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September 26 2005 By virtueonline Roman Catholic Church on the Pastoral care of Homosexual Persons

2. Naturally, an exhaustive treatment of this complex issue cannot be attempted here, but we will focus our reflection within the distinctive context of the Catholic moral perspective. It is a perspective which finds support in the more secure findings of the natural sciences, which have their own legitimate and proper methodology and field of inquiry.

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September 25 2005 By virtueonline Quantum Unbelief: A critique of NW Bishop Michael Ingham

Ingham's first mistake is to think that this "new physics" is new.

The two components that he refers to - quantum mechanics and general relativity - were well established by the time of the fifth Solvay conference in 1927, so they certainly do not represent a paradigm shift in science "in our lifetime".

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September 21 2005 By virtueonline Three observations on love, marriage and the future of Anglicanism

Sexuality is a word less than two centuries old. It can be understood in a neutral sense as "the constitutionally bipolar character of human nature" (N.B. sex from the Latin "to cut"). According to this definition, sexuality includes:

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September 20 2005 By virtueonline Winning the Homosexuality Debate in the Public Arena

Homosexuality is thus only one branch on the pansexual tree, a tree with branches for every known sexual practice, a tree natural to the secular/pagan Godless world of the Fall. With no relation to the Living God, there is nothing in the world to tell anyone otherwise -- neither by moral standard nor by the Image of God in which we are made, male and female.

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September 18 2005 By virtueonline One Book, several editions - by Dr. Peter Toon

Here I want to suggest that there has been, and is really and truly, one and one only Book of Common Prayer [BCP] and this has been produced in, and is available in, a variety of editions across the world. Also I want to suggest that since the 1970s there have been four books, called The BCP, which should not have been so called for they are not clearly and really editions of the one BCP.

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September 17 2005 By virtueonline Oscars for the Orthodox

“The Kairos Journal Award is given to individuals who demonstrate exemplary fidelity to the authority of Scripture and exceptional pastoral courage in their efforts to restore the prophetic voice of the Church,” said Emmanuel A. Kampouris, publisher of the Journal and a lay member of the Orthodox church from Egypt. The Kairos Journal is not an Anglican entity so it is highly significant that it honoured Anglican leaders from the Global South for its first award,

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September 07 2005 By virtueonline THE CORRUPTED CHURCH: A Comment on the Pragmatism of To Set Our Hope On Christ

It was presented to the Anglican Consultative Council in June, 2005 as a response to the Primates' request (following the Windsor Report) that ECUSA give its reasons for the actions of General Convention that admitted partnered gay clergy into the episcopacy and that accepted the blessing of gay unions.

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September 03 2005 By virtueonline The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality

Instability and promiscuity typically characterize homosexual relationships. These two factors increase the incidence of serious and incurable stds. In addition, some homosexual behaviors put practitioners at higher risk for a variety of ailments, as catalogued by the following research data:

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August 25 2005 By virtueonline The Virgin Birth (Two meditations) - by Stephen Noll

Does this scholarly reserve leave us in perpetual doubt? I do not think so. First of all, the prophet Isaiah obliquely and Matthew and Luke directly attest to the Virgin Birth as a miraculous historical event, and no other authors contradict them. Secondly, the Church has consistently taught that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. (Raymond Brown accepts the Virgin Birth on this authority.) Thus Scripture and tradition agree.

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August 11 2005 By virtueonline Shards of evidence: Palace of King David Found

It is here that Mazar - the 48-year-old widowed mother of four and granddaughter of renowned archeologist Professor Benjamin Mazar - began excavating in February, in a dig sponsored by the conservative Jerusalem think tank, the Shalem Center, where she is a senior fellow, together with the academic support of the Hebrew University.

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