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Archbishop of Canterbury caught between a rock and a hard place

Archbishop of Canterbury caught between a rock and a hard place
Justin Welby faces revolt from Global South Primates

By David W. Virtue, DD
August 7, 2017

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby is caught between a rock and a hard place.

On the one hand, he faces a revolt from a growing number of Global South Primates who say his views on homosexuality do not comport with their own and they will not appear in Canterbury in October where he has called yet another gathering of archbishops to discuss the Communion's future.

On the other hand, his increasingly pro-homosexual stance in the name of "radical new inclusion" is finding himself more closely aligned to western pansexual provinces.

It is clear that he is prepared to sacrifice the Anglican Communion on his personal cross of sodomite inclusion and acceptance. Welby's theology on homosexuality, if he has any, has been reduced to emotion and felt pain. The slow-burning sexual revolution in the Church of England to destroy traditional morality has been due to the ability of sexual revolutionaries like Jayne Ozanne to dominate the language with the siren call of "hurt feelings."

"The vogue is to vocalize experience and 'tell stories'. In particular, the victimization and injustice narrative holds sway. Any serious theological input is viewed with growing impatience and embarrassment. Theology is seen to get in the way of real life," wrote Dr. Chik Kaw Tan, an Anglican layman.

Apparently, the Ugandan-born Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, agrees with Welby.

What is now apparent and obvious is that the GAFCON primates led by Nicholas Okoh, Archbishop of Nigeria, is steadily distancing itself from the ABC with each passing month, creating a division that amounts to an informal schism.

GAFCON's theologian in chief, Dr. Peter Jensen, writes continually about the state of the Communion and he hasn't got a good word to say about the ABC, the recent actions of the Scottish Episcopal Church and, more recently, the Anglican province of Aotearoa's attempt to walk down the middle of the road on the blessing of same sex unions. Jensen called it the "mythical middle" and defiantly wrote, "It has not worked. It cannot work. It will not work." Could one be any clearer?

He slammed such talk saying that trying to find a middle ground, where one can be quietly or relatively conservative, while allowing for a denominational variety which blesses sexual relations outside the bonds of traditional marriage, is a non-starter. Welby will get nothing past Jensen when the primates meet in October. Welby will try and pitch it to the primates the CofE has not changed its teaching so you can remain 'under the radar' while holding your point of view, but that simply won't wash. You cannot parse sexual sin and expect the thriving Global South to buy it. They won't.

Jensen will have none of it, and he speaks for all of GAFCON's fifty million Anglicans!

Welby made a recent trip to Africa to open a new Anglican province in the Sudan, the 39th in the Anglican communion with much fanfare, but then he visited the province of Uganda, where the reception was outwardly one of bonhomie but behind the scenes it was anything but.

A week earlier, the primate of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ngatali had signaled that he would not be attending the October gabfest called by Welby because of the blasphemous behavior of the Episcopal Church for its embrace of homosexual marriage. The last time Welby called such a gathering, the Uganda archbishop walked out of Canterbury the next day, because his province had voted overwhelmingly that it would not allow him to be seated in the same room with Michael Curry, TECs presiding bishop. This time Ngatali won't even bother coming to Canterbury.

Reliable sources tell VOL that Nigerian primate, Nicholas Okoh, won't attend either. The deeper question is can he persuade his fellow African GAFCON primates not to attend, or will the siren call of unity, even if faux, be too hard to resist. In truth, the "bonds of affection" have effectively been broken.

There were also charges of bullying at the last Canterbury gathering and who wants to experience that again?

Western pro-homosexual liberals and revisionists are relentless in their desire to spread their inclusive "gospel" of sodomy on to African provinces. Michael Curry said as much at the last Canterbury gathering, and TEC has the financial resources to pursue its agenda of inclusion on the African sub-continent.

TECs relentless property battles against orthodox Episcopalians at the cost of tens of millions of dollars, is living proof that they will spare no efforts or money to break African provinces with their pansexual gospel.

Who are the real haters?

It is widely believed and broadcasted abroad that Anglicans who disagree about homosexual behavior are homophobes and haters. It is a lie that goes on being repeated day in and day out. One of the chief promulgaters of this lie in the Church of England is Jayne Ozanne, whose constant whine about her lesbian proclivities caught the attention of Welby, who was so overcome with profound remorse at the church's homophobia, (while excluding any mention of Islamic madmen like Boko Haram persecuting Christians), that he called forth the Church to rethink its position with a call for "radical new inclusion", words right out of the TEC playbook. Sycophantic followers of Welby like the Dean of St. Paul's, London, one David Ison, (who would love to be the next Bishop of London) quickly came to the side of Welby and wrote, "God's burning love is inclusive and challenging," but it doesn't include sexual sin however much Ison would like to parse it.

The more open the Church of England becomes moving the church beyond Biblical boundaries, the more people walk out the door. People want a 'just saith the Lord', not 'come as you are stay as you are.' There is nothing salvific in that.

The slow liberalizing of the Church of England by Welby is a red rag to an African bull like Okoh, who had no compunction ripping the snot out of Rowan Williams ere he departed for academe, and he will do exactly the same to Welby when the time comes...if not sooner. He is not going to let Welby off the hook just because he calls himself an evangelical. If you depart from scripture's clear teaching on sexuality, you had better learn fast that the leader of 25 million Anglicans is not going to take any nonsense from a man whose own constituency can barely muster one million. "Bonds of affection" won't cut it when the souls of millions are at stake.

The Bishop of Burnley, Philip North, recently noted that despite some US$130 million invested in mission initiatives in England, the impact has shown nothing more than an "accelerated decline," which begs the question why should the Global South listen to anything Welby has to say about anything! The truth is, he is irrelevant.

By all accounts Welby, is digging in and he hopes he can persuade the communion to stay together holding on to their differences. It won't work. Too much is at stake. African Christians have died at the hands of Islamic extremists who have accused African Christians of capitulating to western pansexuality, so they will not cave into Welby or the Church of England's House of Bishops, who grow weaker by the day on same sex unions. (The last Synod had more resolutions on LGBTQ sex than any other issue).

The deep and abiding hatred of orthodox Christians by liberals and revisionists comes directly from the homosexual LGBTQII lobbies in the church and they will relentlessly push their agenda till they win, deeply hating anyone who opposes them, doing their best to kill free speech and press to jail anybody who dares to say, 'sodomy is morally wrong.' The property battles are a symbol of their hatred.

While constantly talking up reconciliation, the exact opposite is taking place. Reconciliation is a myth, and the more western liberal bishops try to coerce Africans with money and all expenses paid gabfests the worse it all becomes and GAFCON spines are stiffened against the bellicose behavior of western Anglican liberals.

If Bishop Robert Duncan really believed change was possible, he would never have formed the ACNA, but in his heart, he knew the depth of TEC's apostasy and that change and metanoia would never come. He was right then and his successor believes that now. Why else would GAFCON primate, Foley Beach, lay hands on Andy Lines as a GAFCON bishop for Europe and England, if he believed TEC would ever repent. Furthermore, nothing Curry has said would indicate that; in fact, he advocates the opposite, pushing TEC's agenda into Africa.

As things now stand, the line-up is growing clearer by the day.

On the one hand, you have provinces like TEC, the ACofC, the Episcopal Church of Scotland, the Church of Wales, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Southern Africa, Brazil, most of Australia and Ireland (which faces a north/south divide on homosexuality,) versus the Global South including Africa, Asia and South America, which is united in its antipathy and opposition to any compromise on sexual behavior.

That divide will only grow wider in the days to come. Welby will be viewed as a hapless idiot savant unwilling or unable to stop the flow of the Church of England's inevitable decline into apostasy and heresy, as his Church becomes increasingly marginalized by the English people themselves.

The only way forward is the way back. Only in true repentance can any hope be had to salvage the Anglican Communion, and regrettably, after nearly three decades of waging spiritual warfare, I do not see that happening. The Church of England is reaping what it is sowing.


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