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ALABAMA: Bishop Parsley Blasts Media Characterization of Diocesan Events


Statement by the Bishop of Alabama on news coverage of their recent
diocesan convention.

By Bishop Henry Parsley

In response to several instances of very misleading media coverage of
our diocesan convention on Saturday, February 28th, I must say several

The headline of the Sunday edition of The Birmingham News read, "Diocese
rejects gay N.H. bishop". This statement is not true, nor was any such
statement made in our convention, either formally or informally.

In a multi-faceted resolution adopted by the convention, the words
appear, we reject the unilateral actions of the 74th General Convention
on issues of human sexuality. This is quite different from rejecting a
person or a bishop of this church.

The resolution expresses disagreement with two of the actions of our
General Convention involving issues of sexuality, including the
unilateral nature of these actions. It also affirms our
Anglican/Episcopal loyalties and states that we celebrate and embrace
God's unconditional love for all people, regardless of sexual
orientation; and following the example of our Lord and Savior of Jesus
Christ, we desire to be a church where all God's people experience
grace, welcome, and transformation.

Statements were apparently made in a news report aired on NBC13 about
the diocesan convention considering distancing itself from and
separating the Diocese of Alabama from the Episcopal Church. This is
entirely false. No resolution to this effect was introduced or is
pending. No such discussion took place in the convention nor was
separation from the Episcopal Church ever mentioned, either formally or
informally. The Episcopal Church is the Anglican Communion in this
country and we intend to remain so.

Of the four proposed resolutions debated on Saturday relating to the
decisions of General Convention of the Episcopal Church last summer, two
were adopted and two were rejected. In addition to the resolution
already mentioned above, the convention called for diocesan unity and
commitment to mission and ministry, asking all to support our diocese
and its mission in prayer and to respond to our present situation with
patience, faith and charity for al l. We affirm that God's grace is more
than sufficient for these times.

I deeply regret these misleading statements in the media. I hope their
false impression will soon be corrected.

The Rt. Rev. Henry N. Parsley, Jr. Bishop of Alabama

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