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January 09 2019 By dvirtue MOCKINGBIRD: The Shaky Theology of a Hyper Grace Movement

Although the organization claims no denominational affiliation, David Zahl (son of Rev. Dr. Paul Zahl) is an Episcopalian and licensed lay preacher, serving on the staff of Christ Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, Virginia. He founded Mockingbird with the help of Jacob Smith, an associate priest at Calvary -- St. George's in Manhattan. The Episcopal Church has embraced this movement and has given it financial support. Mockingbird raises some $360,000 a year to support a staff of four.

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January 05 2019 By dvirtue Canadian Anglicans Contemplate Suicide as a faster route to Heaven or Hell

The ACoC is an expert in suicide, of course, since it has been committing it institutionally for years, he writes.

Recently, the Bishop of Toronto Kevin Robertson married his partner at St. James Cathedral, in a form of ecclesiastical and moral suicide that is rapidly emptying the Anglican Church of Canada.

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January 01 2019 By dvirtue Toronto Anglican Bishop Kevin Robertson marries his homosexual partner in cathedral

An official announcement from the cathedral said this: "The Diocese of Toronto congratulates Bishop Kevin Robertson and Mr. Mohan Sharma, who were married today at St. James Cathedral in the presence of their two children, their families and many friends, including Archbishop Colin Johnson and Bishop Andrew Asbil. We wish them much joy in their marriage."

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December 31 2018 By dvirtue TEC Imposes New Ordination Vows for Wannabee Bishops

FR. SNODGRASS: I will, with God's help.

VOL: If the "oath of conformity" means to conform to General Convention resolutions claims which uphold the Constitution and Canons of TEC and the vows themselves contain any pledge to obey all canons of General Convention irrespective of diocesan rights or to submit to a central body or office, will you do so?

FR. SNODGRASS: I will, with God's help.

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December 26 2018 By dvirtue Anglican Communion is now Two Communions

With all the talk of radical inclusion in the Church of England by two Archbishops, it seems increasingly clear that the only people not being included are orthodox Anglicans, particularly evangelicals, says the Rev. Melvin Tinker, author and rector who was recently banned from preaching at Derby Cathedral at a Carol service organized by the local university Christian Union over the three issues of money, power and sex.

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December 23 2018 By dvirtue ACNA Archbishop is Optimistic in the face of National Decline

"When I look at our Province and see that we are only ten years old, I am filled with joy and thanksgiving... and I see the power of the hand and power of God that has both guided and protected us."

The archbishop described it as an "Ebenezer" moment, allowing the ministers of the province to grow through prayer and support.

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December 20 2018 By dvirtue Anglican Theology Conference Highlights 'What is Anglicanism'?

The Rt. Rev. Mouneer Anis; Anglican Bishop of Egypt for the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, Anglican Province of Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East -- Cairo, Egypt

The V. Rev. Andrew Pearson Jr.; Dean, Episcopal Cathedral Church of the Advent -- Birmingham, Alabama

The Rev. Gerald McDermott; Anglican Chair of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School of Samford University -- Birmingham, Alabama

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December 10 2018 By dvirtue Revitalization in the Anglican Church in North America

VOL: With so many aging congregations, why should we invest in church revitalization? Why not just focus all of our resources on planting new churches?

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December 07 2018 By dvirtue Three of the Largest African Anglican Provinces will not attend Lambeth Conference in 2020. More are expected

"Archbishop Laurent Mbanda has confirmed that Rwanda will be joining Nigeria and Uganda in declining to attend the 2020 Lambeth Conference unless the Archbishop of Canterbury includes all faithful bishops of the Communion, and declines to invite those who continue to accept the jurisdiction of Provinces which have stepped outside the boundaries of apostolic faith," wrote Nigerian Primate Nicholas Okoh in a letter to his GAFCON followers.

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December 02 2018 By dvirtue Liberal Episcopal Bishops Show their True Colors over Resolution B012

Bishop Probe wrote to say that LGBTQ people are God's beloved, made in the image of God, and are our beloved neighbors, friends, clergy and lay leaders of The Episcopal Church.

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