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April 22 2018 By dvirtue The Integrity of Biblical Anglicanism: Catholic and Reformed

A major problem for Anglicanism - as it is - is its comprehensiveness and excessive allowance of diversity in churchmanship from Anglo-Catholicism, Liberalism, Radicalism, through to numerous shades of Evangelicalism i.e. Classic, Open, Neo, Charismatic, and so on. Anglicanism - as it is - is a cuckoo's nest for every species of Christian or sub-Christian conviction and opinion.

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April 11 2018 By dvirtue Churchianity or Christianity: The Need for Scriptural Cultural Theology (Parts 1 & 2)

From some of the greatest works of art, literature, music, and architecture that the West ever produced, and which can still thrill the heart, to the names of hospitals and schools -- in fact embedded in the mottos of some of the most prestigious universities -- the cultural vestiges of Christianity are ubiquitous. And yet it is no longer controversial to assert that the Christian church has, for the most part, ceased to be a truly moving force in the affairs of Western civilisation.

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March 23 2018 By dvirtue St. Nicholas Ring Unearthed in Jezreel Valley Garden

Dr. Yana Tchekhanovetz, an IAA archaeologist who is an expert on the Byzantine period, examined the ring.

"This special ring is amazingly well preserved and will contribute a great deal to science," Tchekhanovetz explained in an IAA press release. "On the ring is the image of a bald man with a staff next to him. On preliminary examination, this seems to be St. Nicholas holding a bishop's crook--his hallmark."

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March 18 2018 By dvirtue Two Dead Sea Scrolls never before displayed in public to be shown in US exhibition

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) revealed that the 600-piece collection includes 18 other scrolls which have been displayed before, and a three-tonne stone from the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

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March 14 2018 By dvirtue Toward a New Anglican Psalter

The Purpose of the Psalms

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February 26 2018 By dvirtue Confessions of a reluctant Complementarian

Problem 1:
The first was that wives should submit. I knew women were just as competent as men -- often more so. If there was wisdom in asymmetrical decision-making in marriage, surely it should depend on who was more competent in that area: sometimes the husband, sometimes the wife!

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February 23 2018 By dvirtue Did Archaeologists Just Prove the Existence of Prophet Isaiah?

The evidence itself comes in the form of a small piece of clay (an impression left by a seal), a mere 0.4 inches long, which appears to bear the inscription "Isaiah the prophet." It was unearthed as part of excavations of a previously undisturbed pile of debris at the Ophel excavation in Jerusalem.

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February 20 2018 By dvirtue Beneath Biblical Prophet's Tomb, An Archaeological Surprise

ISIS or ISIS-backed looters apparently dug the tunnels to look for archaeological treasures from the Assyrian kings in what is today Iraq, Ali Y. Al-Juboori, director of the Assyrian Studies Centre at the University of Mosul, wrote in a recent issue of the journal Iraq. [In Photos: Ancient City Discovered in Iraq]

In this week's strange news, an atom gets caught on camera, enriched uranium is found floating over Alaska and a woman makes a horrifying discovery in her own eyes.

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February 14 2018 By dvirtue Ancient Version of Book of Acts Finally Being Decoded, and There May Be a Bonus Discovery

But researchers had no way of examining the fragile, damaged book, which was sealed together by water and fire damage, until now.

University of Kentucky computer scientist W. Brent Seales and University of Iowa early Christianity scholar Paul Dilley are using the same process that was used to decode the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Their new x-ray images of the manuscript are still being processed and examined.

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