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March 06 2004 By virtueonline Anglican Communion inches closer towards schism

The Most Rev. Peter Akinola, speaking from Lagos, turned down an invitation to attend a meeting of church leaders and wrote Peterson saying he was baffled that the ACO continues to act as if ECUSA's [actions] did not really matter.

The Nigerian primate led the opposition from churches in Africa condemning last year's decision by the US Episcopal Church to consecrate Canon Gene Robinson, an avowed homosexual, as Bishop coadjutor of New Hampshire.

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March 02 2004 By virtueonline Anglican Discipline of Griswold and ECUSA

Virtuosity has been told that it will likely be in the form of a "no
voice, no vote" for Griswold. What this means is that at any future
primatial gatherings Griswold will not be permitted to speak on anything
at all and will not be permitted to vote. It will be a humbling, perhaps
even humiliating experience for the ECUSA Presiding Bishop, but it does
mean that ECUSA will stay in the club, whatever that means. It may well

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February 25 2004 By virtueonline How the Revisionists Control ECUSA

The revisionists will do whatever it takes to win. They will employ every sleazy tactic in the book to get their man or woman elected. Consider what they did in the Diocese of North Dakota, Rio Grande, Colorado and more.

The worst case is currently going in the diocese of the Rio Grande, where the godly Terence Kelshaw retires in 2005 and a single revisionist priest got hold of the entire diocesan mailing list and used it to promote his revisionist cause.

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February 21 2004 By virtueonline Sexuality Issues in ECUSA and The Church of England

The latest buzzwords from Lambeth Palace are "interpretive charity", with such lines as the "debate about the interpretation of biblical texts has to be understood in the wider context of the societal shifts that have caused attitudes towards sexuality and sexual behavior to change in the modern era."

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February 14 2004 By virtueonline Canterbury, ECUSA, Vancouver, C of E Synod...and more

This is in direct contradiction to what Frank Griswold said in an interview with Beliefnet.

Dr. Williams, addressing the General Synod of the Church of England said that he had been following "sympathetically" the discussions about setting up a network to operate within the Episcopal Church of the United States.

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February 09 2004 By virtueonline Orthodox Bishops blast ECUSA

"The actions of ECUSA in the election, confirmation, and consecration of
Canon Gene Robinson have created a situation of grave concern for the
entire Anglican Communion and beyond. Their actions are a direct
repudiation of the clear teaching of the Holy Scriptures, historic faith
and order of the church", the Primates write.

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February 05 2004 By virtueonline Courageous Battles of the Orthodox

Funds are being withheld at record levels: They are down $1.2 million in Nth. Carolina; $900,000 in Virginia, $950,000 in D.C. and a senior warden said that the cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC is down $3 million in pledges for 2004 and so on. This takes two forms. The first is a deliberate withholding of funds to the diocese by wealthy parishes, and secondly those parishes that are not taking in enough to pay their diocesan pledge over and above their assessment.

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January 31 2004 By virtueonline Canonical Fundamentalists and more

You can go to bed with whomever - gay, lesbian, transgendered or BI-sexual, but how you can have a committed relationship in the latter defies the human imagination. But if you say you are THINKING of leaving ECUSA as the parish in Versailles Kentucky did recently, or you actually do leave, or threaten to withhold funds, the diocesan bishop will behave like a prison guard with a baseball bat.

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January 27 2004 By virtueonline Bonfire of the Episcopal Vanities

As a small symbol of that fallout, money is now being used or withheld as a protest to the ECUSA's growing apostasy. One example, (and there are dozens more like it), St. Phillip's Cathedral in Atlanta is having all kinds of financial problems since General Convention 2003. A Virtuosity reader sent their 12/22/2003 church bulletin, which revealed they were down $500,000 on pledges for 2003 and down a $1 million for 2004!

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January 24 2004 By virtueonline The Realignment has begun

It is, by any standard, a bold move that comes with the approval of the
Archbishop of Canterbury but with no support from the leadership of the
Episcopal Church. It is the brainchild of a handful of orthodox bishops
led by the creative, risk-taking Bishop of Pittsburgh, Robert Duncan.

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