, who recalled him telling her "it was our little secret, because God loved me".

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March 16 2016 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury's office criticised for 'ignoring' abuse complaints

It revealed that he had repeatedly sought to bring the details to the attention of the Archbishop in 2015, but had been left "angry and frustrated" by the lack of response.

We should have been swifter to listen, to believe and to act. This report is deeply uncomfortable for the Church of England, said the Bishop of Crediton, Sarah Mullally.

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March 15 2016 By dvirtue Give fear a chance, says Anglicanism's top cleric

The word "fear" has many shades of meaning, from the everyday and banal to the mysterious and existential. But this is still a rather unusual note for a leader of faith to be striking. It is certainly true that, for sceptics and believers alike, religion and fear have always been closely intertwined, but not in the way the archbishop is proposing. To its secular critics, religion is a method of playing cynically on deep human fears: fear of death, loss, calamity, social exclusion.

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March 13 2016 By dvirtue UK: Our Christian revival will be incremental not revolutionary

The Judah in which Isaiah prophesied was a unique theocracy subject by divine edict to the Old Testament Law of Moses. That was not true of 17th Century England and it is manifestly not true of Britain in 2016.

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March 12 2016 By dvirtue The fatuous pursuit of modernity robs the C of E of its identity

'We aim to be multicultural,' the head chaplain explained, so the word, 'chapel,' referring to a Christian place is as archaic now as the word, 'Missionary,' which he also said is never used anymore.

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March 11 2016 By dvirtue How should CofE confessing Anglicans relate to bishops who ordain practising homosexuals?

How should confessing Anglicans relate to such a bishop? Certainly, simplistic, legalistic, Pharisaic, grandstanding solutions should be avoided like an ill-prepared exposition of the book of Zechariah. It is very easy to pontificate from the safety of a freehold incumbency or from a roving brief where a licensed minister is housed and funded independently from the diocese.

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March 10 2016 By dvirtue Shared Conversations: a snapshot of the CofE, and a pointer to the future

Before the meeting we were asked to read some literature prepared for the Conversations, most significantly the material prepared by Phil Groves, the head of the 'Continuing Indaba' project of the Anglican Communion office, and endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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