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Africans Will Leave Anglican Communion Says Church Society Leader


By David W. Virtue

Come October the Africans will leave the Anglican Communion following the conclusion of the Lambeth-Eames Commission, because they think the report will be little more than a "fudge", says David Phillips, General Secretary, Church Society.

"There is no doubt that the Africans in particular do not really understand the western church. They do not understand they way it plays politics in bodies such as the General Synod or the Primates meetings. They do not understand how 'fundamentalist revisionist' Bishops in the US can persecute Christians and others turn a blind eye, they do not understand how some leaders can blatantly lie to them and they do not understand why we are so lifeless as a church and why we have sold out so thoroughly to the culture around us," said Phillips.

These views were expressed at a meeting called by Anglican Mainstream at General Synod and included various leaders in the Anglican Communion - Greg Venables (Primate of the Southern Cone), Stephen Nyorsok (Bishop of Kitale, Kenya), Peter Rwaboma (Uganda) and Ellis Brust representing the Anglican Communion Network and the American Anglican Council, made a presentation at the meeting.

"It is evident that none of them expect the Lambeth Commission to do any more than Rowan Williams and Robin Eames wanted it to do - produce a fudge," Phillips is reported as saying.

Anglican Mainstream is a community within the Anglican Communion teaching and preserving the Scriptural truths on which the Anglican Church was founded.

Church Society exists to promote a biblical faith which shapes both the Church of England and the society in which we live for the sake of Christ.


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