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February 12 2019 By dvirtue Homosexuals and Women now dominate in the Episcopal Church

In one sense this is nothing new. In 2003, the Episcopal Church elected V. Gene Robinson to be the first public homosexual living in a partnered relationship with another man to be the Bishop of New Hampshire. In 2010, the Episcopal Church consecrated its first openly lesbian bishop, Mary Glasspool, over objections from orthodox Anglicans.

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February 10 2019 By dvirtue Archbishop of Cape Town calls on bishops to "express your difference"

VOL: The Anglican Communion has been "impaired" and the "fabric torn" for over a decade and revisionists and progressives have done nothing about repairing it. They were warned in 1998 when Lambeth 1:10 was passed that the Episcopal Church had to repent of its position. Sodomy is a salvation issue. Instead TEC went ahead and ordained an openly homosexual to the episcopacy in the person of Gene Robinson.

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February 08 2019 By dvirtue Canon Michael Green has died: An evangelical giant has fallen

"In many ways Oxford was Michael's city. He studied at Exeter College where he was President of the Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union, and married Rosemary, the lady vice-president. They went on to have four children. In the evangelistic ministry for which he was renowned he was a frequent speaker at the OICCU and led some of its University Missions.

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February 04 2019 By dvirtue FLORIDA: Episcopal bishop under fire over implementing B012

Only one bishop, William Love of Albany refused to cave in to the General Convention resolution saying that it violated the vows he took as a bishop to safeguard the doctrine and teaching of the church. "If I have to decide between following God's Holy Word or what I believe to be a "flawed" General Convention resolution that contradicts God's Holy Word, there is no question. God's Holy Word "trumps" everything."

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January 31 2019 By dvirtue Does Canterbury Own the Anglican Communion?

He accuses the Global South Provinces, particularly those aligned with GAFCON as suffering from "myopia" because they refuse to attend Lambeth 2020. GAFCON leaders say the reasons are profoundly theological in nature and have nothing to do with racial, cultural or ecclesial differences.

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January 23 2019 By dvirtue DALLAS: Twenty-four homosexual marriages get recognition and blessing in Episcopal diocese claiming to be evangelical

Ten of the 24 couples had been married in civil services, while 14 had had church weddings, mostly in other Episcopal churches. The liturgies at the two churches recognized that difference. Those with civil marriages asked for the blessing of God and the church on their unions, pledging in the words of the St.

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January 19 2019 By dvirtue Church of Nigeria Appoints Four Bishops to Minister in the US, Bypassing ACNA

Conversations between Archbishop Beach and Archbishop Okoh are ongoing as they seek a way forward that honors Christ and his Church, and builds up the GAFCON movement, said the statement.

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January 17 2019 By dvirtue ALBANY: Bishop Love Explains His Actions in Rejecting Resolution B012

VOL: You have been "partially inhibited" by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. Can you explain what exactly that means as opposed to say a full inhibition?

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January 15 2019 By dvirtue Albany Episcopal Bishop Faces Ecclesiastical Execution

The Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, dubbed the "love bishop" for his endless talk about love, announced that the godly orthodox Bishop of Albany, William H. Love is hereby "partially restricted" from performing his duties as a bishop, because he had canonically offended the Church by refusing to allow homosexual marriages in his diocese.

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January 10 2019 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury Appoints Pro-Homosexual Representative to the Holy See

Here is what he said in 2006; "It is consistent with the compassion and love enjoyed by biblical teaching, and with the freedom from injustice and discrimination which the new life of the spirit (sic) offers, to affirm equality for all in Christ. And it is this fundamental principle which will lead us to an informed, enlightened and just appreciation of racial affirmation, the equal place of men and women in church and society, homosexual relationships, societal responsibility, and so on.

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