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November 18 2016 By dvirtue CofE Bishops Tell Theresa May: Stop Ignoring Christian Persecution In Iran

He joined MPs and Peers calling for an independent investigation of a massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988.

In the summer of 1988, based on a fatwa decreed by the Islamic Republic's founder Ayatollah Khomeini, some 30,000 political prisoners were massacred in the space of a few months and buried secretly in mass graves. The officials responsible for the massacre currently hold some of the highest positions in the regime.

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November 11 2016 By dvirtue Two Anglican Archbishops obsessed with women and the queer agenda

Before anyone complains that the bishop elect of St Davids was not appointed by Dr Morgan but by an electoral college, there is no difference other than going through the motions. The name of Canon Penberthy as the next bishop of St Davids was circulating months ago despite her having to endure "sexism on her way to the top". That is, the absence of female toilets in a male college which moved her to micturate in England.

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November 03 2016 By dvirtue Gospel, church and nation

A report in the Church Times, entitled Thinking about Evangelism, includes interviews with members of Archbishop's Task Force on evangelism, and other clergy. According to Chris Russell, a renewed and more urgent focus on evangelism should not be "motivated by anxiety about numbers" but because "people do not know Jesus Christ".

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November 01 2016 By dvirtue Evangelical Anglicans Urged To 'Stand Up And Be Counted' Over Gay Blessings

The forthright statement comes as CofE bishops meet to discuss whether to offer some form of welcome or acceptance to gay couples in official liturgy.

But the document denies this compromise between full acceptance of gay marriage and the Church's current position would work. It would be a "recipe for continuing conflict" the CEEC said and insists allowing "the blessing of same-sex relationships would be a de facto change of Church of England doctrine".

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November 01 2016 By dvirtue Embracing modernity is no answer to falling Church of England attendance

The situation on the ground is serious. So why not hop onto the politically correct bandwagon to get in some more punters?

Two problems:

1) That was part of the motivation in the CofE leadership for pushing for the ordination of women in the 1990s. We've got to catch up with societal trends in order to reduce our numerical decline. The Church needs to 'get up the programme', to use a later Conservative Prime Minister's phrase about women bishops.

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As culture and attitudes continue to change, the Church faces a range of new social realities. These include the rise in cohabitation and the wide scale acceptance of divorce with its negative impact on children, the explosion of diverse types of family relationships, the emergence of gender fluidity and bisexuality, and the recognition of same-sex unions. These far-reaching social changes raise questions and -- in some quarters -- undermine confidence in our inherited teaching.

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October 27 2016 By dvirtue Is God really dead? How Britain lost faith in the church

The Church of England has been suffering from a conflict of values with its members, especially the under 25s. Recent debates around same-sex marriage, abortion and female bishops, have threatened to split the church and alienate a significant proportion of its congregation. Throughout ongoing controversies, including the lack of support for policies on women, the Church of England has come across as outdated.

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October 26 2016 By dvirtue York Minster bellringers: archbishop called on to explain mass dismissal

The lawyer for David Potter, who has been banned for life from ringing the famous bells, claimed the move by church officials amounted to a "breach of natural justice" and called on Sentamu to explain his claim that there was an ongoing inquiry into "safeguarding" issues at the cathedral.

Colin Byrne, of the law firm Howard & Byrne, said Sentamu's assertion contradicted a letter he received in September from a minster canon saying: "The matter is closed."

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October 26 2016 By dvirtue Archbishop welcomes Patriarch Kirill to Lambeth Palace

Before arriving at Lambeth Palace today, Patriarch Kirill had an audience with Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace, at which the Archbishop and the Bishop of London were present.

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October 21 2016 By dvirtue YORK: The Sanctimonious Scandal of the Bell Ringers

It is a saga of scripted dishonesty, cover-up, lying, obfuscation, and nepotism of the most distasteful variety. It stinks. But there is no confession, no repentance and no reconciliation. What the world sees is only more scripted dishonesty, damage control, digging in of heels, and closing of ranks among the hierarchy of the Church of England.

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