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UGANDA: Anglican Archbishop uses football to preach the Word of God

UGANDA: Anglican Archbishop uses football to preach the Word of God

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African Correspondent
Nov. 22, 2020

Uganda's Anglican Archbishop uses football to reach the nation's youth with the gospel.

The Most Rev. Stephen Kazimba Mugerwa told the press in Kampala that he is an ardent supporter of Arsenal football club based in England.

He said that one of the reasons why he started supporting Arsenal is because most youths in Uganda and Africa at large support it. He also said most teams in Europe discriminated against black players.

''I like Arsenal and became a fan because it was pro-African. It had many youthful players from Africa."

He said that after realizing many youths in Uganda supported Arsenal, he got an idea that he should use his support to reach youths who support it and use it to teach them the Word of God.

"I realized that the only way I could reach many youths was through football, because they had passion for it, and since most of them supported Arsenal, which I also did, we could talk the same language," said Kazimba.

He said that through football he has been able to spread the word of God to many youths.

He said that although he supports Arsenal, he does not behave like fanatics who get over excited when watching Arsenal score. "I celebrate as a gentleman; I was trained to be a diplomat so I celebrate as a diplomat."

One of the youths who was reached by the archbishop, Solomon Mukasa, 25, said, "I support Arsenal and when I realized that the archbishop also supports Arsenal, I became his friend and he converted me from an atheist to an Anglican."


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