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ACI: 'Communion & Discipline' submitted to Lambeth Commission

This paper has been written for the Lambeth Commission in response to an express
request from the Commission’s officers for a constructive paper that would assist them in
their forthcoming meetings. It has been written by a number of theologians associated
with the Anglican Communion Institute (ACI).

This organization seeks through conferences and scholarly writings to encourage creative
and thoughtful engagement with Anglican theology and practice within the context of the
Communion’s life in the world. Its recent publications such as Nicene Christianity2
indicate its commitment not only to careful scholarship but also to a generous,
ecumenical, and dynamic orthodoxy, rooted firmly in Scripture and the Creedal

More recently, however, it has sought of necessity to place its theological resources at the
disposal of the wider Anglican Communion in its struggles with the vexed issue of
homosexuality and the varied responses to this within the Communion. In this difficult
time, which threatens (in the words of the Primates gathered at Lambeth last October) to
“tear the very fabric of our Communion”, it would have been an irresponsible form of
scholarship that failed to offer its assistance based on our commitments to the
Communion, to Anglicanism, to scholarship, as well as to godly living and pastoral

The entire paper can be downloaded in PDF form from the Anglican Communion website.

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