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June 27 2004 By virtueonline PROFILING! A Satirical Essay
  1. St. Augustine
  2. Athanasius
  3. Calvin
  4. Luther
  5. Cranmer
  6. Hooker
  7. Charles E. Bennison
  • Who believes the church wrote the bible and can therefore rewrite it?
    1. St. Paul
    2. Augustine
    3. Luther
    4. Karl Barth
    5. Thomas Jefferson
    6. Charles E. Bennison
  • Who believes that Jesus is "a Christ" but not the Christ?
    1. Gregory of Nyssa
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    June 27 2004 By virtueonline TEXAS: Three Bishops talk candidly about the Anglican Communion Network

    IKER: "The ACN is a work in progress. There have been two surprises. Some orthodox ECUSA bishops have not come on board and joined the network. Other ECUSA bishops have started to attack the Network and are saying don't join it. These include Bishop Parsley, Bishop Thompson, Southern Ohio, and Don Wimberly of Texas. They are issuing Pastoral letters saying there is no middle ground."

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    June 27 2004 By virtueonline PENNSYLVANIA: Two Bishops Exchange Words Inside Bennison's Office

    Bishop Barnes and Mr. Rawson made the unscheduled visit following a sight-seeing tour of Philadelphia's historic district.

    The following account actually took place in the office of Bishop Bennison.

    Both men entered the building and asked if the bishop was in and told the secretary that Bishop Barnes from England would like to pay him a call.

    On short notice, Bishop Bennison agreed to see them and they were escorted upstairs to Bennison's private conference room.

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    June 26 2004 By virtueonline A Modest Proposal For A New Anglican Communion

    VIRTUOSITY: It seems that we are trapped. Griswold may well be relegated to the rubbish heap of American Anglican history by the Primates, but Williams and Griswold are a lot closer in spirit than most people realize. Williams recently has come out with some extraordinary declaration praising a new bible translation that renounces original Biblical morality, he supports atheist textbooks, He's pushing for Jeffrey John to get the Deanship at St.

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    June 25 2004 By virtueonline FIFNA: President Reaffirms 'Catholic Orders' To ECUSA Faithful

    "We have come to the point (I believe), and the Global South leaders have been the clearest about this, to state that the new morality being advanced, celebrated, and codified by the revisionists is a salvation issue. Portions of the Church are leading people to hell."

    Moyer took a swipe at the ordination of women to the priesthood, saying that women's ordination was also a salvation issue in light of our Lord's teaching in St. John's gospel Chapter 6.

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    June 23 2004 By virtueonline OKLAHOMA CITY: St. James Anglican Church Sets Sail From ECUSA

    "We have had a long history of disagreements with Bishop Robert Manning Moody. We have stood up to him over the authority of Holy Scripture time and again, but he had his own ideas about what scripture meant," said Gumm.

    The 74th General Convention at Minneapolis was the final straw for these godly folk. "Our congregation reached it's gag reflex. Over the years we have watched the Episcopal Church slowly turn in to something that we could no longer abide."

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    June 22 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA: Analysis of the Presiding Bishop's Meeting with the Lambeth Commission

    First of all Griswold no longer represents (if he ever did) the "whole church" as he puts it.
    Far from it. He represents a smaller group of aging Episcopalians with each passing day.

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    June 21 2004 By virtueonline PITTSBURGH: Bishop Duncan Comes To Pennsylvania And New Jersey

    The British-born Barnes acknowledged the occasion with a wry grin saying that it was "10 years, four months and 6 days in the making." Barnes had begun his spiritual pilgrimage to the priesthood in the Diocese of Massachusetts under the late Bishop David Johnson who committed suicide and later under Tom Shaw where he did his clinical pastoral education at NYU at Tisch Hospital and fulfilled the other obligations including parish placement at St.

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    June 20 2004 By virtueonline Feminization of Church of England Reveals Wasteland

    More worrying, writes Low, will be those who will be broken-hearted, betrayed, despairing and go nowhere. "Their experience of Church authorities being so uniformly dishonest, they will shy away from institutional encounter again."

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    June 18 2004 By virtueonline Theological Realignment Begins Across Denominational Lines

    It took only a few moments and a brief show of 8,000 hands then it was all over. The inerrancy of Holy Scripture and the blessing of same-sex blessings concerned these orthodox Baptists, and so they said farewell to the international body (BWA).) Another issue - a constitutional amendment to protect marriages as the union of a man and a woman - also concerned the Baptists.

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