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December 22 2016 By dvirtue The End is 'Nye'....The culture war in the C of E

But to try to redefine the disagreement as a question of the legal status of a Lambeth Conference resolution, misjudges the nature of the debate and the struggle both in the Church and in wider society.

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December 21 2016 By dvirtue UK: Cultural "first" appointments highlight diversity of Anglican Communion

While Dr Dorgu will be the first Nigerian to be a stipendiary full time bishop in the Church of England, he isn't the C of E's first Nigerian bishop - the secretary general of the Anglican Communion, Dr Josiah Idowu-Fearon, is an honorary assistant bishop in the diocese of London.

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December 17 2016 By dvirtue ENGLAND: Bell ringer ding-dong could see York Minster fall silent this Christmas for first time since 1361

With a 17,000-strong petition calling for the bells to ring at Christmas, the Minister had approached campanologists from neighbouring churches to ring in the festive season.

But, one by one, they are rejecting the Minster's offer in an "act of solidarity" with the York ringers.

Leeds Minster's deputy ringing master Robert Childs said members discussed the invitation from York's Dean and Chapter during a practice session where 13 members voted no, with two abstaining.

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December 10 2016 By dvirtue Where next on same-sex marriage in the Church of England

There are various potential options for the future of the Church on this subject. Some have listed only the different ways in which so-called "traditionalists" might be hived off into a "safe space", or leave the Church altogether once the liberal triumph is complete. But it is far from inevitable or desirable for that to be the outcome.

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December 08 2016 By dvirtue Spiritual Tragedy for England if the Bishop of Maidstone left the Church of England

He was before he was consecrated Bishop of Maidstone in 2015, with a brief to provide episcopal oversight for conservative evangelical churches, opposed to women bishops around England, on the executive committee of the Anglican Mission in England, set up in 2011 to spearhead new orthodox churches outside the CofE's structures. It was right to step out of that role when he was consecrated Bishop in order to focus on building relationships in dioceses, which he has successfully done.

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December 04 2016 By dvirtue Welby traces 'British' values back to scripture

He called for a "a more beautiful and better common narrative" that would enable Britain to "play a powerful, hopeful and confident role in the world" and resist "the turn inward that will leave us alone in the darkness, despairing and vulnerable".

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December 04 2016 By dvirtue Bishop accuses 'elitist' Church of England of being embarrassed by patriotism and failing to understand 'frozen out' Brexit voters

He said if it had really been listening to the poor it would not have been surprised by the Brexit vote and the concerns of those who 'feel frozen out'.

The bishop's attack follows the embarrassment of senior Church leaders headed by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby after voters disregarded their appeals to vote to remain in the EU in the June referendum.

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November 26 2016 By dvirtue ENGLAND: Senior Anglican Bishop To Preside At LGBT Eucharist

Bishop Rachel Treweek was the first woman bishop to sit in the House of Lords.

A spokeswoman for the Gloucester Diocese confirmed Treweek would preside and said: "As part of Bishop Rachel's ministry she celebrates the Eucharist in many churches across her diocese, to worship will fellow Christians who are all loved and valued by God."

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November 26 2016 By dvirtue What, if anything, is happening in the Church of England?

Now that these Conversations are over, the question floating in the breeze is, "Where do we go from here?" The radical wing has its objective, which it seeks to achieve by salami-slicing opposition to its agenda and by planting facts on the ground while the Guardians of Christian doctrine - the Bishops - are as usual looking the other way. The game plan will be familiar to anyone who has followed the story in the Episcopal Church, USA, or the Anglican Church in Canada.

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November 23 2016 By dvirtue Is The Church Of England Finally About To Make A Decision On Gay Marriage?

It comes amid a long and drawn out process and will certainly not be the last key moment.

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