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November 15 2004 By virtueonline PENNSYLVANIA: Cathedral Dean Opens Door To Muslims For Worship

"We serve the Episcopal Church, but welcome Christians of every label. We are a Christian community, welcoming people of any faith, or none. Our community is diverse in terms of age, race, gender and orientation. Jesus is our Way, but not to the exclusion of all other paths to God."

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November 14 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA: Executive Council Spins Windsor Report

These words echo those of Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold in his evaluation of the Windsor Report when it first appeared in London on October 18. This is what he said: "Given the emphasis of the Report on difficulties presented by our differing understandings of homosexuality, as Presiding Bishop I am obliged to affirm the presence and positive contribution of gay and lesbian persons to every aspect of the life of our church and in all orders of ministry."

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November 13 2004 By virtueonline SOUTHERN CONE: Ecclesiastical Oversight Will Continue for Orthodox Parishes

Several former ECUSA parishes have successfully sought ecclesiastical protection from the Southern Cone Province after leaving the Episcopal Church. Many more are scheduled to follow their lead.

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November 13 2004 By virtueonline PENNSYLVANIA: Bishop Says Anglican Communion Will Never Split

"We may be tempted to bail out [of the Anglican Communion], but we are putting others in dire straits if we do. The fall out is regrettable. But the Anglican Communion will never fall apart. The Windsor Report says that if the Episcopal Church does it [consecrate another gay bishop] the African bishops will take a walk. They can't do that as long as they are in communion with Canterbury and he [Rowan Williams] is in communion with us they can never break off."

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November 11 2004 By virtueonline PENNSYLVANIA: Anglo-Catholic Layman Writes Queen Elizabeth

"As Defender of the Faith, and thereby of the Anglican Communion, I ask you to intervene on behalf of us beleaguered Americans. We can no longer abide an 'episcopagan' church that insults and does violence to our faith. Absent your intervention, our options are increasingly limited: acquiesce to paganism or leave to a faithful branch of Christianity."

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November 11 2004 By virtueonline Virtuosity Reports on Major Corruption Within Diocese of Pennsylvania

Also included in this list of stories are tales of the orthodox remnant of believers in this Diocese and their struggle against their bishop.

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November 11 2004 By virtueonline PENNSYLVANIA: Bennison Will Not Inhibit Wiccan Clergy

Bennison told the INQUIRER that the diocese was a "safe place for theological experimentation". So what will be the next "theological experimentation"-Mayan human sacrifice rites? But what about orthodox priests like Fr. David Moyer, Fr. David Ousley and Fr. Eddy Rix, it is clearly not a "safe place" for them. Bennison wants them gone and their properties in his control.

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November 09 2004 By virtueonline SOUTH CAROLINA: Orthodox Bishop Blasts Lambeth Commission Ecusa Envoy

This claim comes from one who left the Roman Catholic Church for the Anglican Communion whose very identity is based on the doctrinal issue of biblical faith that resulted in separation from Roman Catholicism at the Reformation. Obviously Mark has left Rome for no reasons of faith and doctrine. It is something of a puzzle as to his reason when he claims that issues of doctrine can never justify separation. It is an impossible position for authentic Anglicans to take.

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November 09 2004 By virtueonline Evangelical Triumphalism: A Cautionary Note

Evangelicals have blind spots; they can be very thin theologically and historically forgetful.

When Ronald Reagan ran away with the White House after defeating the evangelical Jimmy Carter a new day was heralded for evangelicals - they would bring the nation back to God and all would be well. Liberalism in faith and politics would die out, the nation would return to righteousness, revival would break out, and much more.

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November 07 2004 By virtueonline WESTERN LOUISIANA: Bishop will not compromise Faith with ECUSA leadership

"I will be faithful to that process, and have called upon the diocese to be faithful to this process, but if ECUSA as we know it rejects the Anglican Communion's demands for change and starts down a separate path from that of the majority of the Communion, I will seek alignment with an alternative structure as would be provided through the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Consultative Council." Ultimately that is a decision the diocese would have to make at a special convention, he

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