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UK: Evangelical Bishop of Maidstone Lowers Boom on Scottish Episcopal Church

UK: Evangelical Bishop of Maidstone Lowers Boom on Scottish Episcopal Church
SEC has walked away from our Communion, says Rod Thomas
Bishop says he will no longer meet with SEC bishops

By David W. Virtue, DD
June 9, 2017

The evangelical Bishop of Maidstone, the Rt. Rev. Rod Thomas, says he will no longer meet with bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church following that Church's change to its marriage canons.

In a written statement, Thomas said the decision by the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) to change its marriage canons to allow same-sex marriages in church is very serious. "By its actions it is denying the goodness and authority of God's Word to us in the Scriptures. As a result, it is breaking communion with the majority of Anglicans worldwide. This leaves me with no choice but to recognize that the SEC has walked away from our communion.

"I will no longer be able to accept invitations to Christian meetings where bishops of the SEC are actively participating, unless their broken communion is recognized in the arrangements. I pray that this declining church will understand that their position is not blessed by God, will repent of their action and turn back to Him."

"I therefore welcome the steps that GAFCON (the global fellowship of orthodox Anglicans) is taking to support those who are seeking to stand firm by the Bible's teaching on marriage and sexual relationships, and wish to assure Canon Andy Lines of my prayers as he becomes a missionary bishop."

In other news, over 100 evangelical churches in the CofE have passed resolutions on men's and women's ministry which unequivocally recognized women to all orders of ministry and who request an alternative bishop (like Thomas) because they don't believe in women priests or bishops. The resolutions by individual church councils ask bishops to make special arrangements to honor their understanding of men's and women's ministries. Bishop Thomas said that he knew of a further 50 churches which were moving towards passing resolutions.

The Bishop added "It is very heartening to see so many churches working hard to make a success of 'mutual flourishing' as commended in the Declaration. However, it is important to recognize that the compromises involved are only possible because most of us regard this as a matter of church order and therefore something on which we can agree to disagree. This is not possible with the issue of sexual relationships, which goes to the heart of what God has made us to be, and of His great design to free us from sin for eternal salvation."


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