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January 12 2004 By virtueonline Support for homosexuals angers local Episcopalians

The gathering was larger than the 2,700 Episcopalians who met last fall in Plano, Texas, in what became known as the "Plano Conference" to oppose the Aug. 5 consecration of Canon V. Gene Robinson at the Episcopal General Convention as the new bishop of New Hampshire. The meeting this weekend at the Hylton Memorial Chapel, termed "Plano East," was held for those who couldn't go to Texas.

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January 11 2004 By virtueonline Sermons & Addresses from Plano East Read more
January 11 2004 By virtueonline Theological Training in Rwanda

Today, Theological Education by Extension, or TEE, is thriving in Rwanda, having trained nearly 2,000 candidates since 1999. The Rev. Canon Martin Nzaramba, TEE’s Coordinator, is clear about the vital role the program fills: “Our immediate vision is to help the Episcopal Church in Rwanda to grow numerically and spiritually.

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January 11 2004 By virtueonline Truce collapses as Ingham closes church

Archdeacon Ronald Harrison told the National Post Holy Cross brought the closure upon itself. At its October meeting, the New Westminster diocesan council voted to “disestablish” Holy Cross and terminated its funding for having requested alternative Episcopal oversight. Bishop Ingham told Holy Cross that funding would be restored if the congregation rescinded its request for alternative Episcopal oversight.

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January 10 2004 By virtueonline Episcopalians who oppose election of gay bishop meet in Woodbridge

About 2,600 Episcopalians are expected to attend the "Plano-East" conference in Woodbridge, a follow-up to a meeting among conservative members of the denomination held in Dallas in October.

Unlike the Texas gathering, this event, to be held at the Hylton Memorial Chapel on Gideon Drive, will be open to all members of the Episcopal Church USA, without a requirement that they sign a statement in opposition to the election of the Rev. Gene Robinson last August.

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January 10 2004 By virtueonline Clark’s awful choice: Abortion on demand, no pro-life judges

He then added that judges must uphold existing law on abortion. But existing law restricts a mother’s “right to choose” by placing limits on when a baby can be killed. So Clark’s own views are inconsistent with the law and with the majority of Americans on both sides of the issue.

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January 10 2004 By virtueonline City of San Diego cancels pact with Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts, however, vowed to continue fighting for its 18-acre headquarters even without city support, because it believes its constitutional liberties are at stake. Last month, the group received a letter of support from the U.S. Justice Department, stating the group's predicament raised "substantial concerns" that the group's rights were being violated.

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January 10 2004 By virtueonline PLANO PLUS: Eastern Meeting Of Episcopalians Eclipses Dallas Gathering

"We are nearly 3,000 strong," Guernsey said, with bishops, clergy, laity
and seminarians, persons of all ages, "from 45 dioceses in 25
states–including, praise God, New Hampshire!"–home to Vicky Gene Robinson,
the actively gay cleric the August General Convention approved as the
state's next bishop.

The turnout is the more remarkable considering that there was less lead
time or publicity for "Plano-East." agreed AAC media officer Bruce Mason.

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January 10 2004 By virtueonline CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Bishops meet to discuss women joining them

A motion before the Synod in July 2000 asked the Bishops to “initiate further study on the episcopate focusing on the issues that need to be addressed in preparation for the debate on women in the episcopate in the Church of England and to make a progress report on this study to Synod in July 2002”.

No View from Rochester
The Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, who chairs the working group, would make no comment this week in advance of the Bishops’ meeting.

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