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June 23 2020 By dvirtue Can the Anglican Communion be Saved?

They believe that COVID-19 is a fresh start and clean slate which could apply to the Anglican Communion as a whole?

But how realistic is this?

VOL believes that this is a flawed proposal for the following reasons.

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June 20 2020 By dvirtue CofE bans Conversion Therapy for Homosexuals; Episcopal PB says he will ban All Conversions

In the Episcopal world of inclusion and diversity, talk of conversion is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and unacceptable to myself and the House of Bishops, he said.

"After all, we have approved of sodomy, homosexual marriage, a panoply of LGBTQ sexualities, abortion and about the only social construct we haven't approved of is euthanasia. Conversion will be the last barrier."

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June 17 2020 By dvirtue Nigerian Primate Not Surprised by Revisionist Agenda in Anglican Communion

"It may not be easy. It means sacrifice and may mean suffering. As far as we are concerned, unless the Lord calls us home, our desire is to stand by the Word of God and maintain the heritage we have as Anglicans and to teach and live by the principles of God's Word. To do that, our main problem is not revisionists, but the sincerity of our own heart and our commitment to the Lord. The issue has to do with whom we are serving and committed to.

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June 13 2020 By dvirtue Albany Bishop William Love Faces his Accusers

Cooney noted that B012 contains a provision for bishops who are theologically opposed to same-sex marriage to have other bishops provide pastoral support to the couple and celebrant, but Love refused to do this.

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June 12 2020 By dvirtue INTERROGATING GOD: Seven Questions That Cause You To doubt His Goodness

Plagued as the world is right now by COVID-19, the problem of God and natural evil has raced to the forefront of most thoughtful minds. If so, you might be asking one of the following questions:

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June 10 2020 By dvirtue COVID-19 and Economic Recession is Decimating Ranks of Western Anglican Churches

Treasurer Kurt Barnes made a budget presentation to the Council which showed that while COVID-19 had no significant effect on income -- including diocesan commitments -- in the first quarter of 2020, payments from dioceses fell significantly in April, with several dioceses deferring their April and May payments and three requesting partial assessment waivers. Stock market declines associated with COVID-19 also have taken a toll on the church's investment portfolio.

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June 09 2020 By dvirtue Top Washington bishops agree - slamming Trump's church visits was right

The President's church visits were surrounded by the protests, civil unrest and riots stemming from the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day (May 25) in Minneapolis. George Floyddied under the knee of a police officer who had him penned to the ground during an attempted arrest. Mr. Floyd is black; the police officer is white. And now the Black Lives Matter movement is again in full force with protests spreading not only though every state, but also around the world.

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June 06 2020 By dvirtue Present and Former Archbishops of Canterbury Condemn President Donald Trump's Actions

Williams was the Archbishop of Canterbury for 10 years until 2012. He was considered a disaster by the Global South, caving into pansexuality and failing to show leadership in the Culture Wars tearing the Anglican Communion apart.

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The same goes for some 13 bishops (to date) who have failed to condemn looters, but were happy to rail against racism, white supremacy and Trump's actions at St. John's Episcopal Church. Below is the list.

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June 01 2020 By dvirtue MY APPEAL TO YOU

The Communion's left wing media elites believe they can keep on doing and reporting things the same old way, progressively moving the church further and further away from the gospel as it embraces more and more leftist views on a whole list of issues including controversial climate change theories, while ignoring the central tenet of our faith, that Christ died for our sins and rose again for our justification.

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