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March 16 2006 By virtueonline Civil War in Diocese of Pennsylvania...SC ruling favors AMIA...DEPO in Ohio...

They MUST declare that ECUSA and the Diocese of New Westminster, and anybody else who so thoroughly violates our common understanding of theology, anthropology, ethics and being "in communion", has made the decision to "walk apart."

Dr. Williams does NOT want to do this. His answer to one orthodox Episcopal bishop to his very direct and insistent question, on the very day he became Archbishop, was: "I want to remain in communion with those who want to remain in communion with me."

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March 08 2006 By virtueonline Williams: Rupture coming in the Communion...New Province?..Last GC for orthodox?

The statement by Dr. Williams this past week was the clearest warning yet - but the question is, is the Episcopal Church's House of Bishops listening?

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March 01 2006 By virtueonline Griswold with Gays in Paris...Chane rips Akinola...Integrity Plans revealed...

The actions and words of bishops like Charles E. Bennison of Pennsylvania and John Chane Bishop of Washington give ample evidence that they will stop at nothing to hold onto power even as they destroy the kernel, that is, orthodox remnants within their own dioceses and blast global south archbishops who won't roll over to their agenda.

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February 21 2006 By virtueonline ACN announces "7th Convocation"...Rowan "The Caterpillar Man", More on Robinson

The Episcopal Church may have thought it was getting an openly gay bishop, but what the church didn't know was that it was also getting a closeted alcoholic.

One insightful person wrote that Robinson has no intention of doing the right thing. The bishop indicated he plans to return to work after his 28-day recovery period is over.

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February 15 2006 By virtueonline ECUSA dioceses in financial free fall...Robinson Admits being Alcoholic...more

Consider the following:

The DIOCESE OF PENNSYLVANIA has a shortfall of between $500,000 and $950,000, and the diocese can barely raise $300,000 from its parishes. Officials will dip into unrestricted net assets again to keep the diocese afloat. And the standing committee wants Bishop Bennison's head on a platter for his unrestrained spending habits (not his theological utterances), which may have depleted the UNA from $4 million to zero. They will need an audit to know for sure.

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February 09 2006 By virtueonline More priests, parishes flee...ARCIC dead over women bishops...Parsley, Bennison

It was another week in which priests and parishes fled the Episcopal Church. From Florida to Virginia to San Diego, orthodox priests announced that they had had enough of ECUSA's apostasies and were leaving.

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February 04 2006 By virtueonline Presiding Bishop Slate...Bennison's Humiliation...Diocesan News...more

The only question is how will the Episcopal Church's remnant respond? There are rumors of wholesale departures of priests and parishes after GC2006, the like of which we have never seen before. VirtueOnline believes these rumors to be substantially true, but we have been asked not to reveal details at this time.

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January 28 2006 By virtueonline MERE ANGLICANISM roars like a lion...Four Revisionist Candidates for PB...more

The line-up read like a Who's Who of orthodox Episcopalians: Dr. Os Guinness, Dr. Stephen Noll, Dr. Ashley Null, Dr. Robert Sanders, Dr. David Scott, Dr. Joe Murphy, Dr. Bill Dickson, Dr. Guy Lytle, a slew of cardinal rectors, and brilliant activist laymen like Dr. Ernest "Bubber" Cockrell, a theologically trained neuro-psychiatrist, all under the watchful and intellectual eye of the Rt. Rev. Dr. C.

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January 18 2006 By virtueonline AMIA makes news...Florida priests fight back...Alabama...Central NY...Ct. news

It was also a week in which this writer enjoyed open access to eight African primates, other bishops from Africa, an archbishop from Southeast Asia, two Episcopal bishops, and more than 100 clergy.

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January 11 2006 By virtueonline Orthodox Priests face Revisionist Bishops hatred...Michigan, Olympia, Virginia

It never happens and, like sheep, they are lead repeatedly, to the slaughter.

Take for example what occurred this week in the DIOCESE OF MICHIGAN. The Rev. Allen Kannapell, rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, got thrown out of his church, when the bishop, the Rt. Rev. Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr., told the orthodox rector on Saturday night that he had to vacate his church BEFORE next day's Sunday morning services.

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