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March 24 2004 By virtueonline ENS: Caring For All The Churches: A Response of the House of Bishops

We know the unity with God that Christ has won for humanity, he won through the victory of his passion. We are mindful of the suffering of Jesus who, on the Cross and through his resurrection, reaches into every corner of alienated human life, reconciling and restoring to the household of God all who come to him in faith. By God's grace the church is continually called, in repentance and hope, to be a trustworthy sign to the world of this costly reconciling power of God.

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March 23 2004 By virtueonline WASHINGTON, DC: Episcopal same-sex rite will be developed by revisionists

The six-member task force is poring over sample rites throughout the country to develop one that is "classically Anglican in tone and format," according to diocesan spokesman Jim Naughton. The Episcopal Book of Common Prayer has no such rite, and Episcopalians declined to mandate such a ceremony at last summer's Episcopal General Convention in Minneapolis.

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March 23 2004 By virtueonline BRAZIL: Primate Escoriates Fellow Bishop for Ohio Action

My Dear Brother, It was with surprise, sadness and concern that we received the news about the participation - without permission from the diocesan bishop of Ohio - of the Brazilian Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti, diocesan Bishop of Recife of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, in a confirmation service of 110 people in the state of Ohio, together with five retired bishops of ECUSA, as his participation has been stated in the press “as illustrating international support for the measures.”

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March 23 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA: Bishops Meet Amid Unprecedented Tension Over Gay Bishop

On Friday, New Hampshire's V. Gene Robinson was to take part in his first meeting as part of the denomination's hierarchy, a gathering aimed at easing the strain.

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March 21 2004 By virtueonline ROME: Vatican joins Muslims to fight homosexual partnerships

A proposal by the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, to extend spousal benefits to the partners of gay UN officials has outraged representatives of the organisation's 51 Islamic nations, some of which outlaw homosexuality altogether. The Vatican's envoy to the UN has also expressed dismay, prompting fears among Mr Annan's aides of a joint Roman Catholic-Muslim crusade.

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March 21 2004 By virtueonline ENGLAND: Bishop Warns Church That It May Disappear

Bishop McCulloch said clergy were being diverted from their true mission of evangelism by the debate over sexuality, 25 years of church legislation and increasing red tape caused b y secular regulations.

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March 21 2004 By virtueonline ARIZONA: Orthodox Episcopalians join AAC unhappy with ECUSA's direction

"We want to encourage congregations to consider alignment with the
national Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes," said
Eric Crawford, a member of St. James. His group would like congregants
who disagree with Episcopal Church actions to "know that they have
alternatives. We want to encourage people to not give up and not go
along (with changes) or bail for another denomination or other

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March 21 2004 By virtueonline IRELAND: Catholic, Anglican Leaders Spar

However, as he made his argument for same-sex unions, the Anglican
leader took what appeared to be a direct slap at the Catholic hierarchy,
asking "how people who are so certain about homosexuality being evil
could have been so indifferent and even devious when it came to facing
up to the issue of child abuse."

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March 20 2004 By virtueonline OHIO: An Interview with Celebrant, Bishop Wantland

Bishop Wantland: Several of us were asked to be a part of this effort, and the initial request came from St. Luke's Church, Akron, in concert with five other congregations. I was asked if I knew other senior bishops who might take part. There were five of us available, and several more who wanted to take part, but were already committed for March 14. I do think this will encourage others to take part in the future, should this be necessary.

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March 20 2004 By virtueonline WALES: Wanted: bishop to speak Welsh to his flock

Bangor, the oldest continuous see in Britain, founded more than 1,450 years ago, could now be without a bishop for months or even years while the five other diocesan bishops decide what to do.

Insiders were last night speculating that the diocese could even be merged with neighbouring St Asaph, placing its 70 parishes in the care of the Right Rev John Davies.

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