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In the six years of Living in Love & Faith, what was the 'planned, co-ordinated and delivered' evangelical strategy against the highly developed 'Revisionists' strategy', leading to General Synod backing 'gay blessings'?


By Paul Eddy
February 19, 2023

In six years, which 'umbrella group' has consistently provided a robust media defence of orthodoxy to Jayne Ozone's claims, and the cultural winds? Given your answers, what confidence do you have that any 'existing body' will be there for you, as vicar or Parish Church when you refuse to conduct 'gay blessings', and the full, ugly focus of the gay lobby -- media, intimidation of clergy, plus, hits you?

As a vicar, I won't be conducting 'gay blessings'. But I'm not confident any existing group will provide the practical, ongoing, robust, public support I'll need when -- and it's when, not if -- I'm targeted.

Last summer, as a PR consultant, I gave the orthodox Primates of the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA) attending the Lambeth Conference a 'voice', via the national and international media.

But seeing the total lack of an orthodox strategy to combat LLF, I started networking with fellow vicars. They said: 'we need a grassroots movement to support clergy/parishes, free from conflicts of interests, politics and complex agendas the other evangelical groups have.' Anglican Orthodox was birthed. Four core needs emerged when an attack strikes:

Pastoral/practical help: it may simply be going, at a drop of a hat, and sitting with, praying with, and cooking for a vicar's family. Or, offering a weekend/week free-let of a house to 'get away' from the fire. (Anglican Orthodox member churches can provide regional, mutual support).

Media handling: what does a vicar do when doorstepped by reporters claiming a gay couple, with two children in the local CofE primary school, want a 'gay blessing', but you've 'turned them away from God and the church'? I have over 35 years in media relations and with regional friends, can offer detailed and sustained help.

Legal advice: We've just appointed a Standing Counsel, and are in talks with legal professionals to provide advice/support to clergy/churches.

Visible Differentials: clergy felt uniting to show the same visible differentials to 'gay blessing parishes' would show and be 'strength in numbers'. We've already published a menu of options and these, plus others, will be worked on with member churches.

Initial development funding has been secured and so far, several hundreds of vicars (all currently wanting anonymity for obvious reasons), as well as recently retired bishops and archdeacons, have shown support for Anglican Orthodox. We started with the full knowledge of the Church of England Evangelical Council and see our 'one-focus remit' as complementary to them.

Paul Eddy is the founder and convenor of Anglican Orthodox

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