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AAC President Says Griswold Has Lost Total Respect Of Primates


An interview with Canon David C. Anderson, president and CEO of the American Anglican Council

By David W. Virtue

LONG BEACH, CA (6/4/2004)

VIRTUOSITY: What is Plano West all about'?

ANDERSON: It is a gathering of faithful orthodox Episcopalians on the West Coast to be encouraged and to find out how we got here, where we have been and possible scenarios of where things are going. It is a chance for people to be networked and to work together.

What we are trying to do base is develop an organization and build an infrastructure for the Anglican Communion Network (NACDP) and the AAC.

VIRTUOSITY: Where are things going? What are the scenarios you see playing out?

ANDERSON: It is so much up to where the international situation moves; what comes out of the Lambeth (Eames) Commission and how Lambeth Palace deals with it.

VIRTUOSUTY: Are you optimistic about the future or pessimistic?

ANDERSON: I am optimistic.

VIRTUOSITY: How do you see the realignment moving at this point?

ANDERSON: People are realizing across the country that even though bishops have a great deal of power that the laity has even more power. The laity can vote with their hands, pocket book and shoes.

VIRTUOSITY: What are the central things emerging from your travels?

ANDERSON: More and more people are fed up, they have decided now is the time to take action. Enough is enough. This is it.

VIRTUOSITY: And what sort of actions are you seeing?

ANDERSON: Some people want us to fix it immediately. Some people are leaving to find safer harbor in other denominations. Some people are starting up new churches. New churches are popping up like mushrooms all over the place.

VIRTUOSITY: Are you sensing a continuing hostility towards the Anglican Mission in America (AMIA) or more of a growing understanding regarding the actions of the AMIA to being an alternative Anglican mission?

ANDERSON: I think there is a growing awareness among orthodox, conservative groups that we need to work more closely together and try and build a unified front. I think the AMIA are seeing and feeling that as well as other groups.

VIRTUOSITY: Are you in talks with Bishop Chuck Murphy the head of the AMIA

ANDERSON: I am not able to say.

VIRTUOSITY: Bishop Robert Moody of Oklahoma came out this morning slamming the AAC, and said, in effect, stay out of this diocese. What is your reaction to that?

ANDERSON: I'd be happy to lead a prayer service in Oklahoma City. Is there one time better than another that Bob Moody would prefer?

VIRTUOSITY: How do you see the future?

ANDERSON: We are looking at options for the future, to find out generally of where and what to do. We are principally listening to the requests of local people and trying to put their requests in the hands of other bishops who might be able to hear their cry.

VIRTUOSITY: The "Akron Five" group of orthodox bishops struck once in the revisionist Diocese of Ohio. Will they strike again?

ANDERSON: Who knows, only the shadow knows? (laughter)

VIRTUOSITY: In your opinion should they strike again?

ANDERSON: Every liberal/revisionist bishop should wonder about when and where.

VIRTUOSITY: People are often confused about the relationship between the Network and the AAC. Can you clarify this?

ANDERSON: I am the secretary to the Network. The NACDP and AAC are two separate entities. The AAC is a network of lay people, clergy, bishops and parishes and the organization is within the church trying to bring renewal and bring the church back into orthodoxy.

The Network is a network of ecclesial bodies that includes parishes, dioceses and ordained clergy, but the laity needs to participate through a parish or a diocese.

VIRTUOSITY: How many bishops are on board?

ANDERSON: We have eight bishops, hundreds of parishes and thousands of laity.

VIRTUOSITY: Do you see schism on the horizon?

ANDERSON: I see the ECUSA leadership refusing to repent and come back from its schismatic ways and this will wind up tearing the global communion.

VIRTUOSITY: How do you think the Anglican Communion is seeing Frank Griswold the ECUSA Presiding Bishop?

ANDERSON: Frank Griswold's ability to command the respect of the Global Primates has been overwhelming undone by his participation in the Gene Robinson affair.

VIRTUOSITY: Thank you Canon Anderson.


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