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January 09 2004 By virtueonline Dean who married same-sex couple prayed he could welcome all people

The wedding took place Aug. 25 in the cathedral with about 90 people in

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January 09 2004 By virtueonline Anglican primate ends turbulent reign with early retirement

Archbishop Carnley said yesterday that he would retire as primate and as
Anglican Archbishop of Perth in May next year, marking the 24th
anniversary of his consecration and installation as archbishop.

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January 08 2004 By virtueonline All Saints, Pawleys Island will decide whether to leave Episcopal Church USA

The move comes during a turbulent time for the 264-year-old Waccamaw Neck church.

It has been engaged in a three-year fight with the diocese over ownership of church property and a recent attempt by Bishop Edward Salmon to remove 12 church leaders.

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January 07 2004 By virtueonline Congo Statement on homosexuality and blessings of same-sex unions

We therefore strongly condemn:

- the consecration of Canon GENE ROBINSON, a divorcee and an actively gay bishop of the US New Hampshire Diocese of the Episcopal Church on 2nd November 2003;

- the access to priesthood of actively gay and lesbian people;

- the use of the newly devised Prayer Book published by the Diocese of New Westminster/Canada for the purpose of officiating the blessing of same-sex marriages.

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Here are the consequences to one parish in America's Heartland. A lay leader in a conservative congregation in a liberal diocese sent the following report.

The question was raised at a recent parish meeting, "where is the Episcopal Church going?"

"We are really going through a difficult time as a result of the Gene Robinson consecration," he wrote to Virtuosity.

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January 07 2004 By virtueonline Church of England's 'third way' on women bishops

An enclave for opponents of women priests could be created to avert a mass exodus when women are consecrated, possibly within five years.

The faction, effectively a church within a church, could have its own archbishop, bishops, parish clergy and training colleges. But it would exclude women clerics.

Proposals for a traditionalist "third province" have been floated before but this is the first time they have received official recognition.

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January 06 2004 By virtueonline Local churches join breakaway dioceses network

The new group was formed because of disagreement about the approval of
an openly gay Episcopalian bishop.

Mark Sholander, a church leader of the St. Alban's Episcopal Church in
Polk County, says the approval has left his parishioners feeling that
their church has been hijacked by a small group of innovative thinkers.

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January 06 2004 By virtueonline Priest leads other Episcopalians to join Orthodox Church

The Rev. John Flora, 57, retired rector of St. Stephen's Episcopal
Church, w ill lead the new congregation, which will begin worshipping
at St. George's Orthodox Christian Cathedral in Wichita at 10 a.m. on

Flora said he and the group of former St. Stephen's parishioners have
grown frustrated with the Episcopal Church, including its approval of
its first op enly gay bishop in August.

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