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May 19 2004 By virtueonline PITTSBURGH: Radical Via Media Group Blasts Orthodox Bishop over another Bishop

The orthodox bishop shot back saying that there were no grounds to question the validity of the confirmations performed by Bishop Cox.

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May 18 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA: Understanding Depo - What You Should Expect, What You Can Do

These are the basic steps set forth in the DEPO plan:

First, in the spirit of openness, the rector and vestry, or the canonically designated lay leadership seeking a compatible bishop shall meet with the bishop to seek reconciliation.

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May 18 2004 By virtueonline RHODE ISLAND: Orthodox Episcopalians form AAC Chapter to fight revisionists

Turner said she and her fellow orthodox believers were in the final stages of completing the affiliation procedure with Andrew Pearson, the AAC national coordinator.

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May 18 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA: Twists And Turns In Sexual Perversion Grows Alarmingly

Consider the following.

A retired 78-year old homoerotic bishop who should be spending his declining years playing with his grand-children and telling them the ageless story of Jesus and His love, instead “marries” a 62-year old four times married man so he can “legally” engage in sodomite acts while his 7-year old grandchild is made to watch this human farce of a “wedding”.

But then it all goes awry.

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May 13 2004 By virtueonline AKRON: Five Bishops Respond To Bishop Jenkins

The five bishops include C. FitzSimons Allison, Maurice Benitez, William J. Cox, Alex B. Dickson and William C. Wantland.

In their letter to Bishop Charles E. Jenkins, the orthodox five said the Council of Advice would choose five and they would choose five. “Our hope and prayer is that our meeting can in some way help facilitate a reaffirmation of the Christian faith as the indispensable basis of our unity.”

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May 13 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA LOOKS INTO THE ABYSS

This is no no said the Louisiana Bishop to the five bishops. He demanded they appear in Atlanta, at their expense, and face whatever retribution he and his fellow revisionist bishops planned to dole out to the uninclusive five.

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May 12 2004 By virtueonline WESTERN NEW YORK: Bishop Lowers Boom on Orthodox Rector

In an exchange of letters between Fr. Arthur W. Ward Jr., the rector, wardens and vestry of St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, Tonawanda and the Buffalo-based bishop, Fr. Ward wrote Garrison on April 6 requesting DEPO – a course of action approved recently by ECUSA’s House of Bishops.

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May 09 2004 By virtueonline Anglican Communion Moves Towards Precipice

What apparently is now on the table is a confederation, modeled along similar lines to the Geneva-based World Lutheran Federation.

What this means is that relations between provinces would be freed up, with new loyalties based on differing theological and moral principles.

The one unifying principle for both conservative and liberal Anglicans is that they remain in communion with the mother Church of England through the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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May 05 2004 By virtueonline Those Contrarian Episcopalians

For the believer, to live “fully” is to live fully into Christ, but that is not what Charles meant. He meant that to live “fully” was to personally fulfill oneself sexually, in this case with another man, despite the fact that neither the Christian Church, 2,000 years of church history nor Holy Scripture gives him that right to do so.

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May 02 2004 By virtueonline ATLANTA: Bolivian Bishop Baptizes, Confirms 330 at new Anglican Parish

More than 450 people worshiped at Holy Cross Anglican Church in Loganville, GA on Easter Sunday. When the church began it officially had only one member (a little girl who was baptized several weeks ago), said Beach

Holy Cross Anglican Church began on February 8th after the Rev. Dr. Foley Beach left the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta and was received into the Anglican Diocese of Bolivia and the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone by Bishop Lyons.

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