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December 14 2005 By virtueonline GRISWOLD'S Disastrous Leadership...20 ECUSA bishops say Crisis real...Recife...

To say that his leadership has been disastrous doesn't really begin to touch it. When he took over from Ed "the flexible" Browning, he promised to be the bishop of all, telling the story about how God had spoken to him in Italy as he visited the significant sites of the life and witness of Francis of Assisi. He said that God told him to "rebuild His church."

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December 07 2005 By virtueonline PRESSURE on Primates mount...meetings in London, Chicago...ECUSA news...more

He responded in a message to the Church Times saying: "I have read Archbishop Akinola's letter. Without going into details of the content, I would like to make it clear that I was not present when that letter was written, so I did not take part in its conception. It is sad what is going on."

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November 30 2005 By virtueonline PRIMATES Squabble...ACC Chairman: "Keep Primates Out"...ECUSA News...more

The heat got turned up a notch on Nigerian Primate Peter Akinola this week when a third Primate, Archbishop Drexel Gomez (West Indies), described the letter sent out by the African leader as "an act of impatience and a disrespect for process. Unfortunately we never had a discussion of the letter. It was just circulated along with other documents - we only had 40 minutes to meet and were only told about the background to it."

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November 22 2005 By virtueonline 17 Primates in quarrel with Williams...2004 ECUSA figures show decline...more

"We are troubled by your reluctance to use your moral authority to challenge the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada to call for the immediate cessation of any blessings of same sex unions and on any ordinations of those in such unions in every diocese in the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada."

It is the most in your face poke at the leader of 80 million Anglicans to date, and it has rocked the whole communion.

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November 15 2005 By virtueonline PITTSBURGH: Orthodox Rally for the Faith...Ohio 4 leave diocese...ECUSA news...

It was a powerful and dramatic 72 hours in the life of many Episcopalians, former Episcopalians, and Anglicans from around the Anglican Communion. Almost one third of those in attendance were ex-Episcopalians now on the road to healthier spiritual lives under new orthodox jurisdictions that included anything from the Anglican Mission in America, the REC, to a plethora of overseas orthodox Primates.

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November 10 2005 By virtueonline Williams, Robinson meet, CofE Evangelicals furious, ECUSA dioceses in trouble

The uproar that ensued was predictable. British evangelicals excoriated Dr. Williams for his action, but a report that said evangelicals in the Diocese of London had asked London Bishop Richard Chartres to prevent Robinson from speaking was inaccurate. They asked that Robinson address the meeting in a secular venue, not in St. Martins. The evangelicals could not then be accused of trying to stifle free speech.

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November 05 2005 By virtueonline EGYPT: Global South Bishops rip Western revisionism...ECUSA news...more

Invited for the occasion was the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Dr Rowan Williams who, according to various reports, argued strenuously for sides to continue talking and listening to one another.

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October 25 2005 By virtueonline VIA MEDIA Strategy to Overthrow Orthodox bishops...ECUSA news...more.

DATE: November 15, 2006 (following General Convention 2006).

And so, dear readers, VirtueOnline can now tell you what has been planned for months -- the extirpation of all orthodox bishops in the Episcopal Church and the total evisceration of biblically faithful Episcopalians in The Episcopal Church.

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October 19 2005 By virtueonline Communion in Turbulence...Sydney acts...Eames under fire...ECUSA news...more

It was another turbulent week in the life of the Anglican Communion.

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October 12 2005 By virtueonline Why Americans flee liberal churches...HOB sets up property task force...more

He first visits the Episcopal Church, the former mainstay of the mainline denominations that has declined significantly in recent years. He learned how they reasoned away tradition and Scripture, how "contemporary virtues [like] tolerance have won out over biblical admonition," and how "admonitions to holy living suddenly become hate speech." They have followed all the popular trends, yet they have become unpopular, he writes.

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