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UGANDA: Anglican Church HOB disassociates itself from Adulterous Former Archbishop

UGANDA: Anglican Church HOB disassociates itself from Adulterous Former Archbishop

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African Correspondent
January 31, 2021

The Anglican Church in Uganda has disassociated itself from the former Archbishop of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali who was embroiled in an adultery scandal.

The leadership of the Church said that it remains healthy and spotless despite the former Archbishop's sin of adultery.

The House of Bishops, made up of all the Anglican Bishops in the country met and came up with a statement condemning Ntagali.

In the statement to the media following the meeting, the provincial secretary, the Rev. Canon William Ogeng said; "The Church of Christ remains healthy and spotless. Ntagali has not been handled with highhandedness but in accordance with the laws of the Church of Uganda.''

He said that all cases of misdeeds are handled as they come.

He said that in the meeting, the bishops upheld the statement made by Archbishop Stephen Kazimba affirming Ntagali's suspension, which was leaked to the press, noting that by the statement he made, he implemented a decision that had been agreed upon by the House of Bishops.

"During the meeting, the Bishops resolved that Ntagali be handled in accordance with the canons of the Church of Uganda and they appointed a team to minister the respective parties and their family members."

According to the canonical laws of the Church of Uganda, in the event of a bishop being found guilty of an alleged offence, that among the punishments that can be imposed on him are admonition, censure, suspension, deprivation or excommunication, Ogeng said.

Ntagali, who officially retired early last year, was in early January suspended from performing his duties over allegations of adultery which he reportedly confessed to being guilty.


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