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UGANDA: Nation's president disagrees with Anglican Archbishop

UGANDA: Nation's president disagrees with Anglican Archbishop

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African correspondent
April 7, 2022

Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni has publicly disagreed with the ideology and preaching of the Anglican Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba that God is always calling people to death. He also disagreed with the archbishop saying that earthly wealth is useless.

This exchange occurred after the main celebrant at Kololo during the praying of the soul of the fallen speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanya, that the archbishop told mourners that our time on earth is temporary and we shouldn't be taken up by earthly wealth.

Kaziimba said; "Some Ugandans are very greedy which leads to them becoming corrupt. They grab poor people's land yet when they die, they are buried in a small piece of land." He said that it is God who called Oulanyah home when he died at the age of 57.

In his response president Museveni asked, "why is it that God calls Africans at an early age and exempts Japan's or Europeans who die at 70 plus years. Life expectancy in Uganda is now 63 yet that of Japan is 75, he said.

Museveni urged Africans to disregard the "myth" as told by Archbishop Kaziimba and concentrate on finding out and solving what kills Africans at an early age. He said there is a need for people to work and get wealth to leave for their children when they die.

He urged Anglican Church leaders to advise their followers to always prioritize issues concerning their health.

"I appeal to the public; religious and political leaders to consider health as a weapon and wealth that needs to be vigilantly protected and taken care of," Museveni said.


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