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February 05 2004 By virtueonline Anglican Communion sees IAC as destructive movement

The Anglican Mission was formed in 2000 by Anglicans overseas as a radical way to combat what they saw as growing liberalism within the Episcopal Church U.S.A. The group sponsors Anglican “missionaries” in the United States who teach a far more conservative version of Anglicanism.

Pastors for the IAC here, the Rev. Ken Ross and the Rev. Jay Greener, believe the Anglican Mission is more in line with what most Anglicans worldwide believe.

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Holy Cross Anglican Church will hold their first services on February 8th with a Traditional Anglican Worship format and also a Contemporary Anglican format. Bishop Lyons was the guest of a celebratory worship service and reception in his honor at Holy Cross Anglican Church this evening at 7:00 p.m. at Loganville Middle School in Loganville, GA, just outside of Atlanta.

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February 04 2004 By virtueonline KENTUCKY: From a church split, two families form

Most of St. Andrews' parishioners had been members of the older congregation but left after diocesan leaders fired the entire governing board at St. John's.

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February 04 2004 By virtueonline KENTUCKY: St. Andrew's pastor feels called to new Versailles parish

It's a decision he and his wife have struggled with. "Claire has asked me a million times, 'Are you sure you're getting this right?'" he told his new congregation yesterday. "I have told her time and time again, 'Yes, this is the Lord.'"

Brannen, the new rector of St. Andrew's Anglican Church in Versailles, said he has felt called by God before, in 1990.

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February 03 2004 By virtueonline CULTURE WARS: The End of Marriage in Scandinavia

More precisely, it has further undermined the institution. The separation of marriage from parenthood was increasing; gay marriage has widened the separation. Out-of-wedlock birthrates were rising; gay marriage has added to the factors pushing those rates higher.

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February 03 2004 By virtueonline TENNESSEE: Episcopalians skip sticky votes

However, another consideration for many was that the bulk of the convention's required business was finished, and there was concern about the tone of the meeting.

''There was a lot of tension in the air,'' said the Rev. Freddy Richardson of the Church of the Holy Cross in Murfreesboro, who made the motion to adjourn. ''I felt that legal decisions were being made on the fly and we needed time.''

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February 03 2004 By virtueonline PITTSBURGH: Bishop says church will not split over issue of gay bishop

Duncan said the ordination of the Rev. Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire was a "presenting issue," but the underlying issue, he said, was the undermining of scriptural authority.

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February 03 2004 By virtueonline KENTUCKY: Historic Versailles Church Losing Members in Large Numbers

The conservative board had clashed repeatedly with the diocese bishop, Stacy Sauls, because of Sauls' support for the ordination of openly gay bishop V. Gene Robinson, a Lexington native. Church leaders were removed by the diocese's executive council on Jan. 7, after they allegedly failed to follow proper procedures for hiring a new minister.

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February 03 2004 By virtueonline VIRGINIA: Episcopalians Avert Split Over Gay Bishop

The vote, taken on the last day of the diocese's annual convention, had wide support among the 700 delegates gathered at a Reston hotel -- a sign, many said, of the desire not to let their differences lead to an open split. "What we're trying to figure out is how to stay together and proclaim the Gospel while we fight over what portions of the Gospel mean -- and it's just portions that we're fighting over," said the Rev. Lauren R. Stanley, associate rector of St.

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February 03 2004 By virtueonline Archbishop Crawley made acting primate of Canada

Under church law, the acting primate is the senior metropolitan by election, in this case Archbishop David Crawley, Metropolitan of British Columbia and Yukon and Bishop of Kootenay.

Archbishop Crawley, 66, has said that he does not wish to allow his name to stand in the primatial election.

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