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Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias owned two health spas in Georgia

Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias owned two health spas in Georgia
Three business colleagues say he sexually abused the female therapists

By David W. Virtue, DD
September 9, 2020

New revelations have come to light about the behavior of Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias and his multi-million-dollar ministry, throwing increasing doubt on the credibility of his life and work.

Following earlier revelations of behavior that include obtaining an abortion for his brother's girlfriend, inflating his credentials and engaging in an online sexual relationship with a woman, new charges have emerged of a more disturbing nature. You can read my earlier story here: https://virtueonline.org/duplicitous-world-christian-apologist-ravi-zacharias To his dying day, Zacharias offered no public repentance for his behavior, choosing silence over denial or recognition of what he had done.

Attorney Steve Baughman wrote a book, COVER-UP IN THE KINGDOM, Phone sex, Lies and God's great apologist, Ravi Zacharias, detailing the behavior of the apologist over five years.

Zacharias's denomination, the Christian and Missionary Alliance has stood by him. The denomination issued a statement supporting both the man and his ministry. "Evidence does not provide basis for formal discipline under the C&MA policy," their public relations person told VOL.

In a video, Baughman details his concerns for Zacharias and what has emerged from the opening of the spas. You can view it here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtEn37-WGEU&feature=youtu.be

What can be deduced is this:

Zacharias, a very wealthy man who had no need of money, went into the massage business.

Secondly, the name Jivan has Hindu origins and there's no indication at all that the spa was oriented around Ravi's life mission, sharing the gospel.

Thirdly, the spa imported women from India and Thailand.

Fourthly, three witnesses told Baughman and a Christian leader that Zacharias was sexually abusive to the employees.

It would appear that Ravi Zacharias invested in two health and massage spas in Georgia in the 2000's. Based on interviews in recent weeks with his male business partner and two women who worked with him in the spas, Zacharias was sexually out of control with the female therapists, over whom he had professional power. All three of the witnesses Baughman interviewed for this report have also shared their evidence and testimony with a Christian leader (who asked not to be identified). This Christian leader has contacted RZIM and urged RZIM leadership to investigate and respond.

Zacharias's business partner at the Jivan spa confirmed to Baughman in a phone call that they brought women in from India and Thailand.

This new health spa evidence confirms that the apologist had a dark side that was not merely sexual, but abusive. RZIM continues to raise money as if none of this ever happened.

Zacharias said he had long made it my practice not to be alone with a woman other than Margie and his daughters. "Not in a car, a restaurant nor anywhere else."

Zacharias was now in a health spa and massage business where one on one massages took place with women massaging Zacharias himself.

Based on Baughman's recent interviews with one of his male business partners and with two women who worked in the spas, what he did in those massage rooms was not just sexual, but sexually abusive. The following dialogue took place between Baughman and Zacharias's business partner and three witnesses.

"I had a close relationship with Ravi. He was a sexual pervert. I know of many women he molested," said one of the women. During a particular kind of treatment that did not involve the client removing their lower-body clothing, Ravi exposed himself and "asked me to massage around there."

BAUGHMAN: Did Ravi harass the women?

ANSWER: That is all true.

BAUGHMAN: What was it like to see Ravi preach against sexual immorality while he was being immoral with the women at the spa?

ANSWER: That is probably the reason I killed (closed) Jivan.

Baughman says he had a phone conversation with pastor Johnny Hunt, (he was at the Jivan spa grand opening and was a good friend of Ravi Zacharias), and he told Baughman that Zacharias had a very bad back, and this was obvious during a meal he had.

Pastor Hunt told Baughman that Ravi needed to have various kinds of massage and other sorts of treatments for his back. The pastor told me that Zacharias "would fly women in from India to do the treatments." Hunt described Jivan as a world-class spa and he said that the plan was to "make the Gospel known through the profits of the company." That was Ravi's plan. Hunt also confirmed that he had never heard of sex stuff at the spa and he was a regular customer. The former Southern Baptist convention president Hunt also confirmed to Baughman that Zacharias brought women over from India to do treatments.

Baughman asked a woman who worked there, why would a wealthy man like Ravi go into the massage business?

ANSWER: His back and sexual perversions and to satisfy whatever sick part of his brain.

BAUGHMAN: Should Ravi's ministry apologize?

ANSWER: I wanted Ravi to say he was sorry and I was getting to that point with Ravi. An apology would be a 'good idea', but it should 'come from Margie' (his wife).

BAUGHMAN: This person says they know Margie very well and they would speak to her about this.

ANSWER: I felt guilty not crying out to the world of his deviant appetite, but he threatened me and I was afraid of him. I told him to get help from his brothers at RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries). He went ballistic.

BAUGHMAN: Since Mr. Zacharias had claimed his policy was never to be alone with women, I asked: "Were the Jivan massage therapists male and female?"

ANSWER: They were both. "But Ravi preferred the women."

At his funeral, Vice-president Pence said this; "This good man, this godly man, he spoke truth, he spoke with kindness and a deep and abiding care for every person who would listen. In Ravi Zacharias God gave us the greatest Christian apologist of this century."

The woman that Zacharias sexted with is unable to speak out because of a non-disclosure agreement.

Two weeks ago, Baughman invited the new president of RZIM, Michael Ramsden to respond to this new evidence and to date he has not replied.

Here is a video of the grand opening of Jivan Wellness Spa on April 19, 2009, with Zacharias making opening comments, along with a bevy of celebrities. You can see his partner, Anurag Sharma, in the closing frames. That's the man Baughman spoke to several times. The whole video is currently on YouTube under "Jivan Wellness Grand Opening," and can be seen here:
The occasion drew the then Governor of the State of Georgia, Sonny Perdue; Jeff Foxworthy, comedian and actor; Dr. Johnny Hunt, of First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Ga., along with a baseball pitcher, other local celebrities and Zacharias himself. All signed autographs for their adoring fans.


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