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February 13 2004 By virtueonline TENNESSEE: New Anglican Parish forms in Jackson

St. Luke's became another casualty in the doctrinal and moral wars in The Episcopal Church. "It's painful", the Rev. Chuck Filiatreau told Virtuosity. "Bishop Don Johnson's pastoral letter was the straw that broke the camel's back. An inclusive church has no place for these orthodox people, and now they have gone."

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February 13 2004 By virtueonline PUERTO RICO: Persecution of orthodox priests heats up in Puerto Rico

Dr. Paris wrote a book against the arguments given to favor the consent for Gene Robinson and presented it at the University of Puerto Rico, where he is a full time graduate professor, teaching Counseling and Human Sexuality courses. A day before the local Diocesan Convention, which was held last October 25, Bishop Alvarez sent Dr. Paris a letter inhibiting him in the diocese, for writing and presenting the book. The Rev. Dr. Rivera and another priest, the Rev.

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February 13 2004 By virtueonline ATLANTA: New Anglican Parish opens with a Bolivian Bang

"It was sheer madness, and now we are seeing the consequences in busted churches and broken relationships," said Lee Buck a former lay Episcopal evangelist.

St. Jude's in Marietta, an Episcopal Church parish suddenly shrank overnight and down the road, The Light of Christ Anglican Church was born, coming under the ecclesiastical authority of the Bishop of Bolivia, the Rt. Rev. Frank Lyons.

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February 10 2004 By virtueonline UGANDA: Archbishop Orombi Nixes Coming to West Texas Consecration

Bishop Folts expressed "mutual affection and a mutual commitment to the ongoing life of the Anglican Communion."

"Together the Diocese of West Texas and the Diocese of Nebbi, Uganda, of which Bishop Orombi was the head until his elevation to the role of archbishop on January 25, have accomplished incredible good work for the people of both of our dioceses, including the building of a Women's Center in Nebbi for the education of women," said Folts.

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February 03 2004 By virtueonline WHITHER BOUND?

Forty years of theological and moral erosion has finally caught up with the mostly revisionist but not a few orthodox bishops in the ECUSA, and a priest stands up in his or her pulpit and says something like this:

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January 31 2004 By virtueonline RWANDA: The Anglican Communion Will Never be the Same Again

KOLINI: Here it is out of Griswold’s own mouth. “One of the things the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams made very clear to me in our conversation is that he is not authorized to overrule the canons and constitutions of the various provinces of the Anglican Communion.”

VIRTUOSITY: Can the Presiding Bishop of ECUSA Frank Griswold stop what is happening to the Anglican Communion?

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January 31 2004 By virtueonline NORTH DAKOTA: Two Orthodox Priests Deprived of Voting Rights in Diocese

In backroom tactics worthy of a Chicago mayoral race, the Rev. Larry Winslow, St. Sylvan's in Dunseith and the Rev. Brian Minaker, St. Peter' Church in Walhalla were informed they could not vote because of a complaint filed by the revisionist Dean of Fargo, The Rev. Steve Easterday. The action taken was evil.

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January 31 2004 By virtueonline GRISWOLD, BELIEFNET AND DISBELIEF

He also disputed the claim by conservatives that Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams supports their actions and suggested that conservatives are fighting Griswold's proposal--to be discussed by the denomination's bishops at a March meeting--to accommodate their needs because, paradoxically, it is workable. He believes conservatives want to keep the fight going.

Let us unpack this for a moment.

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This is not entirely true. While the document itself does not touch on that one particular issue, during a question and answer period Bishop Robert Duncan made it very clear that he and his colleagues were opposed to the Presiding Bishop's proposed "supplemental care" idea.

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January 24 2004 By virtueonline RECTOR REFLECTS ON LEAKED DOCUMENT

CHAPMAN: I was leading a Special Projects team to provide Alternative Episcopal Oversight to churches at risk, as recommended by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates late last year. I came alongside the AAC to pioneer this urgent project, though I am not an AAC board member.

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