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July 27 2016 By dvirtue CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Senior Anglican clergy accused of failing to act on rape allegations

"Michael" -- whose identity is known to the Guardian, but who wishes to remain anonymous -- filed the complaints under the CofE's clergy disciplinary measure (CDM) against John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York and second highest-ranking figure in the church; Peter Burrows, the Bishop of Doncaster; Steven Croft, a former Bishop of Sheffield, and now Bishop of Oxford; Martyn Snow, the Bishop of Leicester; and Glyn Webster, the Bishop of Beverley.

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July 26 2016 By dvirtue Has political correctness denied orthodox Kenyan churchman entry to Britain?

2). The Anglican Church of Kenya is known for its orthodox biblical stance on human sexuality and its opposition to practising homosexuality. The former chairman of the orthodox Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans was the recently retired Archbishop of Kenya, the gentleman giant of the Anglican Communion, Dr Eliud Wabukala.

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July 20 2016 By dvirtue ENGLAND: 32 Synod delegates publicly express "lack of confidence" in C of E Shared Conversations process

"We, the undersigned members of the General Synod, wish to express our lack of confidence in the process of the Shared Conversations. Whatever their stated purposes, the outcome has not led to a greater confidence that the Church will be guided by the authoritative voice of the Scriptures, and its decisive shaping of traditional Anglican teaching, in any forthcoming discussions."

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July 14 2016 By dvirtue ENGLAND: Welcome to the crazy Machiavellian world of the General Synod

Erzbischof und Führer der Kirche von England Justin Portal Welby has ein großes Problem on his hands. The liberals are up in arms. The conservatives have upset their gay brethren and blighted their happy Isle of Lesbos by parading offensive Bible verses highlighted with fluorescent markers.

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July 11 2016 By dvirtue C of E hardliners to boycott synod talks on same-sex relationships

Intense efforts have been made to persuade hardliners to join the two-day closed discussions among almost 500 synod members. It is seen as a critical stage in the church's lengthy and painful consideration of whether to embrace people in same-sex relationships.

Pete Broadbent, the bishop of Willesden, told synod members: "If you are thinking of boycotting the conversations because they will compromise you in some way then I would say we particularly need to hear your voice."

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July 10 2016 By dvirtue Senior Church of England leaders 'knew that jailed bishop was serial sex offender 22 years before he was brought to justice'

The Archbishop of Canterbury's headquarters received letters from alleged victims of Peter Ball (pictured with close friend Prince Charles)

Now it has emerged the Archbishop of Canterbury's headquarters received at least six letters from other alleged victims detailing 'potentially criminal' and 'totally inappropriate behaviour' by the former bishop in the early 1990s, but did not pass them on to police until years later.

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July 09 2016 By dvirtue CHURCH OF ENGLAND: 'Facilitated Conversations' and the Great Commandment of 'Openness'

General Synod is probably the longest running most expensive talking shop in the history of the church. Archliberal Giles Fraser himself describes it as a gabfest 'full of Anglicans in shorts trying to outdo each other with niceness. But really we're all waiting for some aggro in the bar,' he writes. General Synod is also the most unproductive merry-go-round of words in the history of Christianity. The eschatological outcome is that there is no outcome.

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July 07 2016 By dvirtue Shared Conversations: Can the Church of England prevent a split over gay marriage?

The Church's governing general synod will meet between 8-10 July and for three days afterwards will take part in these secret talks. This comes after two years where each local region of the CofE has held local versions so all members have the opportunity to discuss their views.

Christian Today has revealed the conclusion of the plans could be a form of "pastoral accommodation" such as an authorised service of welcome for LGBT couples.

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July 07 2016 By dvirtue CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Journeys in, or moving away from, Grace and Truth?

The Bishop of Liverpool begins his essay with his take on the story of the apostle Peter's encounter with the Gentile Roman centurion Cornelius. Paul Bayes appears to be saying Peter was guided by Scripture in initially believing that certain foods were unclean and Gentiles could not be saved. But his experience of the dream, and of Cornelius' household receiving the Spirit, over-rode the teaching of the Old Testament, which could now validly be set aside in favour of a new reality.

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July 04 2016 By dvirtue CHURCH OF ENGLAND: A debate about our life as a church

Three introductory things about these conversations: first, they must be clear in their use of words and terminology. Different contributors in this book use the same word to mean different things. Secondly, there must be no room for hatred, rudeness or violence towards anyone regardless of their sexuality. Legislation against those with same-sex attraction, purely on the basis of their sexuality, must be strongly opposed. The Orlando massacre is rightly to be deplored.

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