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March 27 2006 By virtueonline Gay Unions: Consistent Witness or Pastoral Accommodation?

The cluster of issues I wish to address has to do with the way in which the church is called to live out its convictions regarding the meaning of sexuality, particularly as it deals with real people whose lives do not yet reflect fully God's intention for human life.

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March 26 2006 By virtueonline U.S. churches face crisis, discipleship leaders say

"There is one number in our denomination which keeps going up," Coyner said. "It is the percentage of churches that did not receive even one person as a new member by profession of faith, a number that is now up to 43 percent.

"If there is any number in our denomination that is steadily growing, that is it, and it is causing all kinds of other numbers to decline, including our ability to stand before God and say we are doing a good job in making disciples."

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March 21 2006 By virtueonline Death of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. Williams' Sermon

"And now, forasmuch as I am come to the last end of my life, whereupon hangeth all my life past, and all my life to come, either to live with my Master Christ for ever in joy, or else to be in pain for ever with wicked devils in hell, and I see before mine eyes presently either heaven ready to receive me, or else hell ready to swallow me up: I shall therefore declare unto you my very faith how I believe, without any color or dissimulation; for now is no time to dissemble, whatsoever I have sa

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March 20 2006 By virtueonline FINDING PRUDENCE BESIDE THE NARROW ROAD - by Lars F. Nowen

Pieper argues that the virtue of prudence (the perfected ability to make right decisions) has all but dropped out of the modern mind. It is his view that we need to recapture the meaning of prudence, because all human virtue hangs upon it. No human action or decision can be good if it is not first and foremost prudent. The other classical virtues, namely justice, fortitude, and temperance, are virtues because they are fundamentally prudent.

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March 18 2006 By virtueonline Christian Clout Then and Now - Interview with John Wolffe

What rationale did British evangelicals give for getting involved in social reform?

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March 17 2006 By virtueonline The Three Critical Streams - by Robert J. Sanders

The great strength of Evangelicalism is its proclamation of the gospel as revealed in Scripture. That is first. The apostles were not sent forth to preach the catholic tradition, nor did they preach the Holy Spirit before Christ. They preached Jesus Christ as Lord, risen from the dead, the only way to the Father. The Spirit empowered them to do this and their preaching formed the church.

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Professor Weiner commences his monograph with a brief look at the wider issue of "Christians living in a Muslim world". He notes, "Despite the liberal and secular trends that gained strength from the middle of the nineteenth century, this statute [Islam] continues, to this day, to influence cultural, social, and legal practices.

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My other reason is the rise and progress in the land of much unsound teaching under the specious name of "Church principles." That vague, misty, and indefinite phrase seems to turn many people's heads, and attracts adherents who use it without knowing what they mean. There is a kind of fascination about it which appears to rob people of their common sense.

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This was recognized by the Fathers/Bishops at the first Ecumenical Council of the Church at the imperial place in Nicaea in AD 325. After stating in their Creed (first edition of the Nicene Creed) that the Son of God is consubstantial and of the same essence/being as the Father (homoousios), the same Fathers added a kind of P.S.

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March 06 2006 By virtueonline Expert Doubts 'Gospel of Judas' Revelation

"Does it go back to Judas? No," Robinson told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The text, in Egypt's Coptic language, dates from the third or fourth century and is a copy of an earlier document. The National Geographic Society, along with other groups, has been studying the "Judas" text.

The society said Thursday it will release its report on the document "within the next few weeks" but didn't specify whether that would come via a book, magazine article or telecast.

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