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UK: Relationships and Sex Education is not about Protection but to teach children 'British values'

UK: Relationships and Sex Education is not about Protection but to teach children 'British values'
Parental concerns ignored

Church of England Newspaper
November 29, 2019


Early adoption of the new Relationships and Sex Education Regulations (RSE), which become mandatory in September 2020, has provoked country-wide protests and safeguarding concerns. Further time is needed to ensure that the controversy is properly resolved.

SRE was introduced in 1993 to safeguard children against the threat of HIV/AIDs, STIs and to prevent teenage pregnancies. It failed. The expressed aim of the new Regulations is not protection, but to teach children 'British values' -- to prepare them for life in modern Britain. Their introduction has justifiably provoked controversy.

We raise the following concerns

1. Well-funded lobbying organisations are being allowed to promote their propaganda in schools. Such political activity is illegal and needs investigation.

2. Much ideological material is being introduced top-down, without proper consultation and over-riding parental concerns.

3. Many concerned parents, including those from minority ethnic communities, are being condemned for protesting against teaching that violates their faith or best judgement. Schools have not respected their concerns. This overrides their civil liberties and human rights as parents.

4. The RSE provisions as framed prematurely sexualize children and confuse their natural development. Children from age 4 are being taught that gender is a matter of choice, which pushes them towards permanently life-changing decisions they lack the competence to make.

5. The parental right to withdraw children from teaching they deem inappropriate has been downgraded at secondary level to a right of request. This is a violation of parental rights under UK and international law.

The new Regulations have already proved controversial, yet the time for preparation and possible negotiation, combined with proper training and guidance, has been foreshortened due to the unforeseen election. The date set for compliance must be delayed in order to give time for the issues to be resolved.

Yours sincerely,

Rev Lynda Rose, CEO, Voice for Justice, UK

Lord Curry of Kirkharle

Dr A Majid Katme (MBBCh,DPM) Ex-President, Islamic Medical Association/UK

Bishop Michael-Nazir Ali, former Bishop of Rochester

Sir Anthony Seldon Vice-Chancellor of The University of Buckingham

Bishop Henry Scriven Hon Asst Bishop of Oxford and Winchester

Bishop Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead

Rabbi Shraga Stern

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