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Understanding Generation Z

Understanding Generation Z

By David W. Virtue, DD
September 7, 2017

I had lunch this week with a Millennial Anglican Evangelical Christian by the name of James Syrow. He lives in today's world, where social media and the Web rule, whether some people like it or not. He has never read a paperback in that form. Nor need he.

What he educated me about is the next generation of Americans known as Generation Z. He lives in their world and hires them for his media company, and what they teach us about America's future may surprise you.

Who are the Generation Z? They are the next generation after the Millennials, aged 15 -- 25.

Where the Millennials are indulgent, the Gen-Z are cautious; where the Millennials are self-obsessed, the Gen-Z inherited this world of selfishness and aspire to find ways to serve and give back. Millennials were raised in indulgent and stable '60s families, but the Gen-Z live amidst divorce and broken homes, longing for the family they've never had. Where the Millennials seek to undermine social mores, the Gen-Z find themselves in a broken world and look for ways to put it back together.

They are post-partisan, dissatisfied with both parties and the political establishment. Instead they are reactionaries, and seeking to do away with current world order of divorce, abortion and gay marriage altogether. Their grandfathers and grandmothers and the world they never knew are what they aspire for.

They like Donald Trump! Why?: Because he seeks to overturn our death oriented culture, which was created by political correctness..

They despise political correctness, and love Trump's tweets. It's how they communicate. They are digitally native, meaning they've never known a world before the Internet.

When Trump tweeted covfefe to a bewildered nation and many thought he was showing early signs of dementia, Generation Z loved it. "Have you had your covfefe today," they tweeted.
They don't like drugs or gay marriage, and they HATE tattoos.

My friend says 'Generation Z' is the most conservative since WW2:

They are more conservative than some older generations who viewed drugs as liberating. They, in a world now saturated with drugs, find them dangerous.

They are more cash savvy than all but the prewar generation, and they 'don't have enough time' to engage in 'risky activity'.

They are more conservative on gay marriage, transgender rights and drugs than Baby Boomers, Generation X or Millennials! Think about that.

When asked to comment on same-sex marriage, transgender rights and cannabis legislation, 59 per cent of Generation Z teenagers said they had conservative views.

There's much more where this came from, and the BIG question is, who will recognize the opportunities and reach this generation for Jesus Christ? When I get an answer to that question, I'll let you know. Stay tuned.

James Syrow runs a digital and website ministry in Philadelphia, called Media Dei .https://mediadei.org/ He teaches churches and nonprofits how to communicate in the world we live in, and is up to his elbows in Gen-Z employees. No one in his company is older than 23.


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