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Winterrowd regrets voting for gay bishop

Winterrowd regrets voting for gay bishop

By The Denver Post

Colorado Episcopal Bishop Jerry Winterrowd expressed regret Thursday
about supporting the election of the nation's first openly gay bishop,
saying the church was not ready.

Winterrowd, who is retiring Dec. 31, said he went into August's General
Convention of the Episcopal Church USA intending to vote against the
election of Gene Robinson as New Hampshire bishop.

His rationale: Robinson's election would fly in the face of the
church's desire to delay setting policy on blessing same-sex unions.

But Winterrowd said he became convinced that each diocese had the right
to elect its own bishop.

"Subsequently, I would say that I am on very thin ice there,"
Winterrowd said Thursday.

Winterrowd said he supports same-sex blessings, but some people
perceive Robinson's election as tacit approval of such blessings.

That, Winterrowd said, is not the right forum for weighing same-sex

"We have ordained a gay man as bishop," Winterrowd said. "Personally, I
favor that. But this diocese, and the whole American church, was not
ready for that, and a lot of damage has been done."

Asked if he would vote for Robinson again, Winterrowd said he was not


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