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July 07 2004 By virtueonline LONG ISLAND: Cathedral Dean Says He Was Fired

"I can assure you that I never tendered it. On June 10 when I was summoned, he continually tried to get me to agree with his position that 'the future of our relationship is untenable'."

Cardone said he shared with the bishop his belief that mature adults could disagree on various issues and still have a working relationship. Evidently that does not apply to him.

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July 06 2004 By virtueonline Lambeth Commission Report set for October 16

The letter from Canon John Peterson head of the Anglican Communion
Office says that the Joint Standing Committee will meet to decide how
the report will be used in an attempt to get it out of the hands of the
Primates into what he hopes will be the more liberal ACC, said the source.

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July 05 2004 By virtueonline NEW HAMPSHIRE: Trad. Anglican Bishop welcomes former Episcopalians

He encouraged the parishes in his Diocese, which includes the six New England States and New York to “reach out to those who are following the same path we have trod in our desire to hold onto our beliefs and stand up for our faith.”

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July 04 2004 By virtueonline Beware Revisionist Bishops Bearing Linguistic Alms

"The church [needs] to engage in the costly and demanding discipline of deep conversation about how our faith is shaped and formed," says Frank Griswold, the Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop. Now these are code words with just a hint of arm twisting and much beloved by our PB, who says repeatedly that one encounters the truth in others when people enter into "deep conversation" about whatever it is they can't agree about.

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July 01 2004 By virtueonline Impossible to overrate ill health of ECUSA, says global strategist

"A full page article in a Texas Newspaper said the consecration of V. Gene Robinson had not caused schism. This is nonsense when 21 of the 38 provinces are in impaired or broken communion. That is not schism?"

"These Global South bishops have gone on record saying we will not eat with you [Griswold], we will not speak with you [Griswold], and we don't want your money, and that is not schism?"

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June 29 2004 By virtueonline LONG ISLAND: Bishop Walker Fires Cathedral Dean

As our working relationship and visions grew more disparate, our mutual ministries and responsibilities grew incompatible and it became obvious that we developed a lack of mutual confidence to the point where I concluded that an attempt at reconciliation was not possible.

Dean Cardone will leave his position July 1, 2004. In the interim period, I have asked Bishop Michel to assume oversight of the spiritual and temporal life of the Cathedral.

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June 29 2004 By virtueonline REC: Bishop Sutton Pleads For Unity. Rips Revisionists

Addressing deputies to the 16th Annual Assembly of Forward in Faith NA at St. Vincent's cathedral, Sutton said the Incarnation re-orders society and family according to the creation image redeemed by the true image of God, Jesus Christ.

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June 27 2004 By virtueonline PROFILING! A Satirical Essay
  1. St. Augustine
  2. Athanasius
  3. Calvin
  4. Luther
  5. Cranmer
  6. Hooker
  7. Charles E. Bennison
  • Who believes the church wrote the bible and can therefore rewrite it?
    1. St. Paul
    2. Augustine
    3. Luther
    4. Karl Barth
    5. Thomas Jefferson
    6. Charles E. Bennison
  • Who believes that Jesus is "a Christ" but not the Christ?
    1. Gregory of Nyssa
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    June 27 2004 By virtueonline TEXAS: Three Bishops talk candidly about the Anglican Communion Network

    IKER: "The ACN is a work in progress. There have been two surprises. Some orthodox ECUSA bishops have not come on board and joined the network. Other ECUSA bishops have started to attack the Network and are saying don't join it. These include Bishop Parsley, Bishop Thompson, Southern Ohio, and Don Wimberly of Texas. They are issuing Pastoral letters saying there is no middle ground."

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    June 27 2004 By virtueonline PENNSYLVANIA: Two Bishops Exchange Words Inside Bennison's Office

    Bishop Barnes and Mr. Rawson made the unscheduled visit following a sight-seeing tour of Philadelphia's historic district.

    The following account actually took place in the office of Bishop Bennison.

    Both men entered the building and asked if the bishop was in and told the secretary that Bishop Barnes from England would like to pay him a call.

    On short notice, Bishop Bennison agreed to see them and they were escorted upstairs to Bennison's private conference room.

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