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Americans love their Bible...but they don't read it according to a recent poll

Americans love their Bible...but they don't read it according to a recent poll
Too many folks display a lack of knowledge and understanding of the Bible

By David McCaine
October 21, 2014

For a book that has been around for as many centuries as it has, it is astonishing how little many know what the Bible actually says, not only on little known subjects, but basic tenants of truth the Bible articulates.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/04/americans-love-the-bible-but-dont-read-it-much_n_3018425.html

Spinning one's personal philosophy is not limited to this time period. One of America's giants of the American Revolution Thomas Jefferson was guilty of rewriting the Bible to fit his personal points of view concerning the Author and Finisher of the faith, Jesus Christ. Jefferson was labeled a heretic by the church keepers of the faith because Jefferson removed Jesus' deity from the Holy Scriptures which is a gargantuan no-no according to the written word of God.

Changing the word of God to fit one's personal style whether liberal or conservative has always been a problem with Biblical principles. While liberals are guilty of loosening the moral absolutes, conservatives are guilty of expanding practices that were never intended to determine a person's righteousness. If a verse isn't there to substantiate their actions, they will interpret one or twist the Bible's meaning and intention.

The challenge to "study to show oneself approved by rightly dividing the word of truth" is a warning to every Bible believer to know what the Bible says or does not say.

A safeguard from being deceived is an attribute to the Holy Spirit who will, "teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance". The gift of discernment is also given to spirit filled believers to protect against counterfeit Christianity.

Unfortunately you have media and politicians continuously demonstrating how little they know what the Good Book actually says. Additionally the media and politicians will purposely adjust the actual meanings to fit their respective agenda. The deception meter is off the scale in many of the theological theater being communicated.

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church have been the recipients to much confusion that is being generated by the media that has no clue what the Catholic Church doctrines are. Instead of reporting the news, many reporters are interpreting what is being stated on several subjects as women in the church, marriage, birth control, abortion, and homosexuality. There has not been a change of position, just a change in the reporters that are reporting the news.


Some reporters are failing to do their basic home work on what is being said and what they are hearing through their political eyes and ears. You have media lacking basic understanding of Catholic theology attempting to convey the meaning of statements made by the Pope or Catholic officials.

Those inside and outside the church will claim Bible understanding, however much of the finer points of Christian theology are being reported inaccurately. There is a huge gulf of understanding by those attending basic Catholicism or Sunday School classes and those merely sitting in the sanctuary and listening to the priest, pastor, or preacher. The fundamentals to religious doctrine are not thoroughly dispensed during the main church services.

Redemption, sanctification, justification, salvation, and other theological terms are not being defined in many church services causing many members to lack the connection among the aforementioned terms. You can bet that a media that 85% claims not to attend church services at all or marginally attend twice a year will not grasp the finer points of what is being articulated by conservative Catholic officials. That is why there is so much confusion being reported in the media....the confusion is with the media's interpretation of what is being said.

Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia fell victim of the very biases reporters have regarding controversial subjects that are addressed clearly in the Bible. While Pastor Houston was saying one thing, some media liberals were writing quite another. The news articles trumpeted one thing regarding Houston changing his stance on gay marriage when Houston was actually saying something quite different.http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2014/October/Hillsong-Pastor-Re-Affirms-Stance-on-Gay-Marriage/

Pastor Huston was being diplomatic in his responses, perhaps mindful that some of the church ministries of Hillsong are present in some American cities that endorse same sex marriage. There has been no change in the status of traditional marriage and that was what Pastor Huston declared. He came out with a clarification due to the confusion reported by what are supposed to be expert professional reporters.

If by ignorance, assumptions, or desiring to promote a particular agenda, there is still a dire lack of accuracy that accompanies not only news stories, but a general discussion about religious principles. The tragic practice of promoting a personal viewpoint instead of factual standards based on the Bible is generating confusion across many lines of communication.

Importing both liberal and conservative extremist views into religious philosophies has created great harm to the moral standards that are to separate the values of the world from the practices within the church. Since these views are mutually in opposition to each other, they are creating schisms within church organizations that should be in unity.

God is not the Author of confusion according to 2 Corinthians 14:33, but of peace as in all churches of the saints. If strife exists, it is from doing contrary practices that are ordained in the Bible.


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