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Transition from Homosexuality to Heterosexuality Possible

Transition from Homosexuality to Heterosexuality Possible
Video Testifies to Truth:

By Jim Brown and Jody Brown

July 14, 2005

(AgapePress) - In October, churches, libraries, and colleges will be showing a documentary to raise dialogue concerning alternatives for people who experience same-sex attraction.

The documentary I Do Exist features five former homosexuals who share their testimonies about choosing to leave the homosexual lifestyle. During the week of October 8-15, the video will be shown by groups across the United States that believe homosexuals can change. The film, which conveys the message no one is born a homosexual, premiered last year as a way to counter a "homosexual pride" celebration called National Coming Out Day.

I Do Exist producer, Dr. Warren Throckmorton, says the video affirms that an individual's identity is defined by his or her commitment to absolute truth.

"Many people are skeptical that people can change their sexual feelings. Even broader than that, many people are skeptical that we as humans have choices about our identity," the Grove City College professor says. "Many people in our culture today believe that what we feel defines who we are. However, there is another view. What you feel does not define who you are."

For that reason -- and many others -- homosexual activists have tried to undermine the film, he adds. "There have been a number of efforts to discredit the people in the film, and to discredit me as producer," he explains. "I think that, for reasons that may be individual to them, to these groups and to these individuals, they do feel threatened in some way by the fact that others have made a different choice."

Christian film critic and Hollywood activist Dr. Ted Baehr, publisher of MovieGuide, describes I Do Exist as "a wonderful and necessary video to dispel some of the confusions of our age." And a New Hampshire pastor also has high praise for the project.

"It is a clear and informative presentation of the possibility of change for those who consider themselves homosexual or lesbian," says Rev. Louis Going of Whitefield, NH. "The testimonials of those featured are heartfelt and honest but filled with hope that change is real and that being gay or lesbian is not a fixed existence ... for those who want to change."

The film, available to the public in DVD format, includes commentary from sexual orientation researchers such as Dr. Robert Spitzer of Columbia University and Throckmorton himself. Spitzer is the psychiatrist who was instrumental in removing homosexuality from the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders.

One of the former homosexuals featured in I Do Exist was once featured in an award-winning film as a homosexual man. Noe Gutierrez shares about that experience from the perspective of now being straight. In addition, the film makes recommendations concerning the role of church and schools to provide help to those who are experiencing same-sex attractions but do not want to take on a homosexual identity.



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