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Christian Student 'Wasn't Allowed to Ask Critical Question About Islam' During Oxford University Lecture

Christian Student 'Wasn't Allowed to Ask Critical Question About Islam' During Oxford University Lecture

By Heat Street Staff
February 27, 2017

A trainee Church of England priest at Oxford University has claimed he wasn't allowed to ask critical questions about Islam during a seminar.

The student has accused the university of discrimination and bias and made a formal complaint. In it, he says a lecturer pointed at him during the seminar and said: "Everybody can ask a question except you."

The student, Shahriar Ashrafkhorasani, 33, is an Iranian-born convert from Islam. He will become a Church of England priest in July.

The lecturer is Minlib Dallh, is a research fellow at Regent's Park College in Oxford.

Ashrafkhorasani, a master's student in applied theology at Wycliffe Hall, claims the lecturer refused to let him ask critical questions about his description of Islam as a religion of peace and love after Dallh discovered in a mid-seminar coffee break that he was a convert from Islam who had been persecuted in Iran.

Three fellow students have confirmed this version of events, according to the Sunday Times of London.

Ashrafkhorasani said: "The lecture was at best a very poor Islamic apologetic, and at worst academically dishonest and misleading. While the government is rightly concerned about Islamophobia, there is no concern whatsoever for Christianophobia."

Oxford University said: "All complaints made to the proctors' office are treated with the utmost seriousness and with the interests of the student paramount."


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