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June 27 2006 By virtueonline Unraveling begins. Diocesan Bishops speak out about GC2006 actions...more

One British observer noted the following. "It is interesting to see how the results of GC2006 have gone down on Thinking Anglicans. One might have thought that the revisionists would be celebrating, crowing about their great victories. But there is a very muted reaction instead - they are trying hard to maintain their delusions - all the while knowing that it was a Pyrrhic victory: they won the battle but lost the war.

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June 08 2006 By virtueonline BENNISON BROTHERS hit bottom...Sauls and the Stripper...Anglo-Catholics...more

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
June 8, 2006

Once again the two Bennison brothers, Charles and John took center stage this past week, each on opposite coasts, and in doing so demonstrated that it is possible to reach new levels of cupidity, venality, shamelessness, dysfunction and just plain sin.

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June 02 2006 By virtueonline TENSIONS rise as GC2006 draws closer...Bennison Brothers on hot seats...more

But here's the real kicker clause; Pennsylvania Bishop Charles E. Bennison knew what was going on and failed to report it to the police, especially as the girl his brother seduced was under 18. Charles Bennison was pastor at St. Mark's in Clayton County at the time when the scandal first erupted. In 1979, Chuck Bennison allegedly sent a letter to John's first wife, urging her to keep quiet: "a public scandal here...could cost me my job," he wrote.

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May 18 2006 By virtueonline INTRIGUE, Politics, Tension Mounts as GC2006 Draws Closer...Sewanee..Apb's Panel

The politics get crazier along with the intrigue. There's so much more going on under the cloak of confidentiality it's hard to know where the truth begins or ends and the spin kicks in. The Panel of Reference did not take up a suggestion to send an official delegate to GC2006. The Archbishop of Canterbury is also keeping his distance from Columbus, Ohio, which is not exactly a surprise, anyway.

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May 10 2006 By virtueonline Love and Law...Apb appoints 4 wise men to advise on ECUSA...diocesan news...more

In his exultant victory speech this past week, the newly elected Bishop of California Mark Andrus had this to say: "Your vote today remains a vote for inclusion and communion -- of gay and lesbian people in their full lives as single or partnered people, of women, of all ethnic minorities, and all people, My commitment to Jesus Christ's own mission of inclusion is resolute.

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May 04 2006 By virtueonline ECUSA'S Left Launch Attack on Orthodox..ECUSA Canons target laity..Diocesan news

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It was a week of the long knives. Two major left-wing publications in the Episcopal Church came out swinging against the orthodox and their supporters. It is the most serious blast to date and comes just weeks before General Convention.

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April 26 2006 By virtueonline SAN DIEGO'S Totalitarian Bishop...Oppression is new ECUSA mantra...Diocesan news

A. Articles of Incorporation
B. Parish By-laws
C. Any operable letters of agreement of employment agreements between clergy and the wardens and vestry of the parish or any other representative body however named.
D. Title (including Deeds and other documents which affect title) to all real property.
E. Balance sheet for fiscal year 2004, 2005, and a balance sheet as of March 31, 2006.
F. Evidence of appropriate Surety Bond as required by canons.

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April 20 2006 By virtueonline Bonfire of the Sacristies...Easter chills...California expected to be defiant

There are new predictions of what might happen at General Convention in June. As you know there is a battle going on between radical and moderate to liberal bishops over the Windsor Report. This emerged from the recent HOB meeting in Kansas and has been extensively written up by VOL.

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April 13 2006 By virtueonline Special Commission Report...Laity want 35 bishops brought to trial...more

VirtueOnline looked at the 11 proposals of the Special Commission Report and concluded that is was a carefully nuanced fudge that when examined closely, offers nothing about returning to the 'faith once delivered to the saints' and therefore poses no threat to the ongoing revisionism of the Episcopal Church. It also offers nothing to orthodox Episcopalians who had hoped that some relief or reprieve might be possible in this the church's 11th hour.

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