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Vatican issues guidance questioning modern gender identity

Vatican issues guidance questioning modern gender identity
The release comes in the midst of LGBT Pride month

BBC News
10 June 2019

The Vatican has released a new document challenging modern conceptions of gender identity.

The 31-page teaching guidance, released on Monday, is titled Male and Female He Created Them.

It speaks of an "educational crisis" and says the current debate can "annihilate the concept of nature" and destabilise the family institution.

The document, released during Pride month, has drawn immediate criticism from LGBT groups.

It was issued by the Congregation for Catholic Education as teaching instruction to those who work with children.

It is not signed by Pope Francis himself, but quotes him and scripture within its reasoning.

What does the document say?

The document calls for dialogue, but issues guidance on a number of topics including the transgender community.

Notably it criticises the modern understanding of gender as being more complex than the binary division of sexes.

It says current theories "move away from nature" and instead "towards an absolute option for the decision of the feelings of the human subject".

It also says moveable sexual identities are "often founded on nothing more than a confused concept of freedom in the realm of feelings and wants".

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