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Immediately, it can be perceived, that no individual in themselves is armed with the necessary disposition and capacities to claim fitness for the role of preaching. God must call, God must compel, God must equip, enable, and uphold, and yet no honest preacher feels or believes that he measures up to the demands of his vocation or that his service is anywhere near worthy of his most exalted and merciful Lord.

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March 08 2017 By dvirtue God's Sufficient Scripture: A Resource Monograph for The Missionary Diocese of CANA East

Committed to Scripture's sufficiency, the authors of this monograph have sought to be faithful to the Word of God and thereby faithful to the God of the Word. At places polemical and at places constructive, for the building up of Christ's church in the Missionary Diocese of CANA East, these essays seek to uphold Scripture faithfully by advancing its authoritative truth.

You can read the full monograph here:

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March 01 2017 By dvirtue The Logic of the Lord's Supper in Cranmer's Common Prayer

"I begin with the observation of another conservative evangelical Anglican with a sympathy for the Prayer Book and Articles, J. I. Packer, that the building block of much Prayer Book liturgy is a triad which he names "sin, grace, faith", but which could perhaps more historically be named "guilt, grace, gratitude", or "repentance, faith, charity".

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February 24 2017 By dvirtue ANGLICAN ANEMIA - Conclusion

Anglican piety and proclamation are sensitively geared to human welfare (transient body and eternal soul).

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February 15 2017 By dvirtue ANGLICAN ANEMIA -- (Part Four)

Anglicanism's godly tradition is virtually trashed. Its contemporary congregants have no idea of what they are missing and probably little appetite for it if ever introduced to it. Our generation has gone too far into a mode of modern Christian thought and practice that flatters and entertains and which bears little resemblance to the historic faith of the ages. It does not adequately reveal the God of sovereignty and majesty nor hold a mirror to the miserable condition of our race.

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February 11 2017 By dvirtue ANGLICAN ANEMIA - (Part Three)

These little hints of individuality and distinctiveness counter our tendency to read all authors in a routine way devoid of empathy. There is music and meaning in great authors who take us into their confidence and society through the privacy of turning the pages of their books, and Ford Lewis Battles describes Calvin as a poet even in the English prose through which we receive him: "We must regard Calvin as a poet because his prose, compared with ours is poetry . .

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February 10 2017 By dvirtue Israel: 12th Dead Sea Scroll cave of Qumran discovered

The scrolls include biblical texts and Second Temple Period texts, mainly written in Hebrew and Aramaic. They were discovered near Jerusalem in the 1940s by Bedouin goat herders. The scrolls are believed to have been written between 150BC and 70AD. They have been found scattered in several caves in the Qumran area. Some caves have harboured only jars and wrappings of scrolls, but are thought to have also held scrolls at some point in their history.

Best find in 60 years

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February 04 2017 By dvirtue ANGLICAN ANEMIA - (Part Two)

Notwithstanding the excellence of the English Reformers in their knowledge and deployment of Scripture and their grasp of the essentials of the Gospel, Anglicanism is enormously enriched by its numerous connections, formal and informal, with agents of reform on the Continent. The power of friendships between the English and their European confreres should not be underestimated in the formation of religious views.

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February 03 2017 By dvirtue Can Mathematics Prove The Existence Of God?

Does this mean that we now have a successful proof of the existence of God? No, clearly not. The computer scientists have only shown that Gödel's derivation of his conclusion from his premises is valid. Gödel's conclusion can be properly deduced from his premises. Gödel's deduction is logically valid. But this should of course hardly surprise us. After all, Kurt Gödel is not just by coincidence seen as one of the greatest logicians since Aristotle.

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February 01 2017 By dvirtue 500 years on - does the Reformation still matter?

Our English Bible, our Prayer Book and the Articles of Religion were the product of those who were prepared to lay down their very lives for the truths which had gripped them. As far as they were concerned, the gospel itself was at stake. And that was more important than institutional unity.

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