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Dear Brothers and Sisters,


First of all I want to thank all of you who contributed so generously
to the ministry of Virtuosity during this past year. I am grateful that
it meant so much to you, and that you allowed me to travel to get the
news that you needed and wanted to read. Thank you for your support. I am deeply grateful.

VIRTUOSITY'S readership grew by leaps and bounds in 2003 with more than 500,000 (560,000 by year's end) folk going to the website and reading the news. This is most gratifying. The greatest jump in readership occurred at General Convention with more than 300,000 'hits' since September.

Virtuosity's website is being accessed at the rate of more than 60,000
hits per month and that figure is climbing so my webmaster tells me.
Hundreds more sign on to get the digest directly into their computers
well before daybreak and breakfast. (The digest downloads at 4am
Eastern Standard Time.) I am told that the figure of one million
readers will access the website by July.

I am truly grateful Virtuosity is meeting a need. From the beginning it
has been this writer's intention to give you the unvarnished "no spin
zone" truth about what is going on in the Episcopal Church and in the
wider Anglican Communion. I have coupled that with stories that reflect
the culture wars going on in the church and in the wider world. In many
cases the two overlap.

I am deeply grateful to Virtuosity's columnists, Mike McManus, Terry
Mattingly Frederica Mathewes Green, Ian Hunter, Uwe Simon-Netto, Lekan Lotufodunrin (Nigeria) who wrote stories from a biblical world view to address issues of the family, faith and culture. Virtuosity's resident theologian Dr. Robert Sanders also took some long hard looks at ECUSA's theological bearings and saw them askew. And a special thanks to all those "sources" who sent me story tips and quotes, and who could not reveal their names for fear of reprisal from their revisionist bishops, I thank you. Without you a goodly number of stories would never have been written. My special thanks for your bravery in writing to me.

I also want to thank all those who sent me stories that I used from all
over the world. You are too numerous to name in person. I was glad to
hear from NZ, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, England,
Nigeria, Uganda, Sweden, Europe, the old Soviet Union and many more. My deepest thanks to you and I hope you will continue to send me stories in 2004.

I also want to pay tribute to the growing group of orthodox women who
are emerging in leadership roles in The Episcopal Church, particularly
Jan Mahood, President of Episcopalians for Traditional Faith, Chris
Fouse, Forward in Faith, US; Diane Knippers, IRD; Diane Stanton for her work with the Uganda Christian University; Theologian Edith Humphrey and so many more. It is a pleasure to be associated with you and to receive your news. I am in your debt.

This year also saw the addition of Mr. Robert Turner to Virtuosity's
staff. He took responsibility for Virtuosity's website. For those of
you who access the website you will notice a whole new look for 2004. I
am indebted to Robert for making this happen.

Finally, a special note of thanks to my attorney Mr. John H. Lewis, Jr.
who kept me from going over the edge so many times, often working long into the night, when most of you slept, checking and editing my stories for legal niceties and much more. A note of thanks also to my board for their unfailing support of my ministry, especially to TK. Thank you.

IN TODAY'S DIGEST you will read my six-part: 2003 - YEAR IN REVIEW. It is somewhat detailed, perhaps more than you would care to read, but there are some important historical landmarks that cannot be lightly passed over. Please feel free to float this around to your Episcopal friends and encourage them to join Virtuosity so they will no longer be in the dark about what is going on in the Episcopal Church. Pass the torch around.

The Year 2004 will I believe, be even more traumatic than 2003, if that
is possible. But events are shaping up in the Anglican Communion that
will reach boiling point. There will be no going back, no more
compromises with truth, no more talk of pluriform truths. The Global
South is a sleeping giant no more, and they have the numbers. They also have a clear fix on the nature and content of the gospel. They will
continue to flex their muscle in the face of the revisionist West, and
they will no longer tolerate apostasy and heresy in faith and morals.
That day is done.

What is at stake is the very 'Faith once delivered' nothing less. What
is involved is the very truth of the gospel, a gospel that promises
redemption and grace, forgiveness and hope, (that no so-called
inclusionist 'gospel' can begin to offer) - with lives changed forever
by the power of the Holy Ghost, redeemed by the Son and brought into
right relationship with the Father of lights - God himself.

In the US we await the outcome of a "church within a church" a parallel
church of orthodox believers who will stand against the Moloch ECUSA,
which has sold its soul for bad sexual practices, compromised theology
and much more. We are in for a long, bumpy ride, and those laid-back
Canadians will continue to bear the brunt of anger from The revisionist
bully bishop Michael Ingham and show us all what it means to stand.

There will also be new alliances as the Anglican Continuum grapples
with its own place under the Anglican sun. We will not be able to
ignore the growing influence of the Anglican Mission in America (AMIA)
as it continues to gobble up thriving ECUSA parishes. There would seem
to be no let up in sight there. Virtuosity will report on it all.

You can also be sure that, as their influence diminishes, revisionist
bishops and their parasitic homosexualists will continue their quest
for greater power, because that is all they have left in their armory.
They have no faith, no transforming gospel, only raw naked power
propped up with trust funds - dead men's money - accumulated in the
years of plenty, but will now surely diminish in the coming lean years.

NEW VIRTUOSITY WEBSITE. Today Virtuosity introduces a brand new
website that can still be reached at www.virtuosityonline.org. It has a
whole new look with easier access to articles, faster downloading and a
front page that will have a new story posted every day.

There will be places for readers to comment on stories, an interactive
discussion forum, a Guestbook and Frequently Asked Questions.

Our new website will provide the foundation for Virtuosity to
distribute news on a more frequent basis. Please explore the FAQ
section of the new site where you will find information and
instructions on searching for articles, contributing to the discussions
and how you can support Virtuosity's ministry. We appreciate your
comments and look forward to hearing from you. Comments, questions and concerns about the new website can be sent to

THIS PAST YEAR saw a new Archbishop installed in Canterbury, an openly homosexual priest consecrated a bishop, an emergency meeting of Primates and much more. It is all posted in a six-part YEAR IN REVIEW that you can read today. I am posting a number of end-of-year stories and columns which I think will be of interest to you.

The growing and widening influence of Virtuosity is by no means the
doing of this single writer, it is the collective wisdom and writings
of many, with the profound belief that God has raised up this ministry
for such a time as this. I could not exist without your prayers and
financial support.

I do hope you will continue your prayerful and financial support in
2004. Please note that I am in the process of sending out personal
letters for tax purposes to those who made donations. Please be patient
while I attend to this. I am doing this between heavy writing

Later this week I will be attending the ACI conference in Charleston,
SC following which I shall be going to the AMIA Conference in Destin,

Please support this ministry with your tax-deductible donation. You can
send a gift through PAYPAL at the website www.virtuosityonline.org, or
you can send a gift by snail mail to: David W. Virtue, VIRTUOSITY, 1236 Waterford Road, West Chester, PA 19380. Thank you for your support.

All Blessings,

David W. Virtue DD

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